FOTD - Style Warriors inspired

I had a play with my e/s today and came up with this Style Warriors inspired look. I didn't buy Bright Future or Vibrant Grape e/s last week as I have enough yellow and purple options that I can play with. I've decided I need a nice matte purple though after doing this.


Revlon Colorstay foundation in Caramel
MAC Select cover-up concealer
Bobbi Brown powder in Golden Orange
MAC MSFN in Dark
MAC blot powder
MAC On A Mission beauty powder blush

L'oreal Hip duo in Flamboyant (to start off with on lid, but didn't like the way the yellow was blending. Did use the purple though)
MAC Going Bananas e/s on lid/inner "v"
MAC Parfait Amour on lid (just a little bit over the L'oreal purple)
MAC Grape pigment in crease
MAC Pink Pearl pigment in outer "v"
MAC Retrospeck as highlight
GOSH Velvet touch liner in Purple Stain on waterline
Shiseido The Make Up Mascara Base
Chanel Inimitable waterproof mascara

MAC lipliner in Hodgepodge
MAC Siss lipstick (blotted)
Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Toast to Shine

17 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

The Beauty Chick said...

Love this look! Great colors on you :-)

Patience said...


What colour is your nail polish? *hehehe*

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

Beautychick - thanks hon x

Patience - Like you don't friggin' know! LOL

loveaudrey said...

This looks stunning. You're very talented! xxx

TalluluhBella said...

Gorgeous colours on you hun - the yellow and purple really suits you x x

Belle Du Jour said...

Color is your color girl! gorgeous yinks!

Louise said...

Thats Pretttty I love the purples and the blush :)

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

Loveaudrey - Thank you. Trust me, I'm no expert. It took me far too long - lol

TalluluBella - Thank you. I love purple and yellow :-)

Belle - Cheers hon :-)

Louise - Thanks hon. I had to really layer OAM on to get it to show up brightly. It's nice when put on sheer though too.

Lou* said...

looks gorge lady x

Helen said...

WOW! Love it! Gorgeous eyes and the blush is just tdf on you!

LaaLaa said...


Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

Thanks Lou*

Cheers Hels - seeya 2mor :-)

Thanks LaaLaa

The Makeup Snob said...

Ok my favorite so far! You look fantastic! Those colors are amazing on you!!

Oyin said...

hey I need to come over and get me a facial

SoFrolushes said...

I love purple and gold together
beautiful. I take it these FOTD's will be a regular feauture now

Dwana said...

This look is FIRE!!! I have to hunt down that blush, too. Good job. I need to do more FOTD. I don't even remember my last one.

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Your eyes look amazing!!! x


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