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I thought I'd start a series of posts sharing the products that I'm really feelin' at the moment. They'll be a mixture of old and new and they may help somebody discover a product they would never have initially tried.

I'm really making an effort to dig out products that have gotten lost at the bottom of my beauty box instead of piling even more purchased goods on top of them and I'm sure a forgotten gem or two will be revealed.

Skin Boost Nourishing Hand Cream

Skin Boost Nourishing Hand Cream
This hand cream was in my Beauty Bible package and I LOVE it! It smells absolutely gorgeous (I thrust my hands in the face of whoever happens to be nearest to me and instruct them to sniff) and I was shocked to see that it's actually made for Tesco. When it's used up I'm definitely heading there to buy a couple more tubes.
I'm obsessive about using hand cream and quite fussy about what I use but this gets a big thumbs up from me. I love the cute packaging too.

Chanel Inimitable mascara

Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara
I've been using Maybelline Colossal the most out of my mascaras since it launched as I like the fat brush. However I reached for my trusty Chanel on Friday evening and let out a satisfied sigh as it separated and lengthened my lashes without clumping. The wand is the complete opposite to Collosal but still gives my lashes the wow factor. It's much thinner but gets to each and every lash with ease. The waterproof version doesn't budge until you're armed with your MU remover and cotton pads either.

Revlon Colorstay foundation

Revlon Colorstay foundation

This is love! I'm so annoyed that Revlon have denied me from discovering this sooner because they can't be bothered to stock my shade, Caramel in the UK. It's 2009 not 1959 - fix up. I've used this daily for the past 4 weeks and my MUFE foundations are gathering dust. I love the coverage this gives me, it doesn't feel heavy on my skin and it really does stay put which is the main problem I've always had with foundations in the past. No sensitivity outbreaks either! It comes in two formulas, one designed for oily/combination skin and one which comes with SPF12.

GOSH Velvet touch eyeliners

GOSH Velvet Touch Waterproof Eyeliners

I really, reaLly love these as I've mentioned on a previous post. They go on so smoothly and the colour doesn't disappear into my waterline or turn into a smudged mess (Yes I'm talking to you Urban Decay 24-second pencils) after 15 minutes. I've read that the some of the lighter colours don't show up as well but all the shades I own are really vibrant and compliment my skintone perfectly. Next time GOSH do 3 for 2 in Superdrug try these out. I'm certain you'll love them just as much as I do.

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xoladiihoneyxo said...

where did you get the Gosh velvet eyeliners? I'm interested =] I got some wet n' wild eyeliner for 99 cents and it's actually really good but just colors. lol. I want a really good black one though. I've tried maybelline and covergirl eyeliner pencils but they fade away really quickly at my waterline =T

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

@ xolad - I got them from Superdrug, a UK store. I'm not sure if you can get GOSH in the States yet.

Naomi Alecia said...

Great post. I love finding hidden gems in my makeup/beauty stash.

We recently (in the last year or so) got Gosh products in Canada and the velvet eyeliners was one of the first products that I tried. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me as much as my coveted Lise Watier waterproof liners do. But there loose shadows are to dye for.

I also wear the same foundation color in Revlon foundations as you do but there are very few drugstore brands in Canada that carry the darker range. The funny thing about it is that I used to be able to by it up until about 2002 or so.

Lisa said...

I must check out those Gosh liners, I always forget when I'm in Superdrug. What sort of coverage would you say the Colorstay foundation gives btw? I really need a drugstore foundation to tide me over til Armani Lasting Silk comes out in September which I've wanted ever since spotting it on the US site arrrgh! x

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

@ Naomi - I haven't tried their loose shadows - yet! LOL I'm gonna email the UK head office about stocking the darker shades. Why the hell do I have to wait until I go to NY or scour Ebay to get my hands on it. It's ridiculous.

@ Lisa - Coverage is medium but can be built up to full. It doesn'r feel heavy though and looks really natural. It dries quickly so you need to work with it quickly. I really love it and will always have a bottle to hand now.
Helen was going on about that Armani foundation - what's so spesh about it??

lipstickrules123 said...

Love this post. I need to try Colorstay - maybe it will help divert my attention away from Diorskin Nude! I love the GOSH liners.

Lisa said...

I checked out the Colorstay in Superdrug but the one I went to didn't have many shades available so I couldn't find a match grrrr. I wanted to know what the coverage was like though as I couldn't really tell just swatching it on the back of my hand. Looked like it gave a nice finish though. Oh and re the Armani foundation, it just sounds really good and has great reviews on MUA and Sephora. I got all excited when I saw it on the site and told Helen about it but then realised it was only available in the US and we were both gutted lol.

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

@ Lipstick - Colorstay is such a good high street foundation. If I'd known about this cooner I wouldn't have bothered going through half the MAC range instead!

@ Lisa- Ahhhh the mystery of 'that' Armani foundation is revealed LOL

Em x said...

Ohh i love the look of the handcream. I love the Chanel Mascara, i keep getting given samples of the stuff when i go to the counter! xx

Lisa said...

LOL yeah, no mystery - just been enticed by reviews as usual! You watch, it'll prob be utter crap lol!

lipstickrules123 said...

Yinka, I've just given you another blog award


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