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I was waiting for a few things to arrive when I did my last 'haulage' post a few days ago, so I haven't spent loads this week. I've pretty much got about 90% of what I want from MAC's perm products and shades, so have been on a mission to track down LE items that I've either wanted forever but had totally missed or failed to get first time round when I had the chance to.

I struck lucky last Sunday night when I had a peek at the Europe sale and swap forum on Specktra and noticed a UK seller was selling MAC C-Shock eyeshadows really cheap. I thought they'd be long gone when I enquired as her sales list had been up for a few hours before I'd spotted it but I got them! I remember just how hard it was for me to track down Fancy Ray blushcreme and Going Bananas e/s from the same collection but I got them both in the end - though it took months!

I got a few bits from this seller as her prices were great.

MAC e/s in Romping (C-Shock) - Finally! This has been on my wishlist for an age!
MAC e/s in Wondergrass (C-Shock)
- And so has this!
BN MAC Devil blush (Manish Arora)
- A gorgeous reddy orange blush which is just "wow". it only cost me £5!
BNIB Antique Gold Glitter -
That's my face sorted for Christmas! LOL
MAC lipglass in Gold Rebel (Style Warriors)
- I regretted not getting this first time round so snapped it up when I saw it listed.

I got this lot for under £30 - bargain!

I also bought from another seller:

MAC e/s pan in Jewel Blue (oops I've noticed I've named it the other way round in the swatch pic).

I don't know what I've done with the glitter since I took the 'group photo'. I've been writing up this blog post on/of all day and it's gone walkies at some point and I can't find it! I'll have a look for it later today and include a swatch pic when I do.

After The Body Shop event on Thursday, a small group of us piled into Liberty and had a smooch around the beauty counters. Miss Virtue has been bugging me for well over a year to get Nars blush in Mounia and I've always come up with an excuse not to buy it. I swatched it earlier in the day in Selfridges and kept glancing at the swatch on my hand as the day went on so took the opportunity to buy it when we ended up in Liberty and I'm glad I did, it's gorgeous and is described on the Nars site as a cinnamon coral. It's really flattering on my skintone and I'm glad it's now in my blusher collection.

I also took a look at NARS new collection, Lolita. Mekong, a rich chocolate brown eyeshadow with gold specks swas the stand out product for me. It's a darker version of Galapagos if you're clued up on your NARS. It's so smooth to apply. I've read it's prone to smudging though which is a bummer. I'll have to see if that happens when I wear it for a full day.

Finally, an essential purchase made on Friday was Botanics eye make up remover as I'd run out and ordinary cleanser just wasn't cutting it on my mascara. I love this stuff. Unfortunately it was no longer on offer when I went to Boots but whatever, it's still cheap and I've saved money elsewhere so it didn't matter.

Are you always on the hunt for LE items or are you happy to make do with permanent shades?

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Rai said...

Nice stuff.
I LOVE WONDERGRASS! It's one of my favorite MAC eyeshadows. So sad it got discontinued though. =/

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

ooohhh everything is sooo pretty!! your swatches are great!! i useto chase le. but i have really been trying to look at other brands and stuff so i dont feel like im missing much skipping the limited stuff.

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

I was wondering how Mekong compares to Galapagos! Thank you. I will have to check oit out.

I like to mix it up between LE and permanent :-)

BTW, my URL has changed to now.


Grace London said...

NARS blushes are excellent - so pigmented. I will be interested to read what you think of Mekong after wearing it.

I can't keep up with all the MAC LE, although I like reading about the collections. I will only buy if I absolutely love something, and I don't buy the LE stuff just because it is LE any more.

Laura said...

Lovely lovely haulage there missus! Me likey! xxx

bubblegarm said...

omg stop shopping lol, what fab products :) xx

The Postcolonial Rabbit said...

Ooh great haul (and fab blog, girl)! I've been tempted by Mounia too, it's a great shade. Cannot believe I still don't own a single NARS blush! Too many to decide from :) Naz

Mama Mish Mash said...

Nice haul! Love all the bright eyeshadows! Devil blush is on my wishlist, someday I'm gonna get it!!

Em x said...

Jewel blue looks amazing :o

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I really love both of those blushes. I think I'm getting blush obsessed recently, half my wishlist is just that!


Oyin said...

beautiful should be MAC's spokes person

missing you girl

Rhamnousia said...

Mounia is the shizz! It's my go to blusher shade as it's so easy to apply even though it looks scary. That's the great thing about NARS, the blushes look really bright but look great on any skin.

Imo said...

Mekong and Mounia look gorgeous! a trip to Space NK is in order xx

VexInTheCity said...

@ Rai - Im so glad I've finally managed to get my hands on it and for a great price too :-)

@ Sara & Grace London - I've had those e/s on my list for over a year. I wasn't into LE stuff when C-shocl was released. A shade needs to be "wow" in order for me to track it down.

@ Michelle. Yep it's already saved in Google reader hon :-)

@ Laura - Cheers hon

@ Bubblegarm - LOL! I don't even post half of my purchases, I'd be here all day! A shoes post is coming up shortly LOL

The Postcolonial Rabbit - Thanks hon. Once you try one blush you'll be so impressed by its performance, you'll want another.

@ Mama Mish Mash - Devil is nice! A light hand's needed though.


@ gwtgt - I love blush, it's my fave product :-)

@ Oyin - haha there are people worse than me out there!

@ Rhamnousia - I wore it today. I'm gonna love it as much as I do MAC Loverush.

@ Imo - Funnily enough Spack NK is 2 mins from mmy workplace. I haven't even been in there yet!

Imo said...

*gasps* HOW COME?! have a look girl...maybe its for the best though because it is actually pretty expensive :S


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