Reality show alert - The Rachel Zoe project

Really (no, that's REALLY is the name of the channel) launched on May 19th aimed at women aged 18-35. It promotes itself as a lifestyle channel and can be found on Sky channel 248 and on Virgin Media on 267.

It hosts a variety of reality shows that have been moved from BBC3 such as Bank of Mum & Dad, Mary, Queen Of Shops and The Baby Borrowers as well as a range of new shows. I'm only really interested in one which caught my eye on the promo advert that I just spotted. The Rachel Zoe Project. I think this was aired last Summer stateside, but hey, we finally got there in the end!

Rachel Zoe (pronounced "Zo") is best known as fashion stylist to the stars and ex-stylist of Nicole Ritchie. Nicole promptly fired Zoe in 2006 after claiming she "wanted to surround herself with positive people and influences". Rumours were rife at the time that Zoe gave pharmaceuticals to "her girls" and encouraged their stick-think figures so they could fit into samples she received from designers.

The finger was also pointed directly at Zoe for Ritchies waif-like frame and a war of words later ensued between the two which had Ritchie accuse Zoe of having an eating disorder, not her (Erm, course you didn't Nicole)
. Anyway fast forward to 2009 and they've since reconciled and Nicole is in a much better state of health.

Whatever you may think of her, you can't knock her hustle - she does what she does and she does it well! Nicole Ritchie has a lot to thank her for cos we all know from early episodes of The Simple Life that Nicole's "style" left a LOT to be desired!

Rachel Zoe & Nicole Ritchie in happier (or were they??) times together.

The show follows Zoe dressing A-listers, rubbing shoulders with fashion royalty, lots of fake air-kissing and blowing her own trumpet. I'm a reality show whore and being a fashion lover this show is "sky plus, series link moment" for me.

The show is on weekdays at 11pm, but they're running the weeks episodes back to back from 6pm this evening. I'm feeling a bit under the weather, my Sat night plans have been scrapped so I may just indulge myself for a few hours.

Happy viewing.

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LaaLaa said...

I really liked the show. She knows her stuff, takes no nonesense. It's not bad to see into the ins/outs of someone like her, you can't say she hasn't helped bring back quite alot of 60/70s styles thanks to her and her mannequins.

But anything thats everything now is turned into a show.

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

I've just watched 4 episodes back to back and I like it so far. Her style is flawless. I love it. She comes across as quite likeable actually. I don't like Taylor though, she's so horrible to Brad!

LaaLaa said...

I know, from the very first episode she was a right ____!!! 'I haven't got time to babysit you' I'm thinking wow, he asked you a question.

Yeah she does come across likeable, I just feel that everyones going to have something bad to say and most the time the bad over-rides the good in situation.

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

I know! Thatgirl's got a serious attitude problem and seems to forget that she was in Brad's shoes once upon a time!

Yep, defintely a case of not believing everything you read about people.


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