My last 'haulage' post ...

..until MakeUp Art Cosmetics is released! Hehehe!

The postman was good to me this morning and bought:

MAC lipglass in Pink Poodle
MAC Off The Page e/s (Makeup Art Cosmetics)
MAC lipstick Sharp Focus (MAC HD collection)
MAC lipstick in Lollipop Loving (Heatherette)
GOSH crystal eyes eye pencil in Sparkling Gold

I love Off The Page e/s. I'm gonna have fun using this with browns and gold. I was surprised at how much colour Sharp Focus has considering it's a lustre lipstick. My natural lip colour is very pink so lustre lippies are often lost on me unless I fill them in, with liner beforehand.

I was given the Ruby & Millie pencil as a freebie with the MAC stuff and it's so cool and gadgety. I don't own any Ruby & Millie stuff other than a free smudge brush I got with a magazine yeaaars ago! It has screw tops on either side and the colour (blue and silver on opposite ends) is loaded on a smudge brush and is released when pushed onto the skin. It's quite pigmented with no base so I can imagine how vibrant it'll look with primer under it.

I forgot to swatch Pink Poodle ..Hmm I'll use it in a future FOTD.

I've so much to experiment and play with. I'm gonna try and squeeze in more FOTDs to share. I'm no expert in MU application but nevertheless it's fun making up new looks.

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Rhamnousia said...

Ruby and Millie can be quite hit and miss. I have only their brushes and an I-writer. The brushes are great as is the I-writer but I found their polishes to be a bit weak and their shadows are lacking in pigment for me.

Have fun with your MAC stuff :)


Tali said...

The orange eyshadow is just my thing!!

Parisa said...

It gives me so much joy to read this blog on a day to day basis, i love your writing style, and your blos is fabuolous! xxxx

VexInTheCity said...

@ Rhamnousia - I always skip R&M when I see it in Boots. My eyes just glaze over when I see it - lol

@ Tali - It's really nice, you'll love it.

@ Parisa - Aww thank you. That's such a nice comment to read I'm glad you enjoy my ramblings xx

jobetterdays said...

I have a couple of those Ruby & Millie eyeshadow thingies, got them with the £5 off voucher ages ago! Actually Collection 2000 do a complete dupe of these, packaging and colours and they are pretty good for a third of the price!! x

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

I love off the page! I have worn twice since I got it!! So pretty!

Everything else you got is gorgeous too! Girl you have been hauling!!! your gonna fun out of room on your cute shelves jk!

xoxo, Sara

madame b fatale said...

great stuff! I can't wait for that collection either, pigments yay:)

littlemissmakeup said...


Completetly off topic but just followed you on twitter and I got an email from twitter with your request to follow me however I now cant find where that is :(

LionLovingTiger said...

Haha I saw you had gone back to Slinky's sale - good work! My nail polishes are officially lost but Slinky's a star - she's trying to get me some more.

Btw - I nominated you for an award ;)


VexInTheCity said...

@ Jobetterdays - I'll check out the Collection 2000 ones. Thanks for the heads up.

@ Sara - My beauty box compartments have split since I posted my collection pics under the weight of everything! I've had to buy black tape to put it back together! LOL

@ Madame B Fatale - Me neither! I wrote up my final wishlist for it this afternoon.

@ Littlemissmakeup - I'm following you now. You accepted my request :-)

@ LLT - Slinky's sale is wicked! I can't believe RM lost your polishes. That's so nice of her to get you replacements.

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

Great 'haulage'!

Em x said...

Wow huge haul!! I love GOSH at the min x

Lipglossiping said...

Love your haul posts, I have a love/hate affair with R&M... Love the i-writers (HG stuff)... don't much care for their eyeshadow pens.. crease really badly even with a base.

Jaimie said...

lollipop loving is great on you!

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Nice haul, p.s. i've tagged you on my blog x


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