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I said I'd do a post on this and I've finally gotten round it.

Ok, back in March I signed up for the second time as a Beauty Bible Tester. The deal is you fill in a detailed questionnaire about your skin type and beauty concerns, when accepted you pay £30 via Paypal and in return you're then sent a package of beauty and skincare products that are 'matched' to your needs to test over a period of time.

You then have to submit detailed reviews of each product by a strict deadline.
These reviews are compiled and the stats go into The 21st Century Beauty Bible and other 'bibles' in the series which review dozens of high street and high end brands/products, separating the good from the bad as well as offering beauty & skincare tips too. I have a copy of it that I bought about 3 years ago or so, and it's been updated with newer products that have hit the market since then.

The first time I became a tester it was back in 2003 or so. From memory I received a Stila convertible, Chanel face powder (which was useless as it was as from away from my skintone as you can imagine), and Skinceuticals eye cream (which was worth something silly like £80) amongst my list of 10 items. I ended up flogging the Chanel powder on Ebay for a tidy lil' sum. Hehe.

This time round I was hoping and praying that any make up I was sent would suit my skintone and I waited for my email listing my items with bated breath. Initially I wasn't too bowled over by the list of items I was told I'd be receiving, but looked forward to receiving them nevertheless.

There was a mad rush to get my package to me before I went to NY in April, as I received the confirmation email that my package was gonna be sent out 3 days before I was supposed to leave. They sent the package by special delivery the next day so I'd get it before leaving but I missed it anyway as I was out sorting out last min stuff for my trip and they didn't actually
tell me that they were sending it otherwise I'd have stayed at home that morning.

I also wasn't expecting to be accepted onto the panel so quickly as I applied really late after telling myself I wouldn't bother to do it again after the Chanel disappointment. I also assumed there'd be dozens (if not a few hundred people) who'd signed up before me. I was one of the last wave of applicants ro be accepted for this run but I'd advise you to sign up anyway and you'll just be on the waiting list ready for when they start testing again.

If you don't submit your reviews you'll charged for the full RRP of the items you're sent so don't try and pull a fast one by getting your products and then not bothering to do the reviews.

This is what I was sent this time round

*Tesco Sun Soothing Sensitive Aftersun Lotion
*Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil (forgot to include in pic)
*Yin Yang pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion
*Normandie Rush Hour Shower 2in1 Shower Wash
*Darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood
*Dr. Organic Bioactive Skincare 100% Organic Tea Tree Deodorant
*L'oreal Chrome Shine Eyeshadow in Starry Night
*Skin Boost Nourishing Hand Cream Macadamia Nut & Honey
*Revlon Colorstay Lipliner in Nude (forgot to include in pic)
*Eucerin Sensitive Skin Hydro-Protect Hydrating & protecting Cream SPf15 Normal to dry

Funnily enough the stuff I initially rolled my eyes at has come in really handy. My skin has spun out of control lately and would have you think I was allergic to direct sunlight the way it reacted after that heatwave we had a couple of weekends ago, so the aftersun has been beneficial. Also that hand cream is divine!! My mouth fell open when I looked at the back and saw it was stocked for TESCO!!!!!!! I'll do a review on it next week, it smells gorgeous. I'm gonna continue to buy that if nothing else. That'll teach me to turn my nose up!

The L'oreal e/s has a gorgeous shimmer that's like no other e/s I own and I'm interested in swatching some of the other colours now.
I've only tested the deodarant and Eucherin cream which I use as my day cream at the moment. They're both okay so far though I'm not bowled over by the smell of the tea tree oil in the deodarant.

Now the thing is I got my package after the deadline for the reviews to be submitted and the lady I emailing at the company knows this. When I emailed to let her know I'd finally received them 2 weeks ago, she expressed relief that I'd finally got them but I don't think I'm actually expected to review them anymore. She didn't mention the reviews - and I've heard nothing more from her. To be honest, that's fine by me cos from memory the forms are so lengthy I can't be assed to anyway!

For £30 you get a mix of products that you wouldn't necessarily have given a second glance at, or heard of. You can be lucky and get some really fab products in your stash that you've always wanted to try but haven't cos they're too pricey or have bene unavailable to you for whatever reason.

If you want to sign up for the next wave, click here .

7 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Patience said...

I keep seeing those L'Oreal eyeshadows and passing them by! - Swatch pleeeease!

...Sounds like a plan, may have to look into this! I like reviews! (",)

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

Yeah Berry Ice (I think it was called), that I swatched yesterday is really nice. I've just bought Starry Black off Ebay too.

Yeah sign up, you don't HAVE to go through with it when they email you to say you've been accepted. It's first come, first serve so you have to send your payment asap.

I may do it a 3rd time, depends how I feel at the time.

The Makeup Snob said...

omg that is so cool! thanks for sharring.. i wanna do it too! lol

em said...

this sounds like a cool idea! wish they had something like it in aus. my sister is a huge fan of the loreal eye shadows, they're so metallic!

Louise said...

ooo pleased to hear you got your stuff eventually that l'oreal e/s sounds lovely

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

Makeupsnob - it's for UK folks only :-(

Em & Louise - the e/s is sooo nice. I wasn't expecting it to swatch the way it did. It looks 'magical'with all the sparkle and shimmer.

Doma-Nikki said...

Yeah the L'oreal eyeshadows are quite nice, i have the Xenon Blue shaade :o)


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