Dystophia - The Illamasqua bloggers event (London)

I was invited to the Illamasqua event on Thursday evening which showcased their new A/W collection, Dystophia. I didn't tap into the Illamasqua hype when the brand launched last November and only caved in and bought liquid metal in Solstice as I'd never seen anything else like it, so I was looking forward to learning more about the brand and being hopefully being wowed.

It took place at kettners, a trendy Soho located bar/restaurant which caters to the after work crowd as well as theatregoers seeking a place of calm for a drink or evening meal before their show starts. I met up with Lipglossiping, Miss Virtue and Beauty Scribings of J outside the best known meeting place in London - Topshop, Oxford Circus, and we diverted to the Pro Store (more on that later), before making our way directed by Miss Virtue's blackberry to the venue. Tali met us outside and we trundled in.

We were the first to arrive and were soon being treated to cocktails a plenty (consuming these on an empty stomach wasn't one of my brighter decisions, but what the hell!) and mini bites of dishes including chicken (which was yum), ravioli and rabbit - I didn't sample Bugs Bunny though! LOL

"J" and Amy-Louise knockin' back those cocktails. Don't let those gorgeous grins fool you!

When I first saw the creative diretctor Alex Box, the first thing that struck me was how much she reminded me of Cruella De Vil (not evil though!) and Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. Her presence and style is very striking and you can't help being drawn to her. I think I was in awe for a fair while actually. I found her her passion for the brand to be very genuine and I like how she separates the views of those in beauty journalism whose job it is to often say nice things from the typical Illamasqua customer spending their hard earnt money who are more likely to give honest feedback.

Alex welcomed us and gave some insight into her inspiration for the brand. She also did a wicked job of making Lydia over and the end result was pretty amazing. Obviously it's not something you'd rock to do your weekly shop in Tesco in, but it was cool watching the look develop over the 40 mins or so it took to achieve. It would have been a cool idea to perhaps have had another make up look taking place simultaneously next to Alex which was still daring but a lil' more wearable for a night out. Something like this which has just left me open mouthed ready to catch a fly!

Illamasqua Creative Director, Alex Box working her magic

Testers were arranged on a large table for us to swatch at our leisure but unfortunately I only managed to swatch a few things as by the time we were able to roam around the room it was dark outside and I couldn't see the products very well as the lighting in the room was dim - damn the end of British summertime! I'll have another look at the shades when I'm in Sephora in a couple of weeks.

It's a shame some felt the need to steal the testers at the end ...the USED testers as it's unfortunately a poor reflection on everybody who attended. Ok, the goody bags weren't overflowing with products to try but stealing the testers?! C'mon now!! Same goes for the person having a conversation over Alex less than 5 mins into her intro. At which stage did you not realise the room had fallen silent?!
Anyway ...

I was given intense lipgloss in Galactica which is similar to the liquid metal texture and a matte e/s in Matter which is a mid-grey tone. I think I could possibly make the lipgloss work if I use a teeny bit mixed with clear gloss in the middle of my lip or on my cupids bow..I dunno I'll have to have a play with it. The e/s I can team with Contrast or Meet The Fleet ..or perhaps Steamy or Haunting instead of going straight for the standard smoky eye look.

Alex described the brand as being "chaos through perfection" - at least I think that's what she said. I was already aware of their quest to highlight self-expression and to encourage make up users to release their alter-ego by experimenting with their make up and create extreme looks that you wouldn't ordinarily wear every day. The silver liquid metal and bright pink lipstick stand out for me from Dystophia, though in all honesty each piece is pretty wearable. You can see Shirley wearing the pink lipstick in a couple of my pics further down.

I've never made a secret of the fact that I've not been bowled over by the majority of their eyeshadows. I went on an Illamasqua swatching frenzy a couple of months ago and only about three e/s out of about 15 that I swatched showed up effortlessly which was a lil' disappointing. I'm still lusting after Spectre which is the perfect dove grey (I LOVE this e/s - I dunno how I'll wear it, but I need it in my life!) but I'm happy with the MAC e/s that I own and pretty much have my colours covered.

I do like some of their blushes (not that I need anymore to add to the 50 I already own!) and will get the ones I have on my list which are Laid, Deep, Crush and Sin as I like the pigment of their cream and powder formulas. I wanna take a closer look at some of the more unique lipgloss shades they have too.

Anyhoo I had a great time catching up with the girls I saw a couple of weeks ago at The Body Shop event aswell as meeting other bloggers I've been chatting with on Twitter or through our blogs. The Illamasqua crew were really warm and friendly and had everybody at ease which was cool too.

A couple more pics:

Nicola, Samantha & Shirley

Sophie, Shirley (wearing the new Illamasqua pink lippie), Zoe and Louise

Oh good news - they're working on improving the swatches on the website that we all love to hate so keep your eyes peeled.

Dystophia is available to pre-order online now and out on counters Sept 10th.
Thanks to Alex (it was nice finally seeing the face behind the emails and the blog) and the rest of the team for organising the event and also to Mizzworthy who initially rounded up the troops on Twitter.

** I don't mind you posting my pics from the event on your blogs, but can I ask that you please credit their original source? Cheers x

11 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

jobetterdays said...

I completely agree with you on pretty much everything! I think the talking thing irritated most of us!!
I love that silver gloss, I put some on top of the pink lipstick on my hand and it was so pretty!
Did you say you are going to Maybelline? I am now so hopefully see you there!
Jo x

Shirley! said...

I've got a few things i want to pick up! :D

Great Post and Pix...will be jacking a few...don't worry i'll water mark them with VexInTheCity! :)

Hope you ok my love!


Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

You are fabulous! so much info I feel like I was there! Sounds like so much fun and Im in shock too. Cant believe people stole from the event. Im embarrassed for them. Thanks for all the great info!

Tali said...

Your photos are really amazing!! THat camera.. what is it!?!?!? GReat post by the way!! xoxx

lola said...

lovely pictures...you girls look amazing...xoxo

VexInTheCity said...

@Jobetterdays - Yeah I'll be at Mayeblline. I may be a lil' late though cos of work.

@Shirley -Yeah that's cool hon, jack away.

@Sara - Yeah it was very relaxed in comparison to TBS event which was more structured. I dunno why people felt the need to steal ..as if the staff wouldn't have noticed there was stuff missing afterwards, but whatever!

@Tali - I hate my camera! LOL I meant to get a Canon and accidentally bought a Casio! I wasn't concentrating. It's a Casio EX-Z700. The video feature is really good but the pic settings can act up at times.

@Lola - Glad you like them

Sirvinya said...

Unfortunately I couldn't get time off work to go. Looks like I missed a fab event.

But, I'll see you at Maybelline!!

Rai said...

WOW! How pathetic to steal, and TESTERS of all things. smh.
I hate that people do that.

I wished the states had events like this. At least where I live, seems like tons of fun.

Lipglossiping said...

Great write up Yinka! T'was lovely to meet you, Dee and J. Looking forward to Maybelline even more now! xx

Imo said...

This looks like so much fun...I definitely need to head down to the illamasqua counter and swatch my heart out

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Great pics. Woah i can't believe anyone would steal the testers, the shame... x


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