Time to ditch the cake!

I think I've put on about 30lbs in 3 wks. It's so easy to stuff my face every time I go to NY. Food is everywhere telling me to eat it!! I spend 15 minutes picking out a friggin breakfast cereal cos I'm so overwhelmed by the choice - it's insane!!!

I totally understand why some people are the size of houses. Other than the fact that they're just greedy mo'fo's, where else on the planet can you get such huge portions of food for the price of a lipgloss!

I'm no better when I'm at home though. My local Chinese know my voice before I even place my order! *cringe* I'm not gonna lie, I just love food!!!!! If it tastes good, it's in my mouth! My eating habits aren't the best, I skip breakfast most of the time and will graze on sweet things all day. Arrrgh!

Because I'm tall my weight distributes itself, but I know if I were say 5ft4 I'm look even huger than I am now. I'm curvy (but I'm also now fat) and whilst I like the fact that I have boobs and a bum, I just prefer how I looked when I didn't have this "excess". Enough's enough! I'm gonna set myself a realistic target of 21lbs to lose and see where I go from there. Summer's just around the corner and if I cut down the crap and exercise the I can lose a few pounds so I'm not reduced to running around like a sweating onion for the next few months in the Summer sun!

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LaaLaa said...

I'm 5'6 and in the last year now I've put on a stone and half but its due to personal circumstances and unfortunate events within the last year, that at times I find myself just eating and not exercising as I wasn't doing alot during them stages.

But I'm with you I'm waiting on this water weight (mmhmm that time) lol to go and I'm on a strick regime that I have to stick too, I got the worst will power I hate it but I've proven to myself I have it, when I really kick myself up the arse so GOOD LUCK.

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

I think I took for granted how fast my metabolism used to be. I was also exercising about 5 times a week before the weight crept on. It's been gradual and it's stopping me from wearing certain thing so that's how I know it's gone too far.

That and the fact that I can barely run 10 steps without thinking I've having an unconfirmed asthma attack!
C'mon girl we can both do it and look hot (in every sense of the word) this Summer LOL

Dwana said...

Hey Diva,
Don't beat yourself up. I'm glad you know what the issue is, niw it can be addressed.
I'm currently on a journey and this time around, it's been good to me. Progress doesn't happen overnight. It takes patience, discipline, work.
I was 189.2 in Fed 2008. I'm currently on a plateau at 145 (for 2 months.) My goal is 135. At 5 foot even that would still have me overweight (according to the BMI chart) but I have my limits. I want SOME soft spots and SOME curves.

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

Wow..you've done so well! Keep up the good work and thank you for the encouragement x

J said...

Love the pic, you can order from collard manson or talullahtu.co.uk. Thanks for commenting :) x

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

LOL and thanks. I'll check 'em out.

Chanel said...

The pic is too funny. I put on 20 pounds myself in the last year. I"m 5 9 so its not that bad, but I still want to lose it. Any tips?

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

I've stopped ordering chinese 3 times a week for a start! I've been drinking lots of water so that I'm too full from that to snack all day! Will be weighing myself next weekend to see if I've shifted anything for my efforts! LOL


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