MAC under the spotlight

I've been itching to fill this in. I'm a sucker for fun surveys.

How long have you been using MAC?
I bought my first MAC products in April 2001 (LOL I even remember the month. LOSER!)

What was your first MAC product?
The SA sold me the standard (and tired) WOC look of Oh Baby lipglass and Chestnut l/l. I also bought studio finish concealer, Select SPF 15 foundation and sheer shimmer powder in Taffy (disc).

What's your all time favourite MAC product?
It's a toss up between the e/s and blushers. Erm ...argh, I can't choose!!!

What's your least favourite MAC product?
I've never bothered to investigate their mascaras.

Do you own a Pro Card?
Yep *does the running man*

Your MAC foundation shade?
Hmmm I think I've been mismatched for years. I use NC50 but think I need to try NW43 to compare next time I try a MAC foundation to compare.

What's your favourite MAC foundation?
I really liked Moistureblend when I tried it. I don't use MAC foundations much anymore though.

Raizin & Loverush. They look damn good on me if I say so myself.

Mineralize Skin Finish Natural. I use this to set any liquid foundation I use; provides a light coverage with a matte yet glowy look. Yes, its one of those bizarre products that sets matte but also includes tiny light reflecting pigments to add a slight radiance to the skin.

I love Tempting, Neutral Pink, Era and so many others.

Siss is my fave lipstick. I love it.

Instant Gold. I HEART this!

Hmm I only own Orpheus and Mystery and love them both. Long lasting and easy to apply.

109 for under eye powder buffing/contouring, 239 for e/s packing and my beloved 136 for blusher application.

Nail Laquer:
Liking the 2 that I own Love and F'ship and Mercenary. The shades have to be pretty unique for me to buy them.

Pro Product:
Hmmm the pigments. Love the range of colours and their versatility.

Comment on the following MAC product; Have you used them? If so, give feedback.

Prep & Prime Skin:
I have the Prep & Prime Eye. I've only used it once though. I can't remember what I thought of it.

Full Coverage Foundation:

When I used it, it did teh job and it didn't look heavy or caked on. I'd def rebuy.

Studio Sculpt Foundation:

Face & Body Foundation:

Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation:
I liked it but in hindsight it was made me shine like a beacon!

Studio Fix Fluid:
I couldn't get a good colour match and flogged mine on Ebay. It was too dark, the shade below was just weird on me.

Hyper Real Foundation:

Select SPF15 Foundation:
This was the very first foundation I bought. Gave good coverage and was a nice intro to MAC bases.

Studio Tech Foundation:
Great coverage but felt a teeny bit heavy on the skin.

Studio Fix Powder:
Hmmm around the time I used this my skin was mega dry so this just made it look worse. I'd have to try it again now to give a proper review on it.

Studio Stick:

Hyper Real Pressed Foundation:

Beauty Powder:
Nice product and I like how you can build up the sheen too.

Sculpt and Shape Powders:

Loose Blot Powder:

Pressed Blot Powder:
It's always in my bag butI don't really like it, despite using it all the time. I think it gives my skin a grey cast sometimes, I dunno. Will be B2M'ing this, it's almost finished now.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural:
Love this. I like the glow it gives me.

Mineralize Skinfinish:
Vrey pretty but I'm conscious of buying too many that look similar to one another as I hate having dupes of items. Looking fwd to Colour Craft though!

Bronzing Powder:
I have. It's nothing special. I bought it years ago and rarely reach for it.

Powder Blush:

Extensive shades and finishes. Last ages and have a great amount of pigment. I have too many!

I love Cheery! That's my fave. Love buffing it to high heaven using my 182 brush.

Mineralize Blush:
Hmmm not really moved by these. I rarely use the couple that I have. Will try to use them next week. I have too many blushers and I guess I've just forgotten about these!

Gel Blush:

Cream Colour Base:
Love them and have quite a few. Very versatile.

Studio Sculpt Concealer:

Select Cover Up Concealer:
I like it for under my eyes.

Select Moisturecover Concealer:

Studio Finish Concealer:
Hmm I think I had the wrong colour match. I've not repurchased it.

Studio Stick:

Lip Erase:
Doesn't come in a shade that suits me so have never tried it.

Tinted Lip Conditioner:

I have lots of MAC lippies. I love the finishes and colour spectrum they come in. Not drying on the lips either, which is a good selling point.

I'm not keen on how the lipglasses give my lips that white line on the inside of my lips - yuck! They come in nice shades though but I haven't bought any lately.

See Thru Lip Colour:

Pretty, but overpriced.

Cremesheen Glass:

Lip Gelee:
I have a couple. I find them a bit heavy so use them sparingly.

Lip Pencil:
Like the lipsticks, fantastic colour range.

Solar Bits:
Love them! I have Scatterrays, Bronzescape and Black Ore. So pretty but damn they're messy.

Nail Lacquer:
I'm very impressed with Love & F'ship and Mercenary. Prior to their purchases I refused to fork out for MAC polishes.


I have Chartru, Magrittes & Snapshot. I don't use them as much these days though.

Paint Pots:
I don't have any - yet! Will be snapping up a few to use instead of UDPP which is annoying me by leaving white visible marks under my e/s.

Again, great colour and finish range. Most of my e/s are MAC

I have loads of these in sample pots. I love the vibrancy and texture of them.


Eye Kohl:
N/A - I have a powerpoint in Navy Stain though. Similar to the GOSH velvet touch pencils so no need to splash out unless it's a colour I can't get cheaper.


Liquid Last Liner:
I hav 2 which I really like and the staying power is wicked! The colours I have are unique to the other coloured liners I own - Brassbeat and Electrolady.

Lustre Drops:

I bought Sun Rush. I haven't used it yet but will use it for a Summer glowy look soon as the swatch was nice. It's not greasy as I feared it'd be.

False Lashes:
Overpriced. I had a pair of #7 which I butchered in an attempt to put them on. I'll stick to Ardell ones from now on.

ProLash Mascara:


Plush Lash Mascara:

Fibre Rich Lash Mascara:

Dazzle Lash Mascara:

What has been your favourite MAC collection to date?
Hmmm C-Shock! Kicking myself I didn't buy more of the collection and am constantly looking for the e/s. Loved the bright colours and Eve as the face of the collection.

Which MAC collection in your opinion do you think was disappointing, if any?
Hmmm *thinks* I really wasn't entertained by Dame Edna or Hello Kitty. Whatever.

Which products do you think MAC are missing?
Not a product, but a service. Online shopping for Pro Card holders!! It's annoying having to either ring up or trek to a store everytime I fancy a splurge. I like the luxury of browsing and taking my time as I shop.

Bloody hell - this took longer than I thought it would! No more questionnaires/surveys for the rest of the year! LOL

4 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Belle Du Jour said...

I think you can now purchase online with your procard. At least here in the states you can!

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

We cant over here Belle, we can log into our accounts, but that's where the fun ends!

Imo said...

LOL Yinka your a legend! Im not too hot on mac foundations trying to use up mineralize satin finish but its way too dark for me! :l oh wells...

lipstickrules123 said...

I'm wondering. Can you get a Pro card if you are a beauty blogger?! I wish!!!


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