UK singer Beverley Knight to launch new make up line

UK songstress Beverley Knight will soon be launching her new and first ever make up line.

Named K by Beverley Knight, the range aims to cover all issues currently overlooked for darker skin tones and will feature 15 products ranging from oil-free foundations through to eyeliners and highlighters.

Beverley Knight

It will be launching in Selfridges and then distributed to John Lewis and other outlets later.

Available from September 14th.

MAC is usually one of the first brand names to roll of a WOC's tongue when the conversation turns to make up, so I'll be interested to see what this range of products will bring to the table.

Sleek have made a remarkable comeback in the competitve world of cosmetics and are going from strength to strength after making little impact for the past few years so another line catering to darker skin tones is always welcome. We're still lagging behind the U.S in terms of choice and availability but we're getting there (albeit slowly!).

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Shirley! said...

O wow, really?
That sounds great!
You know what it's about time...we're getting there!

Thx sharing!


So Divine! said...

I am really looking forward to seeing this! The fact that it is going into Selfridges is a good sign...if it was Boots/Superdrug I might not be so excited (prob another private label type cosmetic).
Thanx for sharing.....I'm really hoping this is another option for WOC besides Iman/FF/MAC (not that there is anything wrong with the latter!)

bubblegarm said...

wow thats amazing, i wonder what it will be like - i bet she will have shades for every complexion unlike others *sigh* x

Deborah said...

Im very interested in what she'll bring out. Should be interesting...I await with bated breath!

VexInTheCity said...

Yeah ladies, I hope she has some good stuff! We don't have too long to wait now :-)

madnews said...

I am curious. I will definitely check it out


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