Barbie Loves Stila in the UK after all.

I just spotted this info on Specktra and thought I'd share as a lot of you loved the Barbie Loves Stila palette I bought in NY. It's available here on Beauty Bay. Not in the same LE packaging, but whatever it's the eyeshadows you want not the packaging.

Same goes for the smudge pots they're here and look similar to the ones avail in the Barbie collection, although there are no swatches available and they go under different names. It doesn't take a genius to work out what's what though.

Happy spending x

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Tali said...

Oh i love the lipglosses!!!!!!!!

Tali said...

And by the way babe.. AMEN to your about you: section!! Top Shop prices now are sick!! AND everything looks the same..... I hate lily allen too!! :)

Computergirl said...

I wish Stila had stores in the UK. Its great that you can still buy online, but not the same as going in and trying items in Space NK and then comparing, umming and ahhing and walking round 10 other counters before going back to the first stand/shop you visited *sigh*

Thanks for the info :D

Vixxan said...

The eyeshadow palette is so nice. I have been trying it out for a couple of weeks and the colors are so pretty. The smudge pots are nice as well but at $20 each they are over priced. I would opt for a Ben Nye color palette instead.

Rhamnousia said...

Thanks :)

I'm considering getting the palette but I can't bring myself to spend £15 on a smudgepot when I got one in the sample sale for £5.

Mimimimimakeup said...

Eeeeee - fantastic news! Thanks for the heads-up my lovely, although my bank balance may be hurting...

Thanks also for the wonderfully kind comment you left on my first blogpost - am looking forward to meeting more fellow beauty bloggers if they're as friendly and positive as you!



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