Review: Palmers Body Butter

Flicking through Cosmopolitan last night I came across an advert for the new Palmers Cocoa Body Butters. Palmers is best known for its cocoa butter which was the body moisturiser of choice in a lot of households as I grew up so I'm very familiar with the brand and its many products.

I noticed that the butters came in four scents cocoa, olive, shea and coconut. Anybody who knows me well knows that I LOVE coconut products. Shower gels, scrubs, butters, hand creams, candles, if it's coconut I want it. Coconut and vanilla are my favourite scents and make me veeery happy. I also prefer butters to lotions as I find them more moisturising being as they're a thicker consistency. I made a mental note to check these out when next in Superdrug or Boots.

Well less than 24 hours later, I bought the coconut body butter and tested some on my arm from the lid when I got home. I'm not happy. It smells revolting and seriously smells like one of my random hair pomades - which is fine for when it's on my scalp but I don't want to walk around smelling like a tub of Blue Magic thank you!

When I sniffed the jar instore I could smell coconut, not the same scent as The Body Shop coconut body butter which I'm familiar with but I thought I'd give it a try. Unfortunately I couldn't test it instore so I had no way of knowing what it would smell like once applied to my skin. I wish I'd picked the olive one instead as that smelt more neutral. I've literally used the butter that was on the lid. The butter is the pot is untouched and shall remain so as there's no way I'm using it.

It does the job of moisturising well and is easy to rub in. It's not too thick either. My lower left leg is soft and has held in the moisture, but it's left a sticky tackiness to my skin which is a big no-no. I'm very fussy about the body moisturiser I use on my skin. I don't want my skin feeling sticky after use and this has done just that. The scent on my hands at the moment couldn't be further than coconut if it tried.

This product gets a big fat fail from me and I'll be looking to Mama Vex to take this off my hands - if she'll have it!! The only saving grace is that I didn't pay full price for it.

If you want to try one out for yourself they're currently half price in Superdrug for £2.93 and the offer ends on October 27th.

** Update** I successfully exchanged it for the Olive body butter which my nose likes a lot better. I'll stick to using this after an evening bath or shower though as the 'sticky' feeling disappears after a few minutes - minutes I don't have at my disposal when I'm in a rush to get out of the front door.

Where can I find it?
Superdrug, Boots

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adubbskthx said...

booo that stinks...maybe I'll try the shea because I love Palmers and now that it's winter my skin is screaming!


Deborah Jones said...

Blue Magic !!! *dies* does that stuff still exist?!?! What a bummer about the butter though. Palmers is usually really good. Well maybe the olive one might be better. Anything's better than blue magic!

Beauty and the blog said...

lol blue magic,i used to use that back in the day,youve just made me remember the smell

For some reason ive gone off cocoa butter,I felt it werent giving me all day moisture anymore :(

Iv switched to nivea for a bit

Jo said...

I love Palmers... disspointed that they've messed up on this one though.

You think Mama Vex will mind smelling like Blue magic? haha.


VexInTheCity said...

@ adubbskthx - The Shea one may smell nice. I had a sniff of them all, except that one!

@ Deborah - Blue Magic's alive and kickin'! LOL

@ Beauty and the Blog - Therefore you'll understand my unamusement of having the scent on my SKIN!

@ Jo - Well that's just my view on it, you may like it. Since I posted the review, the 'stickiness' has dried so if anything if the olive one turned out to be better for me Id for me I'd use it at night not when I'm in a rush to go to work and have to get dressed in a hurry.

VexInTheCity said...

@ Jo ..oh and if my 'Mama Vex' doesn't like it she'll be very vocal in telling me LOL

Computergirl said...

Hey, I saw you had commented on Benefit's one hot minute and thought that this promo might be useful if you wanted to buy some

15% off with the code BENE1HOT till 7th Novemeber

Makes the £23 slightly less!! Still bit more than I'd pay at the moment!!
Emma :)

P.s. I love palmers coco butter. I want to eat it instead of using it!!

VexInTheCity said...

@ Computergirl - Thank you, I saw it on Marcia's post :-)

LOL I can't take the smell of their cocoa butter, it's too strong for me .

The Postcolonial Rabbit said...

Hey thanks for the review! I love coconut and vanilla scents too and would've seized upon this if I'd seen it - and been very disappointed. So thanks for saving my much-needed pennies hon. I'll stick to the AHA stuff, doesn't smell amazing but the best for my dry skin.

God's child said...

lol..thanx 4 da warning! lol

IceQueen said...

You should try Vaseline's Cocoa butter new favourite body moisturiser. They doing 2 bottles for £6 in Superdrug at the moment....

SoFrolushes said...

I would have thought Palmers would have got this right. Its a shame really. I wish Body Shop would lower their prices as I could do with some of their body butters which are the best. Have you tried Soap and Glory body butters. they smell pleasant - very fragrant like good ol razac but a nicer smell, they do cost a bit but worth a try.

su-pah said...

glad you were able to exchange it, it's pretty deflating when new purchases let you down.

i'm too lazy with body lotions and butters, i'm usuing a spa and glory body wash atm with in-built body lotion and that honestly does the job, phew.

omobolanle said...

Shame you didn't like it. I just got the cocoa butter variety and i love's been wonderful..and the fragrance does die down after a little while. I don't wear perfume when i have it on's a frightening thought! :P

britishbeautyblogger said...

That is such a shame..I love coconut or tropical smells but ewww don't love sticky!


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