MAC attack

I've bought a few things at MAC, but not a lot. The exchange rate is shit and the savings on MAC, Nars et al that used to be one of the highlights of my stateside trips are no more. You save about $1 and some change per MAC item at the moment. Rubbish.

Saying that, I'm incapable of walking past a MAC store and not buying ANYTHING so here's what I have bought so far (I may get some more DG's tomorrow, though my original plan was to just get the LE ones that I wanted and the rest whenever as they've been made permanent now).

I picked up Stop! Look! and Goldyrocks. I wasn't keen on Utterly Posh, the SA who served me tried her hardest to convince me to get it but I thought it was too o
rangey for me and I'm not one of those people who buy things "cos it's MAC and LE" for the sake of it. If I can't use it, then why the hell is it in my possession?!

As I went to pay I handed over my Pro card and was busy nattering with an old school friend who happens to be in NY at the mo too, when the MA piped up:

MA: "Are you a make up artist?"
Me: "Nope"
MA; "Actress?"
Me: "Nope"
MA: "Dancer?"
Me: "Nope"
MA: "Where you work at?"
Me: "Why?"
MA: "You from London, right?"
Me: "Yeaaaaaah"
MA: "So if you none of those things how did you get the Pro card????!!"
ME: "I got it at the IMATS a few mths back - Pro were signing up anybody and everybody"

At this point, the MUA's eyeing me up suspiciously and I started to get a bit irritated aswell as confused. What was the issue? I have a Pro Card. It's legit. I wanna pay for my purchases and leave - end of. Meanwhile, my friend is watching this exchange of words somewhat bemused behind her sunglasses.

She'd never heard of the IMATS *sigh*, so I had to tell her all about an event that happened annually and internationally in her own profession. She then asked if I was going to The Make Up Show and totally warmed up towards me again (strange woman). Annoyingly I won't be in NY for The Make Up show (it takes place this Sunday and Monday), but I'm sure as hell gonna be here for it next year!

Last week I managed to get one of the last 2 Love & Friendship polishes from Rose Romance. Thank you to Bethanny in the Harlem MAC store who put it on hold for me for 2 days (when will UK MUA's ever put LE stuff on hold for more than a day for you??!). It's a lovely shade of mid tone pinky-purple.

I also bought:

Springsheen (sheertone shimmer) blusher

Ruby Woo (matte) lipstck
109 brush

I'm loving all things peachy and glowy at the moment and with Summer around the corner (well hopefully we'll get a Summer in the UK this year), a peachy, sunkissed fresh faced look is one I wanna rock a lot over the warmer months.

7 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Olivia said...

Ruby Woo is nice, especially paired with Venetian lipglass :)

Helen said...

Springsheen looks bloody yum!

Did you see the Rose Romance beauty powders? Are they worth checking out in real life?

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

@ Olivia - I hope it suits me, i haven't tried it yet. That NYX lipgloss I got will hopefully go well with it too.

@ Helen - I didn't even look at them cos they didn't wow me when I saw the swatches. I'm getting the Style Warrior ones instead.

Jaimie said...

that woman sounds like a spaz lol, i woulda told her off for questioning me like shes crazy

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

@ Jaimie -Yeah my friend should I should have told her about herself, but I didn't even clock she was questioning me ABOUT the Pro card until she asked how I'd managed to get one as I wasn't in any of the professions she's asked about. She served me the last time I was in that branch (minus the card) and she was cool, so I was a bit baffled at her behaviour this time round.

Mrs Jones said...

Nice haul. The MUA was being redikulus. How do you like your 109 brush?

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

Yeah, just a bit! LOL

I haven't used the 109 yet. I got back to London yesterday so only unpacked today. I think I'm gonna like it though :-)


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