Review: Quash moisturising hand sanitizer

When I asked to try this, I jumped at the chance, as I'd misplaced my Carex anti-bacterial hand gel a few days earlier and was planning on buying another the next day. I'm the person who furiously wipes down a telephone or keyboard at work with anti-bacterial wipes before using it and would rather fall over than touch the escalator rail on the underground so this was the perfect product for me to test.

I wasn't really expecting to be particularly wowed by it, it's only an anti-bacterial spray after all Quash is clinically proven to kill 99.9% of gems - including MRSA, Salmonella and E-coli. It also claims to help protect you against the Swine Flu virus. Id love to say I'll report back on whether the last claim is true but I'm not planning on catching Swine Flu any time soon in order to update a blog post!

It's 100% natural, free of parabens and has also been proven to moisturise skin and protect hands from accelerated skin ageing and roughness. Now this I can comment on as it really is moisturising, whereas the Carex hand gel that I've been using for the past year isn't. Quash isn't a gel, it's a spray which I prefer and it's not 'wet' in the sense that after you've rubbed your hands together you then have to wait a few additional seconds for it to evaporate and dry.

I was a bit skeptical about it being able to leave my hands feeling soft but it really does and you feel this benefit instantly. I purposely skipped hand cream on returning from the bathroom for the first few days I used it to see whether my hands would dry out after using Quash and they didn't. So if you're in a rush and don't have time to whip out your hand cream you don't have to worry about the skin on your hands feeling tight.

It comes in a bright green tube, in two sizes and is easy to spot amongst the crap in your handbag. I've also been testing it out on work colleagues who have to deal with members of the public and handle numerous documents which have been passed from pillar to post and they've all liked it. I'll definitely be repurchasing this.

In fact I'm buying a couple for my boyf to use as he is terrible for unnecessarily grabbing hold of railings, etc in public and gets slapped at least 10 times a day from me whenever I see him touching what doesn't need to be touched!

Price £1.99 (15ml) £3.49 (50ml) Where can I find it? Superdrug, Holland & Barretts, WHSmith travel stores, selected Tesco and pharmacies.

Order from the official Quash site and receive free delivery. Uk delivery only.

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Louise said...

Cool I normally use the gels but they are so drying - may look out for some of this for when I go on my hols - I never feel clean on the plane

♥lipgloss86 said...

from one germaphobe to another...good call!! x

Imo said...

OOh this seems like a great product. I too have rinsed out my Carex anti bac gel and my local Superdrug dont seem to carry it anymore :(. This sounds like an interesting product nonetheless.

Thalie Stephan said...

I know why haribo gives headaches. I does that to me to. Hidden Aspartame, sweeteners...I stay clear of all of them now (also most chewing gums and diet drinks have those sweeterners and sometimes they are not listed in the ingredients...naughty companies!!!!!!!!!!


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