MAC Style Warriors preview

I went along to the Style Warriors preview on Tuesday night. It was pretty much how I thought it'd be. Lots of manic women hustling and bustling to get to the testers with staff doing their best to attend to everybody within a reasonable timeframe.

We were offered drinks and canapes which were a nice touch. I didn't take my camera along and regretted it as soon as I arrived but Erin (whose blog is fabulosity personified), went along to her local preview night and her pics pretty much sum up what I saw. Take a look here

I don't like crowds in small spaces (who does?) and MAC stores aren't spacious at the best of times when they get busy, so I made a hasty exit after about 10 mins as I wasn't allowed to use my discount and I couldn't get a MUA to serve me for anything else as it was so crowded.

I definitely know what I want from the collection now:

Sun Rush lustre drops
Purple Rite l/s
Tribalist l/s
Bright Future e/s (I don't think I need another yellow e/s, but I really liked it when I swatched it)
Night Manoeuvres e/s
Eversun beauty powder blush
On A Mission beauty powder blush

Hmmm that's quite a lot. In my head I thought my list had actually gotten shorter. Oh well.

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Mimi said...

I have an infatuation with MAC. It's more of an obsession. Not quite like my Chanel obsession, but an obsession nonetheless.

Loving the makeup, 'Style Warrior'=perfection!

Hope to keep in touch, darling!


Emma - [Magpie Sparkles] said...

I'm trying to not let the packaging influence me with style warriors - I really don't need anything!

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

@ Mimi - I can totally relate! LOVE your blog btw, EVERY fashion lover needs to 'follow' you.

@ Emma - LOL So many people go on about the packaging but it's not a factor for me funnily enough. I bet you end up buying something!

MissGlamTan said...

Love it-im v jealous you got to go there xxx

lipstickrules123 said...

I'm jealous you had your preview party already. I haven't seen any invites here in Toronto yet. But that could be good for my wallet. LOL.


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