MAC Dazzlecreme, Dsquared and Trends F/W '09 buys

Following my Style Black purchases I also got my hands on MAC's other LE collections that are currently available.

I wasn't really impressed with the Dazzlecremes and only picked up Amorous which is a rich, crimson, sparkly red - very Christmassy. The other shades are non-offensive, dupable neutrals which I already own somewhere within my stash and to be honest bored me. I only bothered to swatch a couple.
Trends F/W '09 had me yearning for Faultlessly l/s and So This Season l/g - rich grape colour that looks super sexy on the lips. I'm really pleased with these two products and am looking forward to trying them out shortly.

no flash

with flash

Dsquared was put out on the shop floor on Monday instead of Thursday. Happy days as that saved me a last min trip to MAC the day I was due to fly home.

I love the greasepaint sticks. They are so pigmented and creamy and great used as a liner, base or smoked out on the eye alone. I bought both V and B to accompany Black which I bought from Style Black.
I also bought 2 Feline eye kohls as I've misplaced the one I managed to get a couple of mths ago. Lord knows where it is but I was impressed with its staying power so had to get a couple more while it was available.

with flash

no flash

I was pretty much planning on skipping all 3 collections (with the exception of Feline) and I'm glad I didn't as I've picked up some lovely shades to add to my collection.

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la dolce vita said...

Great review..that faultlessly looks wild.
Thanks for sharing.

Rhamnousia said...

So this season, you shall be mine!

I'm loving the fact that you came back just as my spending ban started, vicarious makeup purchasing FTW!


LoveAtFirstBite said...

Oooh Amorous looks so pretttty! I always think colours like that don't suit me though so i just love them from afar! :) xx

Melissa said...

Faultlessly lipstick is gorgeous! And I think I am definitely going to be sucked in with the Greasepaint sticks. Kinda sad that the collections come out so much later here in New Zealand, but kinda sweet to because I get to see everyone's hauls and know what not to miss out on.
Have a nice weekend =)

jobetterdays said...

Amorous was the only one I picked up, as soon as I swatched it I loved it! It will definately got lots of use at the Christmas parties! x

Jennifer said...

That dazzlecreme is heaven!


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