*Gasps* Come to Mama! - New Illamasqua liquid metal

I love my Illamasqua liquid metal in Solstice, plan on getting Enrapture at some point and am stupidly excited for the latest shade Phenomena, which is to be released with their new collection Dystophia.

Described a s "pure molten silver", Phenomena was given to Lily Allen's make up artist and she was papped rocking this (ridiculous) look the next day. Sorry, I'm not a fan of hers, so don't expect any fawning. Lady Gaga she is not and she gets on my last damn nerve!

Pale skinned beauties can get a good idea of how it'll look on their skintone from her pic though. I'll be rocking this with a dark blue e/s to start off with methinks.

It will be available to pre-order online, along with the rest of the collection from September 3rd.

What do you think? Yay or nay?

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Grace London said...

I want this. Badly. I can't wait to see the new collection. I have Solstice and it's lovely, but this one is really calling my name.

UnicornSmile said...

Looks good. Not quite getting Lilly's application though ;))

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

I have heard alot of good things about the gold version! I need to try one! The brand is launching in San Francisco next week. Think I will go take a peak!

Cat said...

Cannot wait.

I have borh liquid metals and I love them, however I Don't wear them nearly enough.

This is going to look great with my skin tone - hope we get a chance to see it at the illamasqua event!


Louise said...

Yey although I don't think I'll be doing Lilys reverse panda look - how do you use Solstice

Leanne said...

I posted about this on my most recent blog post, too. I am SO excited!
I'm hoping it might be in stores by the 10th of September so I can pick it up before/after the Maybelline event but something tells me it won't be. D:

Lyd said...

LOL I hate Lady CaCa (;) ) and like Lily Allen...but anyways maybe she wore too much of it? She looks like she has "white circles" instead of dark...total mess!

jobetterdays said...

I love silver and have a stupid amount of silver eyeshadows so I can safely say I will more than likely get this! Will definately not be recreating Lily's look though lol!

PinkSparkle84 said...

I don't like what Lily's makeup artist did to her but I absolutely love the look of the actual liquid metal. I will certainly be purchasing that when it goes on sale.

DaisyBee said...

wow that liquid metal looks gorgeous! I can't wait to try some illamasqua products, i'm going to London in a few weeks and i'll definately look out for these! :-)xx

PeachykeenCheeks said...

lol, when I glanced at the pic I just thought she'd made the mistake of going lighter with her undereye concealer. but err what was she thinking!?

Doma-Nikki said...

I need to read up on this brand! Where is it sold chick?

Also, im not feeling Lillys make-up look myself lol x

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

I like the colour, won't be doing a Lily though haha x

Imo said...

OOh erm Lily looks like a hot mess! Hope your cool girlie x

Rhamnousia said...

Even if you were a fan, justifying the way she looked in that photo would be hard.

I always melt when I see the concession for this brand and I really want to buy stuff but need to sell first.

What would you use this and Solstice for though?

VexInTheCity said...

@ Sara - Yeah go and have a play with it when it launches next week. I'm still not a fan of their e/s (except about 3 shades) but like some of their blushers and lippies.

@ Cat - Yeah we'll get to see the new collection at the event.

@ Leanne - Hmm it should be in stores by Sept 10th. Hope so anyway.

@ Lyd - I LOVE Lady Gaga and HATE Lily Allen. Lil' tramp! LOL

@ Doma Nikki - On their offical site, and in the London & Manchester Selfridges. Their online swatches are shit though so may your way to Selfridges if you can.

@ Imo - I'm good hon, hope you are too xx

@ I find it dificult to say anything nice about Lily so moving on ...
I use Solstice on my eyes as a liner or as a shadow/highlighetr. I've used it in the middle of bottom lip too with clear gloss or over a coloured one - gorgeous

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

That poor chile, looks scary!!!


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