I need this in my life!

You may or may not have noticed that I keep an updated 'wishlist' of items that I'm lusting after on my blog and I've been lusting after this Michael Kors watch for mooooooooooooooonths, probably over a year now. Every time I plan to buy it, I end up spending my money on something else (make up anyone?).

I think it's gorgeous and it's so me! I love the dials on the face, and although it's bigger than the average women's watch, it stilll looks feminine whilst having the 'chunky men's watch' traits.

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!

I want it so badly - I had a look in Selfridges a few weeks ago to see if the MK counter had it and the sales assistant didn't even know what I was talking about - arrgh I hate when staff don't know their stock, it's one of my biggest shopping gripes. I'm still waiting for the phone call I was promised I'd get from the manager who wasn't in that day *rolls eyes*

Anyway I've decided this baby is coming home with me when I go to visit hubby in September. I've put off buying it long enough and am paranoid that it'll be discontinued. I must click on Macys and Nordstrom.com to check it's still there at least every 2 days. I even have the tabs saved in my toolbar so I have easy access!

Once I've bought it, next on my list is the gold version *swoon*

What are your wishlist items?

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On the beauty bandwagon said...

i have the gold version and love it and always get complements on it. Got it from the Michael Kors store in Chicago and at the time considered getting the white version but was put off it after speaking to the sales assistant as she said the white strap white is sort of rubberised got very dirty quickly and people had complain about this. Just something to consider before purchasing.

madame b fatale said...

They are really lovely! I love watches, my thing (i guess you could say) are the Marc Jacobs necklace ones ahh i want them all!!!!

"arrgh I hate when staff don't know their stock, it's one of my biggest shopping gripes"

ME TOO!!!! It's so infuriating!!!!!

Helen said...

The gold version has been on my wishlist for about 7 months or more now. Just cannot gather the dosh together - damn bills :(

Hope you manage to get yours and then i will HAVE to come and drool over it!

verina oei said...

woot woot,i love the second one !
u should give one !
*evil laughter*

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Wow that is gorgeous. I do like the white better than the gold. How much is it?

VexInTheCity said...

@ On the beauty bandwagon - Yep, I know about the strap (I've done my research. I've had HOW many months to?? LOL). That's fine cos it'd be more my 'playtime' watch than for everyday wear and I'd clean it after every wear if need be.

The gold one I'd wear to work & with dressier outfits.

Thanks for the heads up though :-)

@ Madame B Fatale - How many watches have you got? Yeah, the MJ necklace ones are cute! Don't me started on wotless shop staff ...

@ Helen - Eff the bills, get the watch (joke - don't come blaming me when your hse is repossessed!) lol

@ Verine Oei - LOL I intend to!!

VexInTheCity said...

@ GWTGT - It's about £170

Victoria said...

My Juicy watch is similar to the gold version and I love it!! xx

AnnaV said...

That watch is gooorrrrgeeoouussssss Yinks :) :) I luurrve the white and gold one, I dont wear watches, but I'm drooling over that one,this one as an edge over the Chanel one, with the gold. I might just be tempted as a belated bday present for myself :) Oh its your bday soon isnt it, Happy Early Bday !!

Dare I ask how much it is ?.....

Anna aka..LMF :)

VexInTheCity said...

@ Victoria - The gold is gorgeous. It shall me mine!

@ AnnaV - ANNA!!!!!! Follow me on Twitter (sign up if you haven't). You and I need to catch up!!

LionLovingTiger said...

Love the second one!

If you haven't already, and if you want something while you're saving up, you should check out fossil.com. I got an awesome watch last year from Woodbury Common's (sigh) Fossil store for $70. It was this one http://twurl.nl/34n6kz in a sort of rose gold colour and I get comments on it all the time!

VexInTheCity said...

@LLT - I still haven't been to Woodbury Common. I just never get round to it cos that's an all day trip. Hmmm maybe in Oct ..we'll see.

I've got 2 watches that I alternate between now hon so I'm cool til I get my MK. Thanks though xx

Patience said...

Wait they still haven't gotten back to you!? (counts on fingers) But that was WEEKS ago!!

I like both! LOL I still say head down to Westfield & get yo' copy for now! LOL

I'm undecided whether I like the MK or the Toy Watch version better! But either way they are nice, & I hope you get it soon!

...Maybe Chaud got it for you & that's why he wants to see your reaction when he gives it to you! (",)

Caramel Diva said...

Thank you for the lovely comment:)

This watch is beautiful

Glamorous Beauty said...

Those are some pretty watches. I really like the gold one.

yummy411 said...

i call these the boyfriend watches. i have one that i wear from forever 21 =p but these are clearly much nicer!

VexInTheCity said...

@ Patience - Exactly! Not impressed with that counters customer service. Hmmm maybe he's bought the watch, didn't think of that. I've not really mentioned it to him though and he hasn't looked at this blog post as far as I'm aware ...hmmm.

@ Caramel Diva - You're welcome x

madame b fatale said...

Only around 6 or so, but I feel I need more hahah!


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