Aussie Angel Pampering evening - London

On Saturday evening I shimmied down to celebrity stylists Adee Phelan's hair salon in Covent Garden for part 2 of the Aussie Angel events.

I was a bit dubious about letting anybody get their hands on my hair at first as I wasn't sure they knew how to handle afro hair. My fears were put to rest when I checked the website and saw that they actually specialised in treatments for afro hair too.

I took my friend Danielle along with me for the ride and we started the evening by passing through a cocktail bar after getting to the salon too early (this may have contributed to what happened to my state of health later in the evening).

After downing what looked like a fairly innocent concoction bar the strange flower floating on the top we walked back to the salon and were still the first ones to arrive (not cool - lol)!

We were offered champers and whisked to the sinks where we had our hair washed. The lady who washed my hair (I think her name was Victoria) gave me the most amazing head massage and washed my hair just the way I like it - really vigorously. I can't be doing with the softly softly approach when it comes to washing my hair.

I've never used Aussie hair products, always having assumed they were best catered for European hair. It just wasn't a brand that I considered when washing my hair. I wasn't expecting my hair to agree with the brand at all - but it's fine and did just as good a job as the brand I usually use in terms of a basic shampoo and condition.

Next, Gary one of the stylists blow dried and straightened my hair with GHDs. Using just a Shu Uemura oil he made my regrowth considerably disappear and made my locks really soft. To be honest my hair didn't look that much different than it was when I walked in - it was all in the texture, which Danielle can testify to. I was still missing moisture on my scalp though which I need but I sorted that out myself the next day. I was pleasantly surprised as I'd had visions of the evening turning into an ordeal because my hair wasn't cared for properly and it was nothing of the sort. I was really pleased with what Gary did.

I caught up with Charlotte and Natalie who also attended too. It was nice seeing a couple of familiar faces as I didn't actually recognise any of the other bloggers there.

It was a nice atmosphere, everybody was chillin, drinking and catching up.


Adee popped in briefly with his dog, Rocky, in tow but I think everybody was too busy fussing over the pup to notice him.

Dan with Adee's dog Rocky

When everybody had had their hair done, some of us moved on to a bar around the corner. It was quite late at this point, around 10pm and some people made their way home or had other plans. I can't remember what the bar was called - the champers had clouded my faculties at this point and I was on a downwards spiral as I hadn't eaten a proper meal since 2pm

The bar was adjoined to a hotel and we were rather silly en route to the bathroom!

Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol ....Sing it Jamie!

Dan auditioning for Playboy UK
We stayed for a quick drink, then walked up to Chinatown to get something to eat and ended up at an all you can eat buffet place which I thought would help make us feel better. I was wrong cos I still threw up 5 times in quick succession when I got home - chicken curry and all! Grim. I even left my jacket there too so will be popping back this weekend to pick it up...smh.

3 days on I'm still able to swing my hair back and forth with natural movement which is unheard of for my 7 weeks worth of regrowth! Thanks to the Aussie Girls Lauren and Claire and also Gary for a fun evening.

I'm looking forward to Part 3 - "Girls Night Out" but I'm sticking to orange juice!

16 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Beauty and the blog said...

loool,you always make me laugh,do you know what products they used in your hair,ahh yas,blame it on the alcohol lol

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol LMAO!!!

I went to the Manchester pamper sesh as Daisy's guest, had a great time :) xx

VexInTheCity said...

@ Beauty and the Blog - Glad I amuse you! I'm assuming it was the Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner. I wasn't shown at the sinks.

@ GWTGT - Glad you had fun in Manchester! LOL

Computergirl said...

Glad I made you laugh! Youre blog always makes me smile so its good that I got to make you laugh :D
Hope you're feeling a bit bettr now! Sounds like an amazingly fun night.. well.. most of it!!

Thanks for the post sweetie!
Emma :)xx

Miss Virtue said...

I used to think that about Aussie products! But apparently a lot of naturals (black women with chemically unprocessed hair) swear by it!

May have to look into it!!

...Oh and stop lying to yourself, go to AA and stop singing songs! LOL

Melissa said...

Ahaha more drinking til... next weekend?

thoughts running through my head.... said...

your hair def had some swing to it afterwards!!!

Liparazzi said...

ha ha, love the photos too...looks like fun (except the spewing part)...glad you had a good time. Lesson learned though that champers is the root of all evil!

Kb said...

I was pleased with Gary too, and I agree with pretty much everything you said, especially about the natural hair movement and improved texture; it's great! Can't wait for part 3.

IceQueen said...

Your hair did look different to me in the after shots...really sleek and looks great.

Doma-Nikki said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself!!! :)

I was supposed to be going to the event in Birmingham this weekend but i have a surprise 21st pary to go to! GUTTED!!! Oh well, will hopefully be able to attend the third event x

VexInTheCity said...

@ Computergirl - I linked your post to Chaud he was laughing too!

@ Well my hair's not natural for a start, it's relaxed and I'm faithful to Apoghee!! LOL BTW Your insults get better and better!

@ Thoughts running ... - Cheers, it took a while to get used to.

@ Liparazzi - I never learn and I think I get worse as I get older! LOL

@ kB - Your hair looked good too. Glad you and your Mum had fun.

@ Ice Queen - Cheers me dears x

@ Doma - Nikki - Yeah, I saw your blog post. Nevermind, fingers crossed you make the 3rd one.

The Style PA said...

Rocky is super cute!

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Tip for next time, remember to never drink on an empty stomach ;) hehe. Glad you had fun xx

Imo said...

This sounded like so much fun! I used to get my hair done at Adee Phelan by this amazing stylist called Ebony..anyway I missed my weave too much and so stopped going. LOL @ the naked statue and eww at the vom?! x

Rhamnousia said...

Hey, this is a bit random but I saw the pics that Lipglossiping put up on her blog and I so want your friend's shoes, hope you don't think I'm being too cheeky asking where she got them from?



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