K by Beverley Knight - initial thoughts

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to look at Beverley Knight's (a UK soul singer for those who don't know) new make up range K in Selfridges which has been available since September 17th. It's currently stocked in all the Selfridges branches - London (Oxford Street), Manchester (Exchange Square), Birmingham (Bull Ring) and also in Manchester's Trafford Centre. I think it's now stocked in John Lewis too.

What it says on the website:

K by Beverley Knight MBE is a black cosmetics range for the darker skin tones for todays modern woman. Beverley Knight has launched "K" a black cosmetics range specially designed for black skin, darker skin and Asian skin. A full range of black cosmetics ranging from from oil-free foundations, through to and including skin highlighters for black skin or Asian skin.

Beverley Knight

K by Beverley Knight display stand in Selfridges (London) on the day of its unveiling - image taken from Google.

I was greeted warmly by 2 of the MUA's who swiftly pounced as soon as I swatched and cooed over a blusher. The collection is fairly small with not that much choice yet in terms of shades or finish. I hope that will change though as word of the brand spreads and their profits grow.

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to look at the counter as closely I'd have liked as the MUA's stayed with me the entire time. I would have been able to browse with ease had they walked off for a few minutes but I felt under pressure to entertain their conversation and so got distracted.

I did manage to swatch the blushes - currently they have five shades to choose from and Flame and Fushia caught my eye. I need to go back and compare Fuchia (yes, that's how it's spelt on the site) to MAC Sweetness (LE) and Azalea (Pro) but I came home with Flame which is a lovely rust/copper shade that looks gorgeous on all shades of darker skintones. I don't have a blusher like this so I'm quite pleased with this buy. NARS Taj Mahal is much stronger in comparison even when used lightly when is a different shade altogether.

The staying power appears impressive as I could still see the remains of the blush swatches I did after washing my hands three times over the course of yesterday evening.
I'm wearing it today and 3.5 hours on (yeah, I got dressed late!) it's holding up well.

The packaging is okay, it reminds me of the plastic that NARS use ..so if I keep this blusher in my make up bag it'll get covered in blush/makeup residue before long as it rubs against my blush/powder brush.

One of the MUA's proved not to be as knowledgeable about the brand as she should of when questioned by Miss Virtue but I'll give her a second chance to brush up her product knowledge and selling skills as her make up looked so nice.

Annoyingly you can't lift the blushers off the stand, they're stuck down so you can't see the shade names for yourself or look closer at the packaging. No biggie I suppose, but
I just like to hold products in my hand. I think it's just the blushers and e/s that may be stuck down though.

Foundation shades appeared well catered for and I was plonked down on a chair and had my "shine" dealt with. I hate being positioned in the middle of Selfridges beauty hall, for all and sundry to stare at as they walk past so I wasn't very comfortable with that, although my embarassed fixed grin probably said otherwise.

I completely skipped the lipstick shades as the shades available didn't grab my attention and the SA kept unconvincingly trying to sell me a red lipstick.
I also didn't even get a chance to look at the e/s properly either *shakes head*

I'm gonna go back next week and hopefully I'll get a chance to browse in peace. The price range is similar to MAC. My blusher cost £14, however it's the same size as a Rimmel blush. I think they should have been bigger for that price.

Have you had a chance to check out K yet? What do you think?

Check out the website for more product info and to buy online:


10 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

mizzworthy said...

The range looks great - I tried to look at it myself, but as you say, MUA swooping really put me off...

VexInTheCity said...

@ Mizzworthy - LOL yep! Next time eh?!

Sirvinya said...

I had a very quick look last weekend. Same problem as you, an over eager SA. I had a brief swipe of the eye shadows, nothing impressive. The few shades I tried swiped muddy and greyish on my skin. Disappointed. Was hoping for rich colours and deep pigmentation.

Sarah x said...

The range looks lovely, I hate when they do the zoom in and start chatting rubbish thing, that always happens to me at Illamasqua so I have given up, sometimes I even prefer the Mac stand-offish approach as if they don't bother to serve me I can swatch everything then buy online if I have to!

God's child said...

thanks ill give this a try, its nice to see another range for darker skin :-)

Em x said...

Oh god i hate it when they make you sit there in the middle of the store and do you make up, it makes me so self concious! I love the colour on the blush, i wish it would suit me x

MiniMeez said...

I love my "fuchia" blusher! It looks fantastic on my dark skin. I thought it looked a bit bright but the SA encouraged me to try it and I was wowed! I wear it to work daily and it stay on all day.

Elizabeth said...

girl now its failing l might buy it. the foundation cheap know. l found online for 6.50 .

VexintheCity said...

@Elizabeth - Who's selling it for £6.50?

Anonymous said...

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