High street fashion haulage

Having my local high street a 2 min walk away from my hse and working 15 mins away has its benefits. I've acquired this little lot by popping into shops on my way home after work as I manage to catch them before they close for the evening.

I bought these tops from H&M

It has ruching down the front on the sides which you can't tell from the pic

Slouchy off the shoulder tiger print sequin top

Batwing oversized top with bright gold sequin detail on the shoulders

I've been lusting after this Topshop necklace for about a month after spotting it in silver in this blog post by Fashion Hedonism (this girls style is on fiiiiiiiiiiiiyah). I was hoping to find it instore as I have a £20 Arcadia voucher sitting in my wallet but I had to relent and order it online in the end.

In true Leo style I couldn't decide whether to get it in silver or gold - so I just ordered both!

Same goes for these suede-look shoes from New Look. They were a steal at £20 and I've been after a pair of 'Cadbury Purple' courts for aaaaaaaages and the shade of this purple is perfect (it's much brighter in reality). I figure they'll be cool to wear to work and play so I snatched them up in black too.

Only problem is they squeak like crazy! They were fine when I wore them around the house the first time but now when I try them on, they squeak. How can I get them to stop?? I really don't want to take them back but I'm not walking around London sounding like Sweep (of Sooty and Sweep fame)!

Any suggestions on how to make them stop squeaking? I've googled but the suggestions seem to be for leather shoes.

15 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

AbbieAndBrian said...

ahh those shoes are HOTT!!

lola said...

lovely haul...those shoes are super cute...xoxo

UnicornSmile said...

sweep haha. Love that necklace!

Melissa said...

Those necklaces are so cool!

AbbieAndBrian said...

i tagged you :)

*LilBiuty* said...

I've awarded you a blog award on my blog, please accept it :)))

Drew B. Dope said...

That SOOOOOO sucks that they squeak, bc the blue ones are hot, but those black ones are sexy. Should have a social event, "stop the sqeak" lol

Shirley! said...

I love the third one! Gawj! Oh and the shoesies...purrty! :D


Imo said...

I love those slouchy tops, theyre great for when you go out to dinner as I often get very bloated after three courses and a cup of coffee :l

VexInTheCity said...

Thanks girls! xx

@Imo - LOL I didnt even think of them hiding the bloat! Good point!

SoFrolushes said...

lovely shoes. purple is my best friend and they are gawjus.
I thought the squeaky thing only happened to me.
love the tops too

Em x said...

I love that last top and the shoes are gorgeous. I hate it when shoes squeak, but i have no idea how to stop it!

Juvenescent said...

Oh yeah, great choices! Love that tiger top more than life right now.

idontliketea said...

nah not feeling those purple or black one's....

from a guys perspective..they're a bit too..what's the word.....grandma at a wedding....

no offense, just my opinion.

good blog though, another MAC addict i see...women eh?

VexInTheCity said...

@ Drew B Dope! - Cheers hon! LOL @ Stope The Squeak.

@ Idontliketea - See? Only a man would say that! LOL No offense taken hon. They'll look cool with skinnies ;-)


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