FINALLY! I've lost my CCO virginity ;-)

For the longest time I've wanted to visit a CCO. Every time I go to NY to see Chaud, I promise to myself that I'll put a day aside to trek to the nearest CCO in New Jersey and I never do. The nearest one to me here in London is the one in Bicester shopping village and Miss Virtue (check out her blog and follow if you're not already) and I drove down there last Saturday afternoon, to see what LE treats we could find.

We both have Pro cards (thanks to The IMATS), so weren't interested in buying anything permanent that we could get in the Pro store using our discount. The Pro cards we have entitle us to 35% off, and CCO stock has 30% off. For some reason I get 40% off when I buy MAC in the States - not that I'm complaining! Every little helps!

I dunno what I was expecting once I got to the CCO but I called beforehand to try and get an idea of what stock they had in and when the dozy SA hesitantly said they had the "Safari" collection in, (she meant Style Warriors), I knew listening to another word coming out of her mouth was pointless and I'd just need to check the stock out for myself.
Our initial plan had been to get there for opening time at 10am, but due to unforeseen circumstances we ended up arriving mid afternoon. We found it pretty quickly and it was pretty busy as expected for a Saturday afternoon. MAC was located in the back left hand corner of the store and consisted of 2 shelves full of eyeshadows, foundations, pigments and gift sets. A small separate block thing was a couple of feet away which had a pot full of eye pencil and lipgloss testers on it.

What I didn't like is that you had to take the eye/lip pencil and lipgloss/lipstick testers to the till and then you'd be given new products. It's easy to miss out on stuff cos people may be standing in the queue with testers in their hands and you'd be none the wiser to more products that are actually available, and as we were poking around the pot, a SA came over with a handful of testers she'd bought from the till.

There are also no baskets for you to put your items in either so I was walking around clutching testers and e/s and struggling to swatch stuff at the same time - annoying! You can pick up the e/s, foundations, pigments and gift sets BN straight off the shelf and take them to the till
to pay for. There were a pot of brush testers on the till which could easily be missed too.

I bought:

Silly Girl l/g (Balloonacy)
Chignon l/s (back up just in case my boyf has lost the one I ordered that he couldn't find

Quick Tease l/g

Meet The Fleet e/s

Bobbi Brown shimmer wash in Bronze

Off the top of my head stock included:

Meet The Fleet e/s (BBR)

Solar White e/s

Shimmermoss e/s

Submarine e/s

Bright Future e/s (Style Warriors)

Eversun blush (Style Warriors)

Tribalist l/s (Style Warriors)

Chignon l/s (BBR)

There were a few pigments but I didn't look at them

Some Hello Kitty stuff

Pink Lemondade l/g
Moonbathe l/g

Quick Tease l/g (CCO)

Tempting quad

Shadowy lady quad

MAC 136 brush
- there were a few more brushes but I can't remember which. None of the usual suspets like the 139, 109, 242, etc though
MAC MSF in Deep Dark
MAC Studio Tech in NC45

Bobbi Brown shimmer washes

Bobbi Brown lipglosses

Bobbi Brown oil control lotion

There was also Prescriptives make up, Estee Lauder stuff from the Sun Goddess range, Origins Skincare and make up, Clinique Skincare and a variety of perfumes which are made under the Estee Lauder umberella.

I did take my camera along to take pictures so but it was so packed in there it was impossible to get any pics of the stock as women flocked around the shelves like flies to shhhh!

Next on our CCO checklist is the Portsmouth branch which we'll check in a few months time to give the stock a chance to change. It was a fun afternoon and I'm looking fwd to the next "road trip" LOL

13 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Chignon is a beautiful colour :)

Good buys!

Grace London said...

I like the look of Chignon too, and that BB e/s is a lovely one.

The Postcolonial Rabbit said...

I love the Bicester CCO, when my sister would come to visit me in Oxford we always headed straight there.

Funnily enough on the morning of my PhD viva, my mum and sis took me there to distract me from getting too nervous. On hearing this Bartimaeus shook his head in wonder, and said "You must be the only girl ever to go makeup shopping two hours before her doctoral exam!" I got Delft Paint Pot which I love and L'Occitane Honey/Lemon EDT which is yummy. To this day when I wear that scent it reminds me of battling my examiners and winning my PhD!

Apologies for the huge waffle, but it took me back! x

Tali said...

There is a cco in england>?!?!?!? My god i must go!

Great stuff.. all very unique colors you have good taste!

legseleven7 said...

Lol that's funny what u said about the words coming out of her mouth being pointless. Oooo well done on going to a CCO. I've been to that one. Didn't buy anything but its worth going.
Love your goodies

VexInTheCity said...

@ GWTGT - I'm looking forward to using it :-)

@ Grace - That BB e/s is niiiiiiiiiice. I got the last one, so very pleased about that.

@ The Postcolonial Eabbit - LOL reminisce away, it's all good!

@ Tali - There are 3 (I think). The one in Bicester (Oxfordshire), Portsmouth and York. Cheers hon x

@ Legseleven - You know me, patience isn't a virtue of mine, especially from staff who don't know their stock. Pet peeve of mine! LOL

Dwana, (SME) Subject Matter Expert of S.O.S said...

Nice haul, I just posted my CCO haul yesterday. I also got Meet The Fleet.

I ♥ CCO. Mine is in NJ but I also shop FL and PA in the states.

Marley said...

I don't know if they'll let you at your CCO, but when I go, when my hands get full of testers, I go to the counter and ask the ladies to hold the items for me (usually they go ahead and pull the items from stock too), while I continue browsing and swatching. But I know some CCOs won't let you do that (they're just not as nice as my Kansas City ladies!)

Lush19 said...

Cute stuff!

I would definately go there in a few months! They have the same stuff for ages in the Bicester CCO! I used to work in Bicester Village so I went to the CCO all the time! xx

MissDollyGal said...

I live next to the Portsmouth CCO and it's exactly the same. From the sounds of it, the MAC section is slightly bigger, and they did have the whole Style Warriors collection a few weeks ago(it'a almost sold out now)
I can always have a scout and report back if you want to know what's in there.
I do love it though, it's saved me loads of money on MAC(especially since my nearest store is Brighton and I don't have much access to one)

VexInTheCity said...

@Dwana - Cool, I'll check your blog out x

@ Marley - Good idea for next time!

@ Lush19 - Yep we won't go again for a good while.

@MissDollygal - Yeah it's def a good money saver.

BeautyJunkie said...

the MAC store in Westfield is always so soooo packed, I tried to get help with matching me up to a foundation but everytime a SA came over to help me some betch kept grabbing her! grrrrr! Im not the most patient of peeps, so i done a runner after it happened the 3rd time

VexInTheCity said...

@Beautyjunkie - I don't like the Westfield store, for the same reasons as you. The staff never have time for you in there!


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