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This evenings blog post is from Magpiesparkles who's tagged all her readers ..enjoy!

: Aphogee Deep Moisture
Conditioner: Balancing Moisturiser/ 2 min Reconstructor
Styling products: Fudge hair varnish, Aphogee Gloss therapy
Shower Gel: Dove Go Fresh Burst body wash
Body moisturiser: TBS Vitamin E Body Butter
Deodorant: Mitchum Flower Fresh Clear Gel
Fake Tan: Wrong blog! Have you seen a picture of me?? LOL
Cleanser: Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser
Exfoliator: Origins Modern Friction
Primer: None. The Philosophy one is waiting at my boyf's for me to pick up though!
Foundation brush: MAC 190 brush
Concealer: MAC select cover up in NC48
Powder: MAC select sheer pressed powder
Blusher: MAC Sunbasque, Loverush and Ambering Rose
Bronzer: Haven't been using one lately
Highlighter: MSF Brunette & Nars Albatross
Eyeshadow base: UDPP
Eyeshadows: Glamour Check, Saddle, Neutral Pink, Sleek Storm palette
Eyeliner: MAC Black Russian pearlglide and GOSH Blue Petrol
Curler: None - need new ones! Chucked Shu Uemera ones away at the weekend.
Mascara: Estee Lauder Sumptuous (I alternate between at least 3 a week though!)
Lipstick: MAC Siss and Fresh Brew
Lipgloss: GOSH lipgloss in 004 and GOSH lip jam in 103
Nail Colour: Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Minx (but changing it tonight!)

Over to you guys. I tag all my readers :-)

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