Last bit of crack - promise!

So collections aside, there were also a few perm items that I needed. I bought a few eye brushes from Sephora a while back and with the exception of a couple, they don't really do the job for me.

I needed a new powder brush as the large one I have (again from Sephora) sheds too much so I picked up the MAC 134 instead. I think I'll be able to control my application a lot better with it and it's soooooooo soft.

MAC brushes:

MAC Cleanse Off Oil
Paint pots in Delft & Constructivist
Style blush
Select sheer powder (NC45)
Sketch e/s (B2M)
Dazzleglass in Moth to Flame (B2M)

I have a lot of blue and green e/s and wanted a base to help them show up more - hence the Delft purchase and Constructivist I bought for my browns/bronzes.

I've also heard good things about the Cleanse Off Oil so am looking forward to using this prior to my cleanser to get rid of of my make up.

Sketch is one of those e/s that I should have but for whatever reason I don't. Well I do now so I can sleep soundly at night once more.

Moth to Flame d/g is so pretty. I swear a MAC SA was trying to tell me to buy this when I was last in NY and I was adamant I didn't want it. Hmm I should have listened to her. I want a back up, I love it that much.

My make up purchasing is now done for 2009 now. All I want is Plum Night nail polish by Revlon and that's it. I've already read what's coming up in the early 2010 collections over on Specktra and I'm pleased to say I only want a couple of things. I've pretty much covered all areas and colours within my make up collection so future purchases will need to be pretty eye catching in order for me to buy them.

I have so much make up and I'm looking forward to working my way through it all and getting rid of whatever doesn't compliment me or work well for me instead of hoarding it like someone off Life of Grime!

I'm gonna be adding a lot more to my blog sale over the next week or so so keep an eye on it (it's posted in the top right hand corner of my blog for easy access). I need to make room for the newbies so my loss may possibly be your gain!

12 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

legseleven7 said...

I love everything you got. The 134 brush is amazing. I used it tonnes over summer for my bronzer. You seem pretty determined to abstain from buying make up. I wish I could be the same. I just have so much. I can't possibly use it all. I'm gonna try and stop though (after the Harrods haul I did today - lol) as Xmas is coming and need to keep my cash for that :)

Caramel Diva said...

I love your hauls!

VexInTheCity said...

@ legseleven - You're the reason I bought the 134! LOL Yeah seriously, before I start buying again I need to get use of the make up I already own. Hmmm guess what all the women in my life are getting for Xmas?? L

@ Caramel Diva - LOL thanks x

Jenny9119999 said...

Love the paint pots xx

Tali said...

You always get such great hauls!!!!!!!! Amazing stuff hon!

Sirvinya said...

Nice hauling! I love the Cleanse Off oil.

I've nominated you for an award :)

randomlondongirl said...

The cleanse off oil sounds great. I tried a similar one by Shu Uemura recently that I really liked but it was too expensive to purchase. Love your haul hon!

Lipglossiping said...

wanna come shopping? *cackles*

Belle Du Jour said...

i love love love the cleanse off oil.

L1LMAMAJ said...

love this! :) have fun!

tina_mbc said...

Excellent haul! Lol!
I so want the 134 and the cleanse off oil, after hearing good things about it!

Hopefully I too will reach the point of having a more or less "complete" collection...only I 'm afraid that's years from now...:D


The Bargainista said...

beautiful look! The style black collection really caught my eye!


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