How much has your spending increased since you started Beauty Blogging?

I started this blog in May when I was still in New York visiting my boyf. Prior to that I was happy following the odd blog here and there but I used Makeupalley and Specktra as my main sources of information for all things beauty.

Fast forward 4 months and I have bought more make up than I usually would of in a 2 year period! I already had a sizeable makeup collection before I started this blog but I knew it had spiralled out of control when the weight of my make up caused the compartments in my beauty box to collapse not long after I posted pics of my collection - cue an emergency purchase of black duct tape!

I'm proud of my blog and enjoy documenting my love for all things beauty and fashion related but Lord Almighty I never imagined it would encourage me to spend the way I have been lately.

I have no self-control at the best of times and have the tendency to spend now, assess the damage later, and being in the company of 150+ girls in the blogging world who are just as indulgent is terrible for my wallet. I may laugh about it but I'm genuinely shocked at how much make up I've amassed lately.

I'll be so happy when Style Black is released as I'll still be in New York and then that is me DONE for 2009! I won't be buying anything from the MAC holiday collections or anything else unless it's an absolute must-have and is LE and all I can think is the Illamasqua silver liquid metal so I won't be going overboard. I know I've said this before but this time I really mean it.

I really need to start using the products I have. I have so much lovely make up to use and I intend to do just that - USE IT! I mentioned a couple of posts ago or so that I feel I'm reaching the peak with my make up. There's really not that much more I need. I've managed to acquire a lot of past LE items that I've been yearning for, for months and my beauty wants from New York aren't that many at all.

So how about you? Are you still in control of your beauty spending or like me have you all too often fallen victim to the feeling that you must buy that product you saw being reviewed on that blog yesterday evening? Arrrrrrrgh!

Has the size of your make up collection increased dramatically since you started blogging and/or reading blogs or would you say it's grown at a steady pace - nothing out of the ordinary?

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Parisa said...

Oh God, I'm so so so glad I'm not the only one with this problem!
Honestly, since I've properly started watching YT videos and reading other people's blogs, my spending really has spiralled out of control! I've spend over £340 in the last 3 weeks alone on cosmetics and beauty tools, it's soo addictive! Before I could easily walk past Boots and Superdrug and not even bat an eyelid, but now I feel like I'm compelled to go and buy something in there. Not good. I really want to do what you're thinking of doing too, I really want to use up all my lovely makeup but it's really difficult haha! I really need to discipline myself and be good, especially with Christmas around the corner! Please let me know how you get on with this my dear, it might just give me the motivation I need! (:(:


jobetterdays said...

Mine has very definately grown a ridiculous amount since I started blogging. I am getting to the point now where I get something and love it but then find I already have something similar in my collection that I had forgotten about!!
Was good to see you again on Thursday! We will definately have to arrange that get together! x

Cheated Hearts said...

I was thinking about this the other day how my makeup spending has spiralled out of control :|

I need more storage as lipsticks/gloss have taken over my beauty box. I'm def not buying anymore atm..I must control myself!


♥ Sadie ♥ said...

I'm not surprised lady, you have enough now to last a lifetime hehe. Seriously though, i think now it's best to limit yourself, at least until you start using up what you already have otherwise it's a waste of money really isn't it. Imagine all the dosh you'll be saving ;). I think i have bought more since i've started blogging, i never use to wear too much make-up but these last few months i've been experimenting a bit more, buying a few MAC products which i never thought of before, then skincare etc, when i see a good review i want to try it for myself. Don't get me started about the Fashion posts too haha. I think my sister as definitely been buying more too x

LionLovingTiger said...

I've not been too bad... I went a bit overboard with MAC for a while but I'm making a conscious effort to use the make up that I have... that doesn't mean to say that I won't indulge here and there.

However my recent Soap & Glory splurge is proof that I am definitely influenced by blogs and reviews.


Rosie said...

Mine hasn't gone up that much, but then my blog isn't very old.

I'd be buying just as much if I didn't blog to be honest, but now I get to take photos of it and post it online woo lol

aphrodite_shei said...

so agree on paragraph 7. i discovered YT and beauty blogs in july of this year, and it makes me want to buy those products i see on the posts and videos. before july, i was not much into make up. i had basic stuff like a blush, a duo eyeshadow and brown eyeliner that was purchased from 2 years ago. it lasted that long cos i wont put make up often. but about 3 mos later..i have accumulated quiet a bit..and the list of what to buy goes on....^_^

Mama Jen said...

It hasn't made me buy more beauty products...but it has gotten me to buy other brands...for a very long time i would only buy MAC..but in the last year i have opened up to other higher end and even some drugstore products thanks to the wonderful world of blogs.

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

great post! I know exactly what you are talking about! I useto buy everything from every mac collection.. which inspired me to start blogging since I had so much makeup and had tried so many different things. But since I havent been that excited about the last week collections.. even with all my other makeup purchases I honestly have spent less!

I really have been trying to review and talk about stuff I already have and love to keep myself from spending so much! I have been feeling the same as you. I really just wanna use up some stuff!!

Lil said...

This is all so true, I've spent so much more than usual since I started blogging about beauty and reading beauty blogs. My bank account can't really take it and my wardrobe is struggling!

Lipstick Rules said...

A resounding YES! Like you, I had a collection going before I started blogging but ever since I started doing this plus watching videos, my spending is out of control. It's almost a sickness in that when I see something new at a counter or at a drugstore, I feel the need to have it. And more often than not, I do get it and that's bad!

I probably have amassed enough makeup that I can do just about any colour combo out there so I don't really know why I keep buying and buying.

Maybe we can start a little support group and motivate each other to do more with what we already have.


♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

LOL, Beauty Blogging has put a HUGE HOLE in my pocket! I already had a "hefty" makeup collection before I started.
I pretty much stopped the madness around mid-summer after I depotted all of my MAC e/s... Between 4 full MAC palettes and a few 88/120 etc palettes I realized that I want to spend more time practicing my technique with what I already have.
When you chill and stop buying and really do an "inventory" it helps you slow down.
At times I felt like I had "nothing to write about" b/c I haven't "hauled", but there's plenty to write about without focusing on "hauling", instead I do product reviews on stuff I already have.

Jenny9119999 said...

I had a huge collection before I discovered the world of blogging and YT but now it's just ridiculous. I justify everything I buy with the excuse that it's for blogging or YT. I need to stop buying things just because someone says it's brilliant lol:)

Shortiee31 said...

I am in control of my spending but I have noticed my makeup collection has grown by x10 than it would have a year and a half ago! :|

Rai said...

I will say I bought more, but not out of control.
I cleaned my makeup collection. Threw away old items and sold unused items. So I deserved to get some new stuff! LOL!

At the end of the day I love my drug store brands. :) I've always own something by MAC, but now it's expanded. I'm now into NARS quite a bit and that's a collection I want to build up.

I don't go spending stupidly though, just because I think I have to have something.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I have blogged on off for years and then I think it was reading Emma's blog at the beginning of the year I began getting back into it. I'd never been into make up blogs either but now? I have to keep my wishlist on an Excel spreadsheet I have so much, and I pretty much buy new make up every week. This blogging malarky has made me skint!


VexInTheCity said...

@ Parisa - Oh lord I forgot about all the lovely xmas gift sets that'll be in the shops next month! I'll do more FOTDs (when I have the time) in order to experiment with more of my stuff.

@ Jobetterdays - I have an Excel spreadsheet so I can keep a note ofwhat I already own so I don't duplicate buy. Good to see you too and I'm def up for a meet up.

@ I need to get a couple more storage bits from Muji. I have a load of lipglosses in a pile on the carpet!

@ Sadie - For years, you've been the Topshop haulage QUEEN! I def agree and will try my utmost best not to buy very much over the upcoming months.

@ Ms Kendall - Yeah there's loads you can write about without having to "haul" - reviews, FOTDS, random thoughts ...

@ GWTGT - I have an Excel Spreadsheet too. I'd post it on my blog if it were possible. It's handy but looking at it makes me realise just how much stuff I have!

It's nice to see I'm not alone in the excessive spending, but I will be winding down the beauty purchases! Wintr's coming and I need to buy new A/W clothes and I need a new laptop. Time to prioritise.

Rebecca said...

Mine's increased massively. That said I have bought very little recently due to lack of money.

I suppose I am addicted to the point that any spare money goes on makeup, or i will forfeit that extra pudding in a week's shop for a new lippie, but I will not get myself in debt or spend money I cannot afford on makeup. It's just not that worth it.

I have everything I 'need' but not everything I want. But if I did, where would be the fn in that?

Ultimately as long as the money being spent isn't needed on important things, rent, food, bills etc. then I see no harm in it :)

Aubrey said...

Tell me about it...and I'm not even a beauty blogger, just a reader. I've tried to limit myself to what I can pick up on sale or at TJ Maxx.

Luckily, my better half keeps me in check...keeps reminding me that paying for our wedding in cash and renovating our house is way more important than another new lipstick or nailpolish...

Rhamnousia said...

I think if anything, mine has decreased as I've finally stopped buying stuff on sale and gone for stuff that works for me, mainly because I don't want to look like a fool on any FOTD's I do (which are thin on the ground at the moment due to work).

I'm currently trying to get my collection together from forum sales which is going good so hopefully I can stop totally soon.

As an aside, I only today realised you were CaramelX on Handbag!


Emma said...

Yes!!!!!!!!! I used to be all about the clothes but now i would rather buy make up.
I must put myself on 10 pan lol

lkutner said...

OMG! I thought I was the only one too. I would be happy just buying one nail polish & replacements for other make up items I've run out of but since starting my blog I cant STOP buying! Brushes, nail polish, mascaras! I want to try everything I read that's good. Currently looking at clip in extenions which could open a whole new can of worms! Lol, mwah

Lauren said...

I have developed a very serious problem! it's not so much the blogging that's caused it; It's You Tube. It's not uncommon for me to watch a couple of videos, fall in love with some miracle item and run off to the shops in search of it. I counted up how much I had spent this month and the shock of it made me feel quite ill!

I think I'm going to limit myself to three items from the Style Black collection and then no more until March. I don't want to be the most perfectly made up face in the Bankruptcy court!

Mrs Osi said...

I don't even beauty blog but I have spent a lot of money on makeup, beauty products in the four or five months when I discovered the joy of blogs like yours.
I am also trying to stop spending and given myself a challenge, to use something different from what I have until I got back to the first item, those that make sense ? if you have any tips share lol,

Brandy said...

I have done the same thing and mentioned it on my blog! All of the Sephora employees know me by name and I even picked up an application! Every time I leave the mall, I call my sister and say "Guess what I just bought?" And she laughs at me because I have ZERO SELF CONTROL! I read on another blog about the MAC style black collection and what did I do? I jumped in the car and hightailed it to macys saying to myself, I'll just get one eyeshadow and came back with Volcanic Ash Exfo, Gilt By Association and Cinderfella, Greasepaint Stick, black cream eyeshadow base, and the new limited edition eyeshadow brush! I have a problem and need a 12 step program! Glad I'm not alone...


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