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I've bought an awful lot of make up over the past 3 months and Ebay is the devil when it comes to luring me in with fab beauty bargains. Bad Ebay. My San Reno beauty box has actually split on one side due to the sheet weight of the blushers I have stacked and squeezed into it.

So I decided yesterday afternoon that I'm not gonna buy any make up at all cut down my make up purchases drastically until August when MAC Colour Craft comes out here in the UK. I love make up but I still have stuff I bought back in December 08 that I've not used yet - that's not good. I need to work my way steadily through the gorgeous stuff I already own instead of hoarding make up like a squirrel does nuts!

Besides I've been seriously neglecting my wardrobe lately so think I'm gonna concentrate on my other love, fashion for a while.

I have some Ebay purchases arriving this week and I aim to watch and hopefully win the few items that I'm currently watching on Ebay but after they've been won, that is it! No more hauls from me for a while - just clothing ones instead no doubt.

I think I may follow in the footsteps of a friend and fellow blogger and also give my Ebay and Paypal passwords to my boyf and tell him to change them for the timebeing. I still have a box of NYX and MAC haulage sitting in New York that my boyf is taking his sweet time to ship over to me so he needs to hurry up and send it to me so I can still get my fix without dipping into my bank balance!

On a serious note, my decision was encouraged further after reading Saskia the Salsa Fairy's latest blog post this evening which I think many of us can relate to in one way or the other. I'm gonna be digging deep into my stash and begin reviewing, swatching and FOTD'ing what I already own and in many cases have downright forgotten about!

How much do you find yourself spending on makeup on average in a week or month? How much do other beauty blogs influence your spending habits and do you think your expenditure on make up is out of control?

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Liparazzi said...

I know exactly what you mean, I have a load of stuff bursting out of drawers, cosmetic cases and the bathroom cupboard and I only use a small fraction of it on a regular basis. I just hoard stuff!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

YOU are one of the bloody reasons I have no money left this month you know. I would have never thought to look on eBay for make up and I read a post you did about it and thought I'd have a gander - I've spent loads on there now! Then I got obsessed with DVDs on there too - its great! I'm bidding on loads of Ruby and Millie stuff that I really don't need nor have space for at the moment...but oh well :) Thanks for the heads up, even if it has skinted me!! xx

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

@ Liparazzi - I have all my pigments on my PC desk at the mo so I can keep them in view and USE them otherwise I'll forget they even exist! *sighs* I could have one of the beauty sales of the century on my driveway - lol

@ GWTGT - LMAO!! I'm so sorry! Ebay's the best though! Now you see why I've been addicted to that site for so many years! Hahaha oh you made me crack up and the apple I was munching on went down the wrong way!

Patience said...

All I shall say is great idea,and good luck but you my dear are an addict! LOL *whispers "and so am I!"*

I dare not try to do this! - I think I have the will power but I like treating myself! :s It makes up for the silly hours I put in at work!

So instead I'm doing "Recall 5"!! I MUST use 5 different products EVERY week!!

Jenny9119999 said...

I have ridiculous amounts of make up. Today I bought some more. I do have a problem buying too much but the lure of it is just too much. I "have" to have it. I have put my credit cards away though and am now on a strict cash budget. If I don't have the money then I can't buy anything. A much more sensible approach for someone like me who thinks nothing of piling it all on a credit card. I really don't want to be paying for that must have make up item in a year or mores time.

lipstickrules123 said...

You are well aware of my spending habits ;-)

Good luck to you!

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

@ Miss Virtue - I think I can do it you know. I'll just preoccupy myself with clothes instead - which I've started already!

@ Jenny - The cash only approach is good but I'd just go to a cashpoint or whip my card out. I have no willpower. I'm just gonna stay away from beauty counters and drugstores and I should be okay..hopefully LOL

@Lipstickrules123 - Indeed I am!!! LOL Ta hun.

Imo said...

Beauty bloggers GREATLY influence my cosmetic purchases! makeup keeps me happy in these credit crunching times..its the lipstick effect. Anyways, I feel ya Yinka on the whole neglecting of the wardrobe situation. Ive been way too focused on makeup recently and not enough of what Im wearing! Whats the point in having a flawless made up face if your dressed like a fool?


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