Bargain beauty buys

There's nothing like that feeling of elation when you finally track down either LE items or perm products that you've been unable track down anywhere! It's even better when you get them for really good prices.

I managed to accumulate this little lot from forum and blog sales and good old Ebay. I know a lot of people are dubious about buying make up off Ebay but I rally rate it for tracking down current and past high street items for prices way below RRP. You can find some fab stuff - I always do!

So what have I acquired this time?

Rubenesque paint pot - My first paint pot and I got it for about £4 from a seller on Specktra. This has been on my wishlist for a while so I'm glad I got such a great deal?

Also from the same seller I got the following - her prices were so cheap. I was lucky to stumble upon her thread and get this lot before other people did.

MAC kohl power pencil in Feline - Yeah I know this is being re-released with Style Black but I got it for £4 and it had never been sharpened, so helloooo! I used it last night when I popped out for a few hrs and it slid on so easily. I was waiting for it to smudge but it didn't. I guess that would all change in really warm weather though. It's so black - love it.

MAC lipglass in Frozen Dream - again, another wishlist item that's finally mine.

MAC lipstick in 3N (forgot to include it in the picture) - Finally!! GOTCHA!

L'oreal Colour Riche lipstick in Dune (240) - The Gloss Post recommended this as a great nude for NC45's and up, so I did a quick search on Ebay and there it was for £3 BIN so I snapped it up. This nude will suit everybody, black, white, asian - whatever! It's is a lovely lustre light beige with gold shimmer. It looks great with clear gloss over the top. I bought a backup off Ebay as soon as I tested it on its arrival.

Nails In polish in Jermyn Street - My NOTW freebie.

Mac blush in Plum De Bois - I tried to get this LE blush at MAC last Dec but they were all sold out. I managed to get it BNIB for £8 off a forum sale :-)

MAC e/s in Saddle - The Pro store had sold out when I tried to get it a few wks ago and as some of you may know, this is now discontinued. I found it on Ebay and it's mine. My neutral e/s palette is now complete.

Sleek eye dust dust in Fantasy (681) - I have a couple of these and this purple caught my eye the other day in Superdrug and came home with me.

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Ever So Rich - another blog sale bargain and companion for my beloved MAC Lavender Whip lipstick.

GOSH Extreme Art eye liner in 13 (Gold) - You know I love these so when I saw the gold one on Ebay for £1.99 that was immediately added to my watch list! I haven't opened it up yet but am confident I'll love it.

I've recently bought more make up than I now know what to do with but my addictive personality appears to have reared its ugly head again. I am however, very pleased that I can finally tick off a few more LE items off my wishlist spreadsheet ( LOL I must show this in a blog post one day).

Do you scour the Specktra sales forum for bargains or snap up last minute beauty bargains on Ebay?

15 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Lipglossiping said...

I'm a total eBay addict - I've been hunting down discontinued GOSH polishes recently. Just snapped up Carmine (a gorgeous shade I featured in a NOTD) - I've already got it, but 'tis so pretty I bought another to include in a giveaway at some point in the future.

I always check eBay first for drugstore bits. You've got yourself some awesome bargains (and yes, it does feel good doesn't it!)

tackyblueeyeshadow said...

I am addicted to ebay! I always check for drugstore items (eg Rimmel etc) on there first as 'why pay more?' I've had some absolute bargains!

You've got some gorgeous items there! Have fun playing with them all :) x

TalluluhBella said...

Yay for blog sales and forum sales!!

No-one has got back to me from Specktra about getting registered tho so I still can't get on :(

Caramel Diva said...

I like all these items!

Jenny9119999 said...

Brillaint bargains!! I'm useless at getting bargains and I am dubious about buying makeup off eBay although I have done in the past with no problems:)

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

What amazing items! and amazing deals you found!! Lucky girl!!


bubblegarm said...

what great buys :)

Christine said...

I adore your new buys! :D

LionLovingTiger said...

Good work! My Essie polishes from Slinky Minky's sale are still MIA - she's a star though - she's trying to get me new ones.

Bloody Royal Mail!


Tali said...

Great buys!! I do also do the ebay thing.. but im on an ebay diet as my spending is out of controll right now!!

Grace London said...

Feline is *the* black eyeliner - probably the best black liner MAC has done. Great bargain!

Rhamnousia said...

Ooooh you are evil!

I've just been ebay looking at that lipstick as I feel it's about time I got one which matched my skin properly and I've seen it on for less than £4 so I'm going to snap it up.


theglosspost said...

HEY GIRL! I am so glad you got Dune and liked it! This haul is awesome!

VexInTheCity said...

@Lipglossiping - I've been using Ebay since Nov 2002. They don't call me the 'Ebay Queen' for nothin'. You name it, I'll find it on there - lol

@Tackblueeyeshadow - Yep deffo. Rimmel is dirt cheap on Ebay as are most of the high st brands. You can get some wicked bargains.

@Tallulahbella - I'll ask one of the mods to take a look at it for you. Have you got your MSF yet? I got this lot from the same seller.

@Sara - Cheers hon

@ Caramel Diva - Thanks sweetie.

@Jenny911999 - I think after the first few buys you get a knack for sussing out the good from the bad.

@Christine & Bubblegarm - Thanks girls :-)

@Tali - I find it hard to stay away, though I managed for about 6 mths once.

@LLT - Boo to RM!! Yay for Slinky getting you new ones.

@Grace London - It's so black, I can really see the difference in colour to my other black liners.

@Rhamnousia - It's nice and soft for day wear and looks really natural. I think you'll rally like it.

@theglosspost - I love it! Thanks for reccing it x

TalluluhBella said...

Yes, I got the MSF thank you :)

Still no news from Specktra though xx


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