NARS Spring 2010 collection - swatches & review

Move over IMATS, this is what really made my week. I attended a NARS spring Summer Trends Presentation on Thursday evening and had a play with the new Spring/Summer collection which appeared on the UK website on January 15th.

Inspired by Catherine Deneuve's role as Lucille in La Chamade (no, I haven't watched it either), the NARS Sping 2010 Collection features soft, sexy shades that are as elegant as they as they are versatile.

 Amber Valletta is the face of the latest NARS campaign

One of NARS lead make up artists Jane Richardson, gave us a breakdown of the looks and trends present at New York Fashion Week, and the NARS products used to create the looks worn by the models at the Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, Phillip Lim, Thankoon and Marchesa shows.

Pictures from the evening:

The e/s duos used and looks created for Derek Lam's show were my favourite. I love these shade against my skintone.

The NARS girls

So what's what in the collection?

CRUISING(£17) - A subtle, nude pink lipstick that provides a sheer natural, long lasting colour. I think this shade is universally flattering and I know the woes of finding a good nude lipstick only too well. It's really easy to wear and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it looked on me. Cheers Francois!
EASY LOVER(£17) - Super shine in this hot pink lipgloss. Comes out of the tube quite sheer which is disappointing given the intensity of the tube, but it gave me a subtle bee-stung look because of the shine and shape of my lips.

OPHELIA (£17) - Described as a "high-shine strawberry nectar lip gloss", this will look lovely on the lips alone or worn over Cruising lipstick. It's the same formula as Easy Lover and is also quite sheer but I can still see the colour over my lips which are very much on the pink side. Another suits-all addition to the lip products in this collection.

PURPLE RAIN (£12.50) - A sexy, electric purple nail polish which has very subtle specks of red that show up upon close inspection in daylight. I love this rich formula, I dare anybody not to compliment your nails when wearing this. It's hot!

CARMARGUE (£23) - This cream to powder e/s duo consists of a Golden Moss/Sienna combination with has duochrome reflections which I found difficult to pick up on my camera (I really need to sit down and familiarise myself with the settings!!). At first glance, I wasn't moved by the shades but when swatched, they looked better than I initially thouht they would. The murkyness of them still don't entice me, but I'll see what I can come up when I have time to sit down and play with it. I think this will fare better on olive-dark skintones.

KUALA LUMPUR (£23) - Againt my skintone this lovely gold infused rose and boysenberry (again, I'm in the dark!) duo is a pleasing combination. It blends easily and warms up my skintone for an easy day/evening look. Try swiping one shade over the entire eyelid and applying the other just beneath the brow bone to highlight.

BAINS DOUCHES (£19) - I love this electric blue, silver-glitter infused eye pencil. The colour is HOT! I was very wary of the glitter as I've had my poor eyes irritated to high hell by a similar pencil from another brand but 5 hours after application, all was well. As lovely as it is, the price is a bit of an anti-climax! £19? Really??!

The final piece in the collection ..

D.GORGEOUS (£15) - A matte dusty  lilac single shadow. This wasn't in my goody bag, but I did have a chance to swatch it during the presentation and it didn't really rock my world. A pass for me, but give it the once over yourself when next at a NARS counter. In the meantime, check out the image below.

Taken with flash - click to enlarge
 No flash

I found it a total nightmare trying to get a good swatch of the Orgasm Illuminator, it's so sheer, its effect will be picked up by the naked eye in person or by a high end professional camera.
Click to enlarge (you can see the shimmer a little better).

For those who would like to see the looks NARS created at New York Fashion Week  in detail, I've posted them below - Again, click to enlarge.




I've not had a chance to play with my new products as much as I've liked yet as I've been so busy over the past few days, but wanted to share the swatches and my initial opinions. 

Hit me up in the comments box and let me know what you think.

ETA: I had planned to post a FOTD using the Orgasm Illuminator, along with a review this evening, but I've had a busy evening tonight so will post it tomorrow instead - along with a swatch of Purple Rain for good measure!

18 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Shangri-La said...

Thanks for an informative post and great swatches hun. Looking forward to seeing Purple Rain in all it's glory later! I really want to get my mitts on that and Kuala Lumpar, but think I will pass on Easy Lover and the Orgasm Illuminator which I originally wanted to get!

VexintheCity said...

Thanks :-) Get a sample of the illuminator to test out first as it will disappoint some.

legseleven7 said...

What a fantastic post. I love Amber Valetta. She's stunning.

Linda Phuong Tran said...

I'll be looking forward to reading your review on the illuminator! it looks so fabulous, i hope it doesn't disappoint me when I do come round to see it! X

VexintheCity said...

@Legseleven7 - Aww thank you! Yeah, she is, but the promo shot makes her look older than she is.

@Linda - All shall be revealed later.. x

TalluluhBella said...

I am seriously lemming Kuala Lumpar... you lucky girly :) x

VexintheCity said...

@TallulahBella - Yeah, that's nice, I think you'd like it. I know!! Very lucky :-) xx

Sarah x said...

Thanks for the swatches, I'm looking forward to those orgasm highlighter pics as it looked much better on you than it ever would on me! x

Vixxan said...

Thanks for the review and swatches. I was thinking about getting the illuminator but I'm going to take your advise and get a sample first. Thanks

nongoma said...

I'm not a fan of a lot of items from NARS. Don't ask why. I just don't know. The illuminator looks interesting and other than their blushes I'm not sparked by what they have. I must take a look at them again. Hmmm.

Flushed1977 said...

Love the look of the Easy Lover gloss and the Purple Rain polish. I dont have a lot of Nars in my collection and am a little disappointed with the Orgasam blush i bought just before Christmas (I know everyone else loves it, but it just doesnt suit my skin) x

Beautyjunkielondon said...

The green in the misfit e/s duo looks gorgeous on your skin tone. I actually quite like the look of D.Gorgeous too!

Mz. More said...

So many lovely products. Great post. Don't you just love the Illuminator... so pretty!

Muhsine said...

wowza... I shouldn't have read this post! :) X

Lipstick Rules said...

Love your thorough reviews! I was going to pass but now I want Cruising and the gloss...

tina_mbc said...

Wow, lucky you!
Agreed about the Camargue duo, the promo pic doesn't do it justice at all! It looks great on you, I hope I manage to make it work on my pale self as well, as I really like it when swatched!!!
Hmm, might have to doublecheck the l/s too... ;)


randomlondongirl said...

I really like the sound of 'Crusing' and I am saving up for the Orgasm illuminator!

Lillian Funny Face said...

I love the look of Purple Rain! But i just don't think i can spend £12.50 on nail varnish when i can get a similar shade from Barry M for under 3 quid :/ the blue pencil is gorgeous though!


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