Highs/Lows of the week

  • The boy and I celebrated our anniversary this week - cue lots of lovely dovey transatlantic mush down the phone. Aww he's so lovely I can't wait to see him again!
  • I'm looking forward to buying lots of lovely A/W clothes now that the new collections are trickling into stores and online
  • I got a call this morning telling me I'd got the job I went for! Result!
  • A cheque I'd been waiting for, for almost 2 mths arrived yesterday- on my b'day! Yeah baby!
  • A part time course i want to do still has places available and I have an interview with the course tutor next week. I'm positive it'll go well.
  • Meeting up with some fellow blogging chicks this weekend, should be a fun afternoon.
  • I managed to track down some of my wishlist LE beauty items this week for amazing prices - yay for blog and Specktra sales!
  • Goodies from The Body Shop were waiting for me when I got home this evening. They gave me the choice of picking some products I wanted as a b'day pressie after seeing all my b'day tweets yesterday! How nice of them was that??
  • My skin's improved somewhat since I did my 3rd DIY glycolic peel at home on Wed night. The breakout around my chin has improved a lot.

  • Beauty blogging is making me spend way more than usual on make up - not good! *sighs*
  • Gonna miss a friend's b'day party as it falls on the weekend I'll be in NY. I know I'll be missing a good one and will have to make do with looking at the Facebook pics :-(
No other 'lows' for a change!

15 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

LionLovingTiger said...

Sounds like you've had a great week :) Here's to a better weekend!

Victoria said...

Wow, lots of 'highs'! Sounds like everything is nice and rosy, apart from spending too much ££!


VexInTheCity said...

Trust me, this week has been fab-u-lous! I've just checked my email and have another bit of good news - I've received an invite to The Body Shop event in August! :-)
Am I gonna win the lottery 2mor?? I'm buying a ticket, just in case!!! LOL

Victoria said...

Oh cool, I'm going too!

I might do the lotto. I want to be a lady of leisure! xxx

EllaCinderella said...

You my dear have had a very good week! Congrats on the job and that was so nice of them to send you body shop goodies for your birthday, think I might lie and Tweet its my bday see what happens LOL!

Em x said...

Oohhh fantastic to see so many goods on your list x

VexInTheCity said...

@ Victoria - See you there! Urgh I hate working!

@ Ella - Thanks honey. LOL @ lying. I won't encourage such behaviour (not in public view anyway! Ha!)

@ Em - I usually have 10 things a week pissing me off. The cynic in me is suspicious as to why everything's going right for a change!

Lipglossiping said...

Jeez, you've had one fantastic week!

Here's to more of the same next week! Congrats on the job offer btw, permission granted to feel extremely smug!

Not at all jealous of the Body Shop event invite... well not much, congrats your blog is so fab - it's very much deserved.

Have a lovely weekend Yinka!

Naomi said...

Congrats on the new job. I hope that you enjoy your weekend.

Lisa said...

Aww it's nice to see such a positive highs/lows post - yay for such a fab week! Congrats on the job btw, well done xx

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

Sounds like an awesome week!

You guys are so lucky that the UK makeup companies 'get' the influence of bloggers! The Canadian ones are slow slow slow to do such events like the one you mentioned by the Body Shop....or maybe I'm just not invited. LOL.

Have a great weekend!

VexInTheCity said...

@ Lipglossing - Aww thank you :-)

@ Naomi - Thank you :-) Hope yu have a great wkend too x

@ Lisa - Thanks hon x

@ Michelle - Follow brands on Twitter,. Try msging Krasey Beauty, she's got mad hook ups and always seems to be meeting up with PR folk, attending blogger events and getting bucketloads of freebies for her trouble too xx

Ondo Lady said...

That sounds like a great week to me. Well done on the new job.

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Glad you're having lots of "goods" lady, congratulations on the job too xx

Lolly said...

wow, I wondered about this "amazing week" you have mentioned, you're not wrong!! Congrats on the job, that's fabulous news!! Glad you had a great b'day week! x


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