Review: Korres Extra Moisturising Body Butter

What it says on the tube: Smoothing and moisturising cream for all over the body, ideal for dry elbows, heels and knees. Shea butter in combination with Sunflower, Almond and Avocado oils nourishes the skin, thus restoring its elasticity and smoothness.

Korres Natural Products is a brand that until recently I'd heard of but had never gone out of my way to explore, assuming it was too expensive. I dunno why, it just sounds posh and the packaging looks like something that wouldn't look out of place in Space NK.

I'm fussy about the kind of body moisturiser I use and prefer butters over lotions which as I've mentioned before, I don't find moisturising enough. I was sent Korres Jasmine Body Butter to try and after almost 2 weeks of usage I think I've gathered enough thoughts of the product to form a balanced opinion.

Korres body butter is quite thick, but not so thick that it becomes a mission to rub into the skin. It moisturises well and makes my skin feel really smooth and soft. I'm not overly keen on the smell so have stuck to using this after my evening showers as it tends to have faded a bit by the time I'm ready to go to bed. Personally I find the Jasmine scent too overpowering for me and I'm not a fan of 'vintage' floral smells either so the smell just isn't working for me. Obviously if you're a Jasmine fan, then you'll love this!

Scent aside, I like the product itself. It contains a lovely mix of shea butter, almond oil, sunflower and avocado oil which keeps my skin effortlessly moisturised and supple. It isn't greasy and for me isn't priced too badly at £11.50 considering The Body Shop butters are priced at now £12.20 a pop. In fact I'd happily buy this over TBS butters as it feels richer and moisturises a bit better than my beloved Coconut body butter because of its richness. The Korres butter is also silicone free and mineral oil free - what the benefits are of this I don't know, but it sounds good doesn't it?!!

I have no hesitation about buying this for myself and using it as a treat as it feels so luxurious on my skin. However I don't want to 'waste' it if that makes sense, because I use body butters like they're going out of fashion and I can easily go through this tube in a fortnight if I'm being indulgent.

The tube it comes in is reminiscent of the ones you can get toothpaste in with the push down nozzle and I'm a bit concerned whether I'll get all the product out as I near the end of it. This is the only thing that may stop me from repurchasing.

I'm keen to have a sniff of the other scents in the range. I've already been cheeky and have been searching Ebay listings in the hope of picking up a bargain. Overall, this is a lovely body butter that actually does what it says it will.


Where can I get it? Korres, Selfridges (London), John Lewis, Liberty, House of Fraser, LookFantastic (currently on sale on there), ASOS

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Louise said...

OOOOO I need this I love the Korres Jasmine lotion and this will be great for the winter

VexInTheCity said...

Oh you'll love this then. The richness is really on point.

Belle Du Jour said...

great review. My skin is getting so dry due to the winter. I want to try this body butter out in a different scent. I am not a fan of Vintage Florals either. Grandma-y scents!

lotionspotionsandme said...

hey, just found your blog and am definately loving it! I think its time to settle down with cake and hot chocolate (yep two huge weaknesses of mine and catch up on previous posts). Funnily enough I tried out a Korres oil about a week ago which was meant to have an almond scent, it smelt like marzipan which I love but literaally five minutes after putting it on, the smell wore off! and left me with just an oil smell that was not too pleasant. I was so un-impressed by this- i didn't check to see if it was moisturising or not. This sounds interesting though, so will check it out. x

So Divine! said...

Try the is lovely!
It doesn't last long on daily use, that's my only gripe :(

Mz. More said...

This sounds like a great moisturizer for the upcoming winter months. I am going to look up some other scents as I am not too keen of Jasmine myself. Thanks for the great review girl.

amber_j said...

You can sometimes find Korres products (incl. the body butters) at TK Maxx. I've been saving mine to try when the weather gets colder.


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