Overdue retail therapy (pic heavy!)

I haven't been shopping for ages, so after stopping off at MAC on Monday I popped into Primark (Marble Arch), to see what they had to offer. The last time I walked through their doors was in March so I was hoping they had some nice bits in.

I came out with ...

Grey frill skirt with black zip detail on the back

Grey and bleached blue skinnies

Fringed vests in coral and grey - these were flying off the rails!

Leopard print slippers. I love these. Need to buy a spare pair. Only £1.50

Basic 3/4 sleeve tees with button detail on the shoulder in navy & mustard. A boring necessity.


Blue striped oversized shirt - cheaper (and nicer) than the one I was ranting about losing out on, on Ebay, on Twitter the other night.

Assymetric hemmed plain vests

The shoe dept was packed and I can't stand being amongst dozens of women and teenagers pushing and shoving for £10 shoes - it's ridiculous, so I made a swift exit. It was approx 11:45am at this point and the place was packed. I'll have to try and pop in at 9:05am when it's just opened one of these days.

So with Primark conquered I went to meet my best friend for our planned girlie day out to Bluewater. We sang along to Michael Jackson at full blast as we drove down all the way - too funny. A lot of the good stuff in the sales was long gone but I managed to get the things that were on my list so wasn't too bothered.

Boyfriend cardigans - navy, black and oatmeal from New Look. Boring but with this unpredictable weather we're having at the moment. I need them!

Grey & neon yellow slouchy vest

Accessorize & Aldo buys. Oh and a ring from H&M

Angel sleeve top from Mango

I didn't really see anything that stood to me out from the summer stock in the shops. There are lots of gorgeous shoes I want though!! Roll on A/W 2009 I say. I prefer winter stock as there's more choice and lots of sexy dresses hit the shops for Christmas parties!

12 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Louise said...

nice haul honey - love the grey frill Primark skirt :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

the necklace is absolutely gorgeous! nice haul by the way =]

Helen said...

WANT the grey primark skirt! I can't usually get on with them because of my hips and ass but that could work for me with a long cardi over the top and opaques (and a top obviously!). How much was it if you don't mind me asking?

Got some good stuff there hun. Hope you are good xx

VexInTheCity said...

@Louise - Cheers hun

@xoladiihoneyxo - Thanks, the necklace is my fave thing! It was £5 in the Accessorize sale.

@Helen - It was £11. It's short-ish but I'll be wearing opaques, heels and a thin polo neck with it come Autumn. Yeah, I'm alright. How are things with you?

Helen said...

Bargain! Will keep an eye out for that!

I'm ok darlin. Might be down your way again in August so maybe we'll have to go for a 'proper' drink next time if you are up for it xx

legseleven7 said...

Love the pink vest with the tassles. Very cool

Krasey Beauty said...

Great haul, I love taking a day to just relax with girlfriends and shop.

Great choices!

Em x said...

Love the primark skirt and slippers. Also all the jewellery, fab haul! x

Burlesque Show Beauty said...

All of those tanks and cardigans are gorgeous.

VexInTheCity said...

@ Helen - Yep, no probs. Just lemme know when you'll be in "the endz" LOL

@ Legseleven - Thank you :-)

@ Kraseybeauty - Thank you hon. Yep it was a day out that was long overdue!

@ Em - Thanks hon. I was surprised I got so much from there. I don't usually these days.

@ Burlesque Show Beauty - Thank you :-)

The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

I LOVE everything you got especially the grey and neon yellow vest! I love that color combo :)

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I really love all your buys-esp the asymetric vests!!!I havent been for a couple of months so must get over there pronto!


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