I'm still shattered from my action-packed day yesterday, which involved an impromptu visit to Thorpe Park. The training I moaned about having to do on Friday only lasted just over an hour so my friend and I had the rest of the day to enjoy. We also did some serious gallivanting, driving all over West London and beyond trying to track down a friends house - we eventually found it!

I've got neck pains from one of the rides and my body aches as if I've done a high powered workout. My throat still hurts from all my screaming too LOL The weather was gorgeous yesterday and I've also got a serious tan all down my left arm where it was resting on the window in the car for about 4 hours.

I've had a really lazy day today and I'm not about to get active now. I've have stayed out of the sun completely as I've had a really serious reaction all around my lips after being in the sun for so long as a result of the previous reaction I suffered to a face cream back in March. My skin's really sore and dry and I'm freaking out!!!!!!!

I'm a typical Leo, therefore always conscious of what I look like and having a clowns mouth really isn't appealing
at the best of times! I'll be on the phone to the doctors first thing in the morning. Anyway to take my mind of my poor mouth I'll be curled up in bed this evening, TV on in the background, reading Glamour and eating Oreos with a glass of ice cold milk. Yum!

I've gotten back into reading Glamour lately after buying the last 2 issues and finding a million and one things I liked. I haven't bought a fashion mag for ages, preferring to just throw outfits together as and when I see them in the shops.

I need a whole new Summer wardrobe so the inspiration's coming in handy. Hope you've all enjoyed your weekends and my UK girls have been basking in the sunshine (wearing the necessary SPF) and looking gorgeous. I've seen too many sunburnt women over the past 24 hours and the lobster look is NOT sexy!

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Krasey Beauty said...

Its always fun to relax and regroup during the weekends. Being busy, we never really have time to focus on what needs to be done.

Hope you had a great weekend, summer is almost here!

loveaudrey said...

I agree about the sunburn thing, I've seen far too many pink people this weekend. Haven't they heard of skin cancer or premature ageing?

I'm magazine obsessed, Glamour is one of the better ones in my opinion. Elle is usually quite good for inspiration too.
Hope you had a good rest xxx

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

Krasey - Yeah we had loads of fun together. I think Summer IS here now in the UK!

Loveaudrey - Yeah I was seeing women laugh as they compare their sunburn (Hmm ok). I've never bought an issue of Elle in my life you know. I was on Company from my late teens to early 20s, started on Glamour when it began and drifted back and forth over the years and then just stuck to New! for my sleb goss fix every week.

I'll have a look at Elle online. Thanks for the rec :-)

Emma said...

ohh i love glamour, its my must have, along with cosmo, company and Now! lol

SoFrolushes said...

I have an ongoing subsrciption(very cheap) to Glamour. I do not know why as my size is not really catered for. Though I was happy when Beyonce was their cover girl

I love Oreos but since I read alot the label says chocolate flavoured but hey.

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

I'm waiting for a good subscription freebie to come along and then I'll subscribe.

Re: Oreos. I've never even looked at the ingredients, I just chuck 'em in my mouth! LOL


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