I hate the heat!

England's been hit by an unlikely heatwave this week which is gonna last through til Friday. Today in London, temperatures hit 84 degrees fahrenheit. I'm not happy.

For the past couple of Summers, for reasons unknown to myself as yet, my skin can no longer appear to take intense heat and reacts to it with an unsightly and uncomfortable heat/allergy rash. The skin on my fingers 'bubbles' up and I get a heat rash on my neck and chest which lasts for days. I spotted the finger rash attempting to surface a few weeks ago so am already armed with cream from my doctor and am waiting for an appt with a dermatologist who can hopefully shed some light onto what is causing this reaction.

Whilst my friends are whooping in joy at the sun (which to be honest we don't get a lot of in England), I'm willing Friday to hurry up and come as rain and lower temperatures have been predicted. I'm beyond grumpy right now.

My bedroom curtains are drawn as the sun's shining directly into my room and my hands are feeling tighter by the second! I'm not quite as moany and irritable as I was when I was in NY and suffering from the same symptoms last Summer, (that was hell on earth as the heatwave out there was just ridiculous) but I'm heading there!

No doubt tonight will be spent tossing and turning trying to sleep in the heat too.


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The Makeup Snob said...

Ahh. I know what you mean! I hate the heat.. seems like it takes a while for the bosy to adjust! Cooling thoughts are with ya

jobetterdays said...

I hate the heat too! I get really sunburnt so have to try and stay out of the sun! And the tube is awful right now!!
I have put up those swatches now if you wanna see them! Jo x

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

Urgh ..I refuse to get the tube in this weather. REFUSE!!!

In fact I'm walking everywhere as much I can. I can't be dealing with the BO aswell as the mugginess on the buses and tube. Yuck!

Em x said...

Aww you poor thing, i love the sun but its just horrible and muggy today x

missmascara1983 said...

I get the same rash on my fingers. IT SUCKS.X

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

@ Missmascara - What do you use on your rash?

@ Em - My bedroom feels like a sauna! I think I need to buy a fan.

other said...

Yeah, not loving the London heat. Public transport is beyond bad with all the heat and humidity and people's BO and smelly feet.

Also I can't sleep with the windows open because I have a noisy street below my window.

Roll on Friday and an end to the sweating.

LipGlossGossip said...

I hate the heat too! It was 108 degrees today where I live! Yesterday is was 110! OMG, that's too HOT for me! I can't wait till the fall/winter!

em said...

ugh, I hate hot weather too! it just makes everyhting so uncomfortable and yuck! so draining :(


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