MAC Colour Craft goodies and a few extras

Wow 5 days since a blog post! That's a record for me but I had nothing of interest to say so didn't see the point of talking shit for the sake of it - lol

My poor back is still still aching from all the traipsing about I did yesterday. I met up with
Miss Virtue at 10am to get my hands on the latest MAC collection Colour Craft. This is the only collection that has gotten me really excited this year and I wasn't disappointed. Naked Honey has also made its UK debut but I have no interest in it. I think it's boring, safe and a bit pointless to be honest.

MAC is not in my top 3 choices for skin and body care and I think you're better off getting that kind of stuff from lines that specialise in skincare rather than paying over the odds for the same quality because it has MAC stamped on it. However, I'd like to try their Volcanic Ash exfoiliator thingy when it's re-promoted later in the year to see if it's as good as the reviews say it is.

I hesitantly tested the honey salve on my hand as the tester been attacked by a million fingers prior to my own and didn't look appealing and I wasn't that impressed. It's glorified Vaseline with a whiff of honey in my opinion. I didn't bother to swatch anything else from the collection.

Naked Honey display

Colour Craft display

We had initially planned to spend no longer than 20 mins in the Pro Store but who the hell were were kidding?!! *rolls eyes* An hour and 30 mins later we were finally done! I have to say that this MAC trip was the best one I've ever had from all my MAC store experiences. We had so much fun with Amanda, the MUA who served us. She was really bubbly, friendly and didn't mind going back and forth to the drawers picking stuff out for us and put up with me changing my mind a million times. The perfect SA. She had us rolling about in laughter so much that the builders they had in must have thought were were all bonkers!

Sooooo what did I end up buying?

Warm Blend MSF
- Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS! (Typically I saved the crappiest swatch of it on my camera and I'm in no mood to do another one as I've spent ages swatching and uploading these pics this evening. Sorry!)

Smooth Merge MSF
- I like the pink strip in this and surprisingly it's not frosty for my skintone as I thought it'd be. I need to experiment with this a bit.

Sunny by Nature MSF - I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this. I thought it'd just blend into my skintone and wouldn't show up but it gives a nice natural glow, which'll be great for my 'naked face' days.

Pretty Pattern l/g
- Originally I was intent on only buying Eclectic Edge (which I might still get), but when this was swatched on me, I was sold. It's a gorgeous dirty nude on me with subtle lilac flecks in it. I got the last one - phew.

Style Demon blush - I got this cos it reminds me of MJ's "Speed Demon" Haha! No seriously, it's a lovely brickish red with copper flecks that compliments my skintone, so this was a must-have. I read that it was a dupe for Merrily which I have so I was gonna skip it, but when I swatched it, it was nothing like it and I had to have it.

Natural Flare MES
- This is the only e/s that caught my eye and it didn't disappoint when swatcheed. The top 2 colours are like no other in the perm range and the colours are another must have for all WOC of all shades

266 brush
- Everybody keeps raving about this brush for crease work so I bought it to see what the fuss is about.

131 brush
- I wasn't planning on buying this until Amanda did a perfect demonstration on how it was to be used. I didn't need much convincing after that. I'm so easily led!!

BTW don't bother going to Carnaby St to get a 226 brush, they've sold out as Miss Virtue bought the last 3! I also picked up a few perm items that had been on my "to buy" list for a while.

Fabulush CCB
- This is gorgeous! I'll def swatch and do a FOTD with this soon.
Select cover up concealer in NC48 (a new shade for WOC and a perfect match for me from MAC. Finally!!!!)
Handwritten e/s

Expensive Pink e/s

Trax e/s

I really wanted to get Graphology and Saddle too, but they were were sold out, so I'm on a quest to hunt those down (particularly Saddle) as they've both been discontinued. Oh how I wailed when Amanda revealed the empty spaces where they had once lay in the drawers!

I have one more MSF to get - Gold Deposit, and then I'm done. I've pretty much covered all finishes and have a nice stash of them so I don't think I need anymore - though I'm sat on the fence as to whether I should get Cheeky Bronze. Hmmmm *thinks* I'll see how I feel in a week's time. I was quick enough to grab Shimpagne MSF from a blog sale over the weekend so that should be arriving to join its siblings shortly.

I also got a sample of NC45 loose powder to test against my new concealer which I'll try out as soon as I summon up some energy.

Barry M currently have another promotion in Superdrug at the moment offering 2 nail polishes for £5 so I took advantage. I've been after a nice sea-inspired creme blue and was gonna get either an OPI or China Glaze shade that I'd seen but this looks pretty similar (and was cheaper with the deal) so I got this instead. I also picked up a nice dark shimmery green. I find that Barry M polishes start to chip by day 2 on me unless I don't use my hands (!) - however I now have all the shades I want from them so it's all good.

Barry M nail polishes in Cyan Blue (294) and Racing Green (299)

I'm really pleased with everything I've bought and am a very happy MAC fiend today. I went over my budget but spent less than the original total I came up with, so that's good (!) LOL

I'm expecting lots of goodies in the post over the next few days so expect a couple more posts revealing new additions to my ever-growing make up collection.

Are you happy with your Colour Craft buys? What have you bought?

14 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

your review is awesome and your swatches amazing. You are making me almost regret skipping! Im sure it all looks fabulous on you though! Cant wait for the FOTD with style demon!

Lauren said...

You must have spent a fortune!
Sounds like you had a lovely time though

MakeUpByCaroline said...

great haul and swatches!! i unfortunately passed colour craft... i had a look in brighton but just NOTHING stood out at me. i like the look of colour crafted l/s then thought 'hmm this looks familiar' and swatched it next to angel - voila, nearly identical lipstick! anyway, i tried to follow you on twitter the other day but it wouldn't let me and said you had blocked me :( hoping theres some confusion! caroline xxx

Glamorous Beauty said...

I love the colors you chose, they're so pretty. Looking forward to your FOTD with Fabulush.

VexInTheCity said...

@ Sara - You're skipping Colour Craft?! Scandalous!! LOL Style Demon is purdy :-)

@ Caroline - Thanks hon. I didn't block you on Twitter. You didn't even appear as a follower. That's weird! 'Follow' me again and I'll follow you back. Hmm I know what you mean about collection dupes. You need to keep an eye open or you'll end up with something you've already

@ Glamorous Beauty - Oooh Fabulush is such a pretty colour. I'll use it before the end of the week and do a FOTD.

@ Lauren - Hmm spent almost £130. Ouch. Yeah had a fab day. I went to Bluewater afterwards :-)

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

Such an awesome review! Makes me want to do some hauling.

I think it would be fab to have an opportunity to shop with you and Miss Virtue.

Celly said...

Man, you're lucky you bought from that collection.

I was hardcore loving the MSF trio and the eyeshadow one you got. Ugh, damnn for being broke!

bubblegarm said...

yayy i can comment now! loving ur haul, i think i need ur job so i can buy all of that too :) great swatches xx

legseleven7 said...

Amazing post. Fab haul hunni

Imo said...

Im loving warm blend MSF like Sara your making me regret skipping colour craft! :D

VexInTheCity said...

@ Michelle - Miss Virtue will have you filing for bankruptcy by the time you've finished MU shopping with her!! LOL

@ Celly - Awww flutter your lashes and ask your boyF to 'treat' you LOL

@ Bubblegarm. Haha! Yeah I have MU but I've forgotten about filling my food cupboards in the process!

@ legseleven7 - Thank you :-)

@ Imo - Just get Warm Blend if nothing else then :-)

SparklesandLipgloss said...

The MSFs look sooo pretty. I NEED them! aha. x

Aubrey said...

I've never worn MAC before, but I've read so many blogs recently about Color Craft, that I decided that I was going to have to get on the bandwagon. As my budget is rather tight, I only purchased the Natural Flair shadows and Madly Creative lipstick. But I love them both already.

Milan Angel said...

Good grief! That's an amazing haul.


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