Illamasqua blushes - Sin & Thrust

I've acquired two more lovely shades to add to my sacred blush collection - and best of all they were technically 'free' as they were bought with funds from my blog sale (See? I've done really well with this 'makeup ban' since I got back from NY!)

I was checking out blog posts on my dashboard last Sunday when I noticed Gossmakeupartist had added more items to his blog sale. I was quick enough off the mark to bag Illamasqua Sin and Thrust and am even happier now that they're in my possession.
Both are brand new, and I bought them both for £12 inc postage! BARGAIN! One blush costs £16 - you do the maths!

I've wanted Sin since I swatched it at the Illasmasqua bloggers event and Thrust is a shade that I'd typically go for so I snapped them up (they were sold as a pair) and they arrived yesterday morning. I barely had time to take a look at them yesterday but I've just had a play and wanted to share as these shades look great on darker skintones.

They're not as shocking on the flesh as they look in the pan and have a silky finish that distributes colour evenly which you can gently build up that won't end up looking garish - great for daytime. Because the colour can be built up gradually I see no reason why these shades wouldn't compliment pale skintones either.

I can't wait to get my hands on the other Illamasqua blushes I want...but I'm not allowed to buy them until next year!

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talluluhbella said...

I love the justification there!!! Plus they were an absolute bargain!!

The blushes from Illamasqua look so much better quality than the eyeshadows!


Paula said...

Ohh they look like lovely colours i am still to purchase some Illamasaqua cant wait to try this brand out xx

Parisa said...

Wow! I always had the misconception that purple toned blushers would make your face look bruised so to speak, but these look absolutely gorgeous, and so wearable. They look super pigmented too, I bet you look amazing with them on, great post :)


legseleven7 said...

omg they are gorge. and the names are cool too

Rai said...

Very pretty blushes!

Cheated Hearts said...

Ahh I want sin :) x

Em x said...

Beautiful Yinka x

Mz. More said...

oh these are gorgeous and now I want both... I'm supposed to be banned until next year too! :(

Lipglossiping said...

I can't believe how well you're doing on this nomakeup buy thing... so pleased I bought these for you ;) they're gonna look gorg! xxx

IgboBaby said...

Lordy B! Those colors are GORGE!!!!

Computergirl said...

Pretty pretty :) and great way to get round a make-up ban!!
Emma :)

resham said...

These are painfully gorgeous!!!
I orddered Lover and Rude at Sephora sale...Now would u pls help me by telling are the ones you have now similar to any NARS blush...:)

VexInTheCity said...

@ Talluluhbella - LOL they were 'free'! Yep, the blushers are way better than the e/s.

@ Paula - You can't go wrong with the blushers - so many shades to choose from.

@ Parisa - No, not at all. They're so wearable. You'd love them :-)

@ Legeleven7 - Yeah their product names are tres cool!

@ Mz More - Hehe get them now whilst Sephora F&F is still on!

@ Lipglossiping - Yeah, cheers Chars. I owe you one! LOL

@ Computergirl - Yep, sell make make up!

@ Resham - Nope neither are similar to any NARS blushes that I personally own x

tina_mbc said...

Love the shades you picked, they look very very pretty! ;)


J said...

Oooo you are making me want!! xx

omnomlagos said...

I've got the Illamasqua Libido blusher which is the first of their products I've tried. I love it to bits and have pretty much neglected my other blushers so I can only imagine how exciting it must be to have bagged 2 at such a bargain... Lovely colours too!


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