The Nail Files: Barry M Cyan Blue (294)

I applied this in a hurry last night so excuse the messiness - I've since tidied it up. I'm really pleased with this polish. The consistency is great and there's no streaking whatsoever. I love this shade of blue, it was just what I was after. It's bright, without being garish and dried without losing its intensity.

I wish it was nice and sunny as this polish would really look nice on a hot summers day. I've had 2 compliments on it despite the rainy weather though so it's doing something right :-)

I'm hoping it won't start to chip tomorrow as all my other Barry M polishes have. I'll have to wait and see ...

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Patience said...

This is a nice colour!

Not a big fan of the consistency of Barry M nail paints, but there's no denying they have a great colour selection at a very affordable price!

...As recommended to me, try using it over a white base! - Lemme know how it looks then!

Imo said...

Ive used that polish once and it lasted for absolutely ages..I dont think youll be having any problems dearie xx

Wonderdust said...

I'm loving the blue. Cant wait to see the dark green. I'm a sucker for all things green.

I love the colour variety, application and finish of Barry M polishes and lets face it they are dirt cheap, BUT I've had bad experiences with them because they leave my nails with a horrible yellow hue which looks like I'm a hard core smoker.

I'm careful now and always use 2 coats of base coat, which is a pain when I just want a quick ting (which I often do). I cant wait until the yellow grows out :(

VexInTheCity said...

@ It's lovely! Patience - A white base? Hmmm something to consider. Ta hun.

@ Imo - It chipped a teeny bit today but I just went over it. I think it must be the way I type perhaps??

@ Wonderdust - I'm looking fwd to trying the green too - lol That's next - lol Ooh I've not had them turn my nails yellow, that's odd. Your nails must be reacting to an ingredient in them.

Shortiee31 said...

I find that Barry M works very well for me.. Hope this one does for you too :)


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