I've got tagged! Every pic tells a story :-)

I was tagged by Aziajs to do this who some of you may recognise off Specktra - her MU skillz are on fiiiiiiiiyah!
  • Open your first photo folder
  • Sroll down to the 10th photo
  • Post that photo and story on your blog.
  • Tag five others (or more) friends to do the same.
Here's my 10th pic:

I have a folder with lots of tattoo inspiration pics and I've decided that I want 2 butterflies in this colourway on my inner wrist (not as big though). I think the detail is gorgeous. I actually know somebody who has the same tattoo design that I want to get and it was helpful seeing how the design looked on her as a preview but luckily we don't roll in the same social circles and it was merely a coincidence that she got the same design I want to get first so I don't mind.

Mine will still look totally different when it's finished and be a different colour so it'll still be unique to me.

It'll probably really hurt when I get it done but what the hell, it can't hurt any worse than my first tattoo did. Hopefully I'll get it done in October as to spend more time in NY if possible. My parents still haven't seen my first tat either. My Dad won't really mind but my Mum will freak the hell out! LOL

I tag all my readers to complete this post :-)

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

~Kymmy~ said...

You've been blog awarded on my blog!!

Shirley! said...

That's soo lovely!
I think i did this tag a while back!


Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

That is gorgeous!! LOVE!


Here.She.Is said...

Your tattoo idea sounds great. I've always wanted one on my wrist. And those butterflies are lurvely.
Its always good to pinch ideas from here and there. I just wish I could find ideas I truly want on my body :)
good luck xoxo

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

I was just about to tag you for this tag too! ;-)

loulabelle said...

The tattoo is gorgeous :)
I'm gonna do this tag on my blog


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