The Monday Poll

Courtesy of Karen ...

1. Mood - Relieved.

Have you broken any bones? Nope, but I sprained my ankle playing rounders in Year 8. I was off school fro a week, much to my annoyance.

3. Do you have any piercings?
Only my ears

4. Breakfast? Coco Pops

5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Eyes are bare - not even mascara, cheeks MAC Conjure Up blush, lips Cream d'Nude l/s

6. Name of your first pet? Beauty - a gorgeous Alsatian who ran away when the back garden door was accidentally left open! :-(

7. Current favourite cream blush?
MAC Fancy Ray. It was well worth the wait.

9. Journey - cool, cheesy (or both)?
Pass. I don't even understand the question!!

9. Outfit? NL Black straight leg jeans, Primark grey tasselled printed vest, black longline cardigan, silver ballet pumps

10. Weekly goals? To write (or type rather) up a 2010 financial action plan. I've got sh*t to do next year!!

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