A special box from a special person

My boyf is as perfect as they come. He doesnt question my love for MU, will accompany me (without being prompted) to MAC and Sephora and patiently wait as I swatch to my hearts content, not once complaining that I'm taking too long. He even offers his opinion on different shades! He puts up with package after package arriving for me from Specktra sales or U.S Ebay and doesn't complain about the space they take up in his drawers.

This morning the box of NYX and MAC stuff he'd sent on arrived. The postman had positioned the box in the porch, in perfect position right in front of the door as if he knew just how special this box of treats was.

NYX have once again sent me doubles of an item I ordered - this time they sent me 3 tubes of the same shade (all good - that's another addition to go into my future giveaway bonanza)! I wonder how much stock they accidentally 'give away' by not paying attention.

This was the first lot of stuff I ordered when NYX had their mad 50% off sale in May and this is the remainder of my orders. I bought lip pencils galore (I've definitely covered pretty much all colours now), some more jumbo eye pencils and a mixture of round lip glosses, diamond sparkle glosses and Queen Of The Night shades. Oh I got 3 more lippies too. This sale was wicked. I've never spent so little on so much make up.

I'll do some swatches in a future post.

I also managed to get my hands on Fancy Ray blushcreme from the C-Shock collection, from the MAC Gone But Not Forgotten program. I still kick myself for not really being bothered about LE collections when C-Shock was released. I want the eyeshadows it came with.

I also ordered Chignon l/s from BBR from the program but it wasn't in the box this morning. I think it's probably at the back of the boys drawer somewhere. The other items are Scatterrays and Bronzescape solar bits and lipstick holders - all bought from Specktra sellers. I paid something silly like £8 for BOTH solar bits. I almost fell off my chair when I saw the price the seller had listed them at. I thought it was a mistake.

The lipstick holders are just what I need to restore some order in my collection. I've been sorting out my lippies this evening and everything looks so much neater. I'm really pleased with these.

I know my boyf looks at my blog every now and then and I just wanna say thank you for making me so happy today and doubling up as my personal courier service. Love you loads *mwah* xxx

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Caramel Diva said...

Great haul..good to see you excited..I love to see people happy

I can't wait to see some of those swatches!

Louise said...

Aw how sweet is he - nice haulage honey love the NYX really need to try some that :)

Helen said...

Awww Yinks! You are a very lucky lady having found him and he's very lucky to have found you <3

Liking the look of the 3rd gloss from the right muchly.

Glitter and Love <3 said...

Awwww he is lovely :)

My American internet dating isn't going as well as i hoped :( hehe!!


Em x said...

Fab haul and gorgeous boy x I meanr to say in my last comment youforums is the bagger site but it was broken yest, all back to normal now though!

AnnaV said...

Hi Yinka,

Chick, Chaud looks alot like Mekhi Phiffer :) He sounds like a right sweetheart. Love the haul, those NYX jumbo pencils are great as a base, esp the Black Bean one.

Catanya said...

Nice entry! You both must be really happy together!

VexInTheCity said...

@ Caramel Diva - It doesn't take much for me to get excited! LOL Will do swatches shortly :-)

@ Louise - The round lipglosses are weaker in quality but you can't complain for the price really. I like the blush I have. I should have ordered more!

@ Helsn 0 Cheers me dears. Will do swatches tomorrow night if I have the patience.

@ Glitter and Love - He is *swoon* LOL I'll hook you up with one of hsi friends. They ll go ga-ga over UK accents!

@ Em - Ahhh I thought you meant the baggers forum but I wasn't sure!

@ AnnaV - LOL he's been told that a couple of times. Yep, looking fwd to using the pencils. Milk was sold out at the time, I really wanted that one too. Grrr!

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

he is amazing. Girl you are blessed! Its so sweet to make hauling so easy for you! :) I love everything you got and at such a fantastic bargain!

Oyin said...

Hes a hottie, enough to ...o sorry never mind...lls

Liparazzi said...

Your boyfriend is hot!Lucky lady! He reminds me of someone famous...I think it's Mekhi Phifer of ER/8 Mile fame...anyways, I digress...love the makeup haul!It's like MU porn!ha ha

Patience said...

*waves at Chaud* - Heard so much about ya! ;o)

...Yey! I finally get to see the contents of 'the package'!! - Nice haul!! - You don't need all that tho! - So like the shoes, I'll be round later! LOL

...I love having as a friend! *wink* LOL

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

So amazing that you have a makeup-supportive man ;-)

Love that haul!

Shangri-La said...

What a lovely thing to receive, glad you didn't get another "We called while you were out" card from the postman lol!
That is a damn good haul!

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

You make a very cute couple!!! Glad you're happy hun. Fab haul too xx

Miss.Fab said...

Girl he's sooo fly!

My bf supports my make up madness too LOL

That how it should be :)

VexInTheCity said...

@ Sara - He is! He's a sweetheart.

@ Oyin - Behave! LOL

@ Liparazzi - Yeah he's had the Mekhi comparison before. I used to really, REALLY fancy Mehki Phiffer back in the day - lol

@ Patience - Hmmmmmm!!!!!!! LOL

@ Shangri-La - I would have gone mad if I had! LOL

@ Sadie - Ta hun

@ Miss Fb - Supa dupa fly! LOL Gland your man "supports" you too ;-)


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