My MAC eyeshadow palettes

In January the increasing pots of MAC eyeshadows I owned finally got on my last nerve and I decided to depot them. Preparing to depot was like a military operation for me. I read up on methods on Specktra, watched videos on You Tube and decided that the the hair straightener method was the easiest and required the least apparatus.

I bought palettes, empty eye shadow pans for when I pressed pigments, magnets and alcohol to clean the glue off the pans. I bought a Dymo labelmaker which I got for about £12 off Ebay and it came with 2 extra rolls of tape. I was lucky I managed to get such a good deal as I watched about 6 auctions end with people paying double and not even getting any tape!

I actually get a kick of pleasure every time I depot an eye shadow. Maybe it's cos I know I'm heading towards another freebie with the Back To MAC Program. I can depot with my eyes shut. I love it!

So this is how I've arranged my eyeshadows. I currently have 5 palettes and they're divided into Neutrals, Neutrals/Greys/Blacks, Blues/Greens, Pinks/Purples and Brights.

I have Meet The Fleet to add to my blue palette after buying it at The CCO yesterday and Moth Brown (yep, I managed to get hold of one a few weeks ago) to add to my second neutrals palette but that's sitting at my boyfriends so I'll be bringing that home after I go to visit him in September.

Do you depot your shadows or do you prefer them in their pots? I know some people don't like to depot their LE ones but I don't mind B2M'ing mine.

I'll never depot my blushes though ..that's a no-no for me ;-)

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EllaCinderella said...

Jeeez, to think I only depotted and made up my first palette a few weeks ago lol! You have so many pretty colours, you must do a post on your fave's! Your neutrals palette is to die for hehe!

Shirley! said...

I am sooo effing jealous right now!
You have some really awesome colours there girly!

The Postcolonial Rabbit said...

Wow, they look fab (especially the brights palette, the colours are stunning). I agree with Ella, a rundown of your favourites would be ace, O Makeup for Brown Girls Guru :)

I don't actually own enough to warrant depotting, alas. Much as I love shadows, I tend to wear coloured gel/pencil liners with a neutral base much more often.

Emma said...

So jealous. I own one Mac product! Just one!!!!! I blame it on the nearest Mac counter being a 2 and a half hour drive from me lol xx

Mama Jen said...

i have to depot them..if i didn't i don't know where i would put them all..i am a little OCD and like things to be

mizzworthy said...

You have a fab collection!

UnicornSmile said...

I love depotting eyeshadows they take up far less space that millions of little pots. The difficulty lies in depotting cream blushes though because you can't use heat :((.

LionLovingTiger said...

That is HOT!x

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

I've been procrastinating. I need to do some serious depotting too.Your palettes look fab!


Imo said...

I only buy my shadows in a pan so Ive never depotted (the whole process seems too complicated for myself :S). What CCO do you go too lovie? xxx

VexInTheCity said...

@ EllaCinderella @ The Postcolonial Rabbit - I'll do a "favourite eyeshadows" post soon :-)

@ Shirley @ Mizzworthy @ LionLoving Tiger @ Lipstick Rules - Thanks ladies x

@ MamaJen - Yeah I like them looking organised too.

@ Emma - 2.5 hrs away? Ouch! Google for swatches and then you're cool to order online x

@ UnicornSmile - Yeah that's why I started to depot. I didn't have the room for all the pots and lost track of what I owned.

@ Imo - I went to the Bicester one for the first time on Saturday. Depotting is really easy - the hair straightener method is a piece of cake.

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Fab collecion!!! Love the Neutral Palette x

Bollywoodwonder9 said...

Are the pans not magnetic? I want to depot but I thought it was all magnetic so you just have to pop them in!

VexInTheCity said...

@ Sadie - Cheers hon

@ Bollywoodwonder - The magnets are for the empty pans I buy when I wanna press PIGMENTS.

Em x said...

They look fantastic, i really need to get depotting.

bubblegarm said...

like WOWWWWW! Jeez u have like everything :)

rhaindropz said...

lovely palettes.. i followed your blog

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

depottin is a must for me! I cannot manage all the lil pots! They take up too much room! your palettes are so pretty!

Lillian Funny Face said...

Those all look fantastic! I'm so jealous, i've only got a few Mac shadows. I'd love to do a depot for Back to Mac, but i've never been sure about whether you have to return the empty eyeshadow pan as well as the pot.

jobetterdays said...

I am really going to have to start depotting mine as I tend to forget about the ones in the pots sitting in the draw and reach for the palettes!
Are you going to the London Illamasqua event on Thursday? I am and I am so worried I won’t recognise anyone! It’s my first blogger event so I am really excited but nervous at the same time!

Jo x

xallycatx said...

eeee when i saw the picture of the closed palettes, i thought they looked like mine!

I label mine, similarly to urs but i never thought of labelling each colour like you have done too. I just re-use the sticker from the back of the e/s pot.

I've never depotted blushes purely because i wonder about the day i will want to take a particular blush with me and not the whole damn palette. I have blush palettes for any pan blushes i buy though.

Love ur palettes :)

VexInTheCity said...

@ Bubblegarm - I so don't! I really want Parrot though.

@Rhaindropz - Thank you. Hope you enjoy reading xx

@ Lillianfunnyface - I include the empty pans when I B2M.

@Jobetterdays - Was great meeting you on Thursday xx

@ The sticker from the pot I stick on the bottom of the pan so if I swap e/s around and remove stickers I still know which e/s I'm moving by looking at the bottom. Thanks hon xx


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