Death of a legend

News of the death of the greatest entertainer to ever walk the face of this earth must have reached all four corners of the globe by now.

Micheal Jackson, the king of pop has died

After seeing a Twitter update saying Micheal Jackson had been rushed to hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest, I googled to check its authenticity and immediately switched over to Sky News which hadn't even started coverage yet. 30 seconds later they broke the news that he was in hospital.

I watched for a while, called a few friends and my parents to see if they'd heard and it was while I was talking to my Dad, the newsreader interrupted the coverage to announce that Micheal Jackson had died. I screamed and dropped the phone.

My Dad (bless him) was panicking and yelling my name and I picked it in a daze just saying "He's dead Dad". My Dad kept telling me to calm down and I said I'd call him back. I don't know why, but I started to cry after I'd hung up. It felt as if I'd lost a friend.

Just 10 minutes prior to the announcement my cousin and I were saying to one another "Nah ..he can't die. Micheal Jackson die?! Are you mad?!! He's invincible!"

No other musical artist has lived with me the way Michael Jackson has. Artists come and go but his tunes have played in my cassette player, walkman, CD player, MP3 player and PC music folders over the years.

He was the first artist whose music I paid attention to and who had an impact on my musical tastes. I have memories of my brother and I aged 6 and 5 dancing away to his Thriller album whilst jumping up and down on our parents bed. We listened to that album every single day!! When my Dad bought us a copy of the Bad album, the good times continued!! LOL

Think of him what you will, but his music speaks for itself. You simply cannot touch his music. Play Billie Jean TODAY and it still sounds as fresh as it did back in 1984. He's inspired and still inspires so many artists across so many genres.

He had his health problems but I never thought it'd come to this, not now.

Remember the good times and not the revelations that clouded his career and public status over the past few years. My heart goes out to his poor children, how bewildered and scared they must be feeling.

Show me another artist who's sold 750 million albums and will bring the world to a standstill the way he has, even in death. He raised the bar in pop music and it's never been met by anybody and I don't think it ever will.

No other artist will touch generations the way Micheal Jackson has. He's a true legend and idol who will never be forgotten.


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Mama Mish Mash said...

I truly can't believe that he's dead either, even as I sit here and watch CNN covering the story. I feel soo sad and devestated that we lost such a talented person so suddenly. God bless his family. May he rest in peace.

Oyin said...

wow...I was coming from the pool, and I got a text but I was like this is another hoax...

RIP Michael

DancinBallerina said...

I got a text from my friend in Zante saying ''Michael Jackson is dead'' - I said ey since when - I tried to get onto the internet, but my facebook AND internet stopped working (due to the high demand of people trying to find out if this was true or not). It wasn't until I went downstairs to ask mum to put Sky news on (she already had it on), I saw in big writing ''Michael Jackson dies''. I was like :O - noway!!! I started to shake and shed a few tears.

Michael Jackson truly is a legend and his music and legacy will live on.


Lil said...

So many people texted me about this but I didn't believe it til I turned on Sky News last night.
So sad. He'll be missed.

SparklesandLipgloss said...

It's so sad isnt it? I can't believe he's gone. I love MJ, his music and I used to have the moonwalker game for the megadrive! lol.

RIP Michael. You'll be missed. x

Anonymous said...

Elvis and The Beatles sold over a billion, followed by MJ at 750 million and then Bing Crosby at 500 millon!

Still V. sad about MJ though. A true legend.


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