The Body Shop beauty bloggers event - 20th August (and discount code)

Yeah ok, I'm late in posting this (by a whole 24 hours!!) and most of (if not all) the UK beauty bloggers know about this already so are excused from reading about it yet again but I did go, so I how can I not blog about it!

I went to my first beauty bloggers event *big grin* yesterday afternoon and it was hosted by The Body Shop in Sketch, a super cool, bar/restaurant which is often frequented by the odd celebrity or two in Central London.

Annoyingly I had to go to a meeting at work in the morning and made a mash dash across London which was hampered first by an emergency cord being pulled on the tube (at this point, I had 20 mins to get there and flew out of the carriage to catch a bus from Euston station), and then by my bus zooming past the bus stop I was due to get off cos of roadworks - so arrived all dishevelled and hot! Great start ...

I still managed to get there bang on time though and upon arrival I was directed to a cosy back room where everybody had already gathered and were chatting amongst themselves. We were treated to a never ending supply of champagne along with sandwiches and scones and kicked back on swish white leather sofas to listen to a brief introductory presentation about the company, its values and its most popular products. I'd actually forgotten that TBS founder Anita Roddick passed away 2 years ago until it was mentioned.

The Body Shop is a brand I first used aged 11 at school when their lip balms were the lip balms to be seen with! I loved those!! Oh the memories of 1992 (God Lord I'm showing my age now). I remember how their fruit shaped soaps, bath pearls (do they still sell those??! Hmm I doubt it ...) and shower gels were always first choice for Christmas gifts during my school days.

In all honesty as the years went by and their prices went up, I shied away from their products - even my beloved coconut body butter I scour for on Ebay to see if its cheaper there rather than go instore (I have a branch 5 mins from my hse) first. As a result I'm not really aware of the products they're offering these days, so I was genuinely interested in what

Anyhoo after the 'brand chat', we were introduced to make up artist Chase Ashton, who demonstrated two make up looks using products from their latest make up range, Precious Pearlescents.

Laura volunteered to be Chase's canvas for a neutral smoky eyed look ....

and a rather glam looking model was the face of the 80s look that Chase created.

As well as being told about their new perfume Love Etc we were also taken to a nearby branch to play with products and get samples of products of our choice which added an interactive element to it. I felt like I was on a school trip as we all trundled down Regent Street to the branch in question. I could see Londoners and tourists alike looking at us curiously wondering what the hell was going on! I was praying I wouldn't bump into somebody I knew would have been too taxing on the brain trying to explain the concept of beauty blogging and the rest on a packed Regent Street! LOL

We were also given a Love Your Body loyalty card which usually costs £5. It gives you 10% off every purchase you make, birthday discounts and an array of other membership privileges. I used to have the old card a few years back and amassed quite a few stamps on it butI didn't claim what I was entitled to back then and then the scheme was scrapped without warning.

It was nice, yet surreal meeting so many bloggers, as passionate and obsessed with all things beauty as I am. It was cool recognising (or in my case, not!) people from their Twitter and blog pics too. At one point I was playing 'Name that blogger' in my head!

Unfortunately, I have no gossip and everybody I spoke to was genuinely lovely! ;-)

Ok, so what you really wanna know is what I bought home with me right? Prior to the event we were asked to supply our skin type so that the skincare products we received would be compatible, so I got a couple of the same products I got from TBS for my b'day. I'm really pleased about getting another bottle of the toner cos I was planning on purchasing that again anyway.

I'm looking forward to trying out some of the lipstick shades, they're sheer so should be easy to work with.

The goody bag contents - I'm missing a pencil in the photo which was found lying on my bed after the shot was taken. Don't ya hate it when that happens?!

Discount code

Valid from Friday 21st August until 28th September 2009.
Entitles you to 10% off entire order online when you purchase any one of the products from the new Autumn Trends collection
UK orders only.

Thanks to The Body Shop, Natalie and her colleagues for hosting this event. More pics of the event can be viewed here.

17 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Caramel Diva said...

That is a wonderful goodie bag:)...I can't wait to go to a blogger event!

I hope their is one in the states soon the UK has all the fun:)

PeachykeenCheeks said...

ohh I remember the fruit shaped soaps! & the flannels that were in shapes & used to expand when put in water!

Grace London said...

The bath pearls! Yes! Do you remember the little Rattan basket thingys that you could fill with products and they'd wrap it for you in the store? I used to love TBS when I was at school too.

Lolly said...

What a generous gift bag! Glad you had a great day!! x

Briony said...

Looks like you had a fab day!

Sooo jealous :) xxx

Leanne said...

That looks like so much fun, and bloody hell that's a generous goodie bag! How do you get invited to blogger events? I've always wanted to know but it seems like a very well kept secret haha.
I tagged you for an award on my blog! xo

Louise said...

Sounds like a fab day - I used to love the Body Shop - Japanese Washing Grains, Dewberry and Kiwi Lip Blam lol

Rhamnousia said...

I used to love their lipbalms, I remember having the Kiwi one which was horrible but me being a styler had to keep it and use it until it was finished.

It's missed out on an entire market, should have kept prices low and the schoolgirls would be flocking there. I still have a face brush I bought from there years ago which cost me the grand sum of £5.

Hele said...

oh wow i remember bath pearls! I'm guessing they don't sell them anymore...such a shame! it was great to meet you on Thursday! xxx

Dazzle ME said...

wow that's one awesome gift bag!
It means a lot to me that you're a follower of my blog,as you are such a fantastic and popular blogger :)
I really love your blog, so i'm following :)

xo xo

My Fashion Frenzy said...

Look at all the goodies in that picture!

Shortiee31 said...

Lol @ the 'Name that blogger'.. I tried my best to play the game too but I didn't recognise that many people.. I knew you were there but I shied away from saying 'Hi!' because I haven't really spoken to you properly before and was worried you would think I was a nutter haha :) x

VexInTheCity said...

@ Caramel Diva - There have been a few in the states already. Krasey Beauty goes to them!

@ Peachykeen - i have a spare one of those expandable flannel things somewhere. I didn't get on with it at all.

@ Grace London - Yeah I remember those baskets! LOL

@ Lolly & Briony - Thanks girls, it was a nice afternoon.

@ Leanne - Replied to you on Twitter hon, and thanks for the mention on your blog too :-)

@ Louise - The Kiwi lip balm was the very first TBS product I owned! LOL

@ Rhamnousia - I agree! There was nothing else around that rivalled them and EVERYBODY shopped at TBS when I was at school.

@ I haven't seen them for yrs, so i think they've been discontinued. It was great meeting you too sweetheart! xc

@ Dazzle Me - God, you're making me blush now!! LOL Thanks hon. I followed your blog cos it's bloody good!! :-)

@ My Fashion Frenzy - I dunno how I'll use it all. I have too much stuff already!

VexInTheCity said...

@ Shortiee31 - I didn't see you there! It was a bit overwhelming to start off with though wasn't it? You should have come over and said hello. I don't bite! ;-) xx

Nicole said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! I wish they would do this here in the States. They rarely do cool stuff like that here and if they do it's only for the HUGE HUGE bloggers who have super professional sites :(

Mama Mish Mash said...

Nice loot! You guys are soo lucky in the UK because it seems companies have great relationships with beauty bloggers and do events often. I haven't seen that here in the States (boohoo!) Enjoy everything and can't wait to hear your reviews on the products!

Ondo Lady said...

Sounds like a great day, thanks for sharing. I remeber when Body Shop used to be the lick with their lip balms and cute soaps but sadly those days are over and other brands have caught up. Lets hope they can get back up there.


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