The Nail Files: MAC Mercenary

I used this for the first time this week and I'm really liking it. I've always steered clear of golds and bronzes on my nails as I feel they look dirty against my skintone. I don't regret this purchase for a second. This shade is so complimentary and I love the sparkle within the polish that gleams everytime the sun catches it. I've been doing loads of washing up and finicky things with my fingers and it hasn't so much as chipped yet either.

I'm not really one for splashing out on nail polishes as their shelf life isn't the best but I'll wear this whatever the weather or season so I don't care. It's not a tacky, brash gold at all. I wish my camera could pick up just how lovely this really is.

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Louise said...

Thats pretty - I think I will be going for the GOSH alternative

DancinBallerina said...

Oooo now that is a fab colour - liking that one :). Looks fab on your nails too.

Patience said...

Ahh yes! I do like Mercenary!

I'm def a MAC nail lacquer convert!

lipstickrules123 said...

I love this one too! You're right in that it looks so much better in person. My only complaint is that it chips easily. Ciao!

Mama Mish Mash said...

Mercenary is gorgeous nail polish! I'm just too cheap to buy it!! :(


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