Monday Poll - done on Wednesday instead!

Taken from Karen's blog ...this weeks poll struck a chord with me so I decided to do it.

Mood: Mentally I 'm fine. I have a cold though and am exhausted by all the sneezing and nose-blowing I've been doing. I'm also annoyed that I have to wait another week to get my hair done as my hairdresser can't squeeze me in til then (she comes to me) and my regrowth is mocking my life!!

How many times have you been in love?: Real love? Twice ♥

Do you prefer cream or powder blush?: Hmmm I have more powder than creams but am happy using both.

Were you a good student?: Yeah I think so. I kicked ass at English, History, German and PE and was on the school sports team. I hated maths though!

Eyes / Lips / Cheeks: Nada - have just washed my face free of the days grime. My skin's taking the piss at the moment and is breaking out for the sheer fun of it. Not impressed.

How do you feel about camping?: Urgh! No thanks. That is my idea of hell on earth. I'm still scarred by the overnight camping nonsense I was forced to do aged 12 at school in Devon. I'd whinge non-stop if I were made to do it now. I'm a city girl through and through!

Are you happy?: Hmm yeah - lots of things are making me happy at the moment. There are a couple of niggly things but they're not the end of the world. Things could be much, much worse so I'm thankful for my blessings.

Do long distance relationships work?: Well I'm in one and it's hard at times but I think I cope well considering. We won't be in this situation forever and constantly talk about our plans for the future so that's what keeps us going. The end is nigh. This is the first time I've been in a LDR and I didn't know what to expect. I have 3 friends (one being my best friend) who are also in LDRs so we support one another when it gets tough. I do find I'm even more private than usual in this r'ship as I'm sick of having to explain myself to some people who insist on asking silly questions once they find out Richaud's not here. I'm not the first person to have a LDR and won't be the last. I don't get what all the fuss is about *shrugs*

Outfit: Boyf's t-shirt.

Weekly goals: Keep drinking lots of water, shake off this cold and buy the beauty products on the list my Mum gave me for her 3 weeks ago! Oops!

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Lyd said...

cool, I'll do this too!

I'm a new follower, and just for you to know, I'm having a giveaway with Italian cosmetics as a prize. deadline is tomorrow, at 11 pm your time.

take a look at my blog if you want to enter ;)


VexInTheCity said...

Hi Lyd, thanks for following my blog. Hope you're enjoying it so far. I'll take a look at your comp now xx

SparklesandLipgloss said...

Hope you get rid of the cold soon! I had it a few weeks ago and it was murder. I feel you pain haha. I tagged you on my blog :) x

Lyd said...

awww thanks for your comments! You're lovely!

I feel so good after finding out you're scared of butterflies too! I thought I was a weirdo...I have good company now! :P

VexInTheCity said...

Thanks hon, am currently sat typing with tissue hanging out of my left nostril! I kid you not.
Will check out your blog in a sec xx

afrodeutsch said...

Grüße aus Deutschland,
gute Besserung, hoffentlich gehts dir bald besser.

S. African in Germany


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