My fave blushers

I love blusher and quite a few, 58 to be precise (I checked my spreadsheet after posting that Beauty Resolutions post). Why? Well I love the different shades and finishes they come in. Shimmer, sheer, matte, cream, gel - there's so much choice. With the exception of foundation, I feel totally naked if I don't wear it when I wear makeup.

So which ones do I reach for the most?

Nars Gina - You all know I love this and it's my fave matte peach shade blush. It gives such a sunny glow to my cheeks. I'm annoyed it took me so long to discover this. I adore it!

Illamasqua Sin - Fairly new to my collection, this has fast become one of my favourite shades. It's applies smoothly and is a fab deep violet plum. This is a must have for WOC from Illamasqua, it's gorgeous.

Nars Lovejoy - This doubles up as a blush and highlighter. A bronze rose gold, this suits me far better than my failed efforts with Benefit's Hot Minute. It has enough shimmer to add an amazing glow. On my NC50 skintone this looks hot and surprisingly natural. Love it!!

NYX Cocoa - This is a lovely warm, deep browny pink and proof that you don't have to splash out to get fab quality. It gives a matte finish and is very, very smooth in texture, almost creamy to the touch but it's a powder finish - amazing. This gives a great flush of warm colour to the cheeks.

MAC Conjure Up - This gorgeous dirty plum berry shade brightens up my face beautifully. I love the shimmer in it, it's not too over the top and wearable for both day and night. It looks so pretty in the pan - gawjus!

MAC blushcreme in Fancy Ray - I eventually tracked this down using the Gone but not Forgotten program when I was in NY after months of yearning for it. I wasn't into MAC collections when C-Shock was released. It shows up as a browny coral/peach on me and looks amazing with MAC Sunbasque or Gingerly placed over the top.

MAC Ambering Rose - Described on the MAC site as "a laid back amber rose", this blush is a flattering rosey,bronzey,coppery shade with a hint of shimmer. Hard to describe but I wouldn't be without it!

MAC ?? - We have a problem. The label has rubbed off the back of this and i have no idea which blush it is. I think it may be MAC Plum Foolery, but I'm really not sure. I'll have to take it instore and compare it against the display. It was one of the first blushers I bought from MAC I remember that much. It's a matte berry shade, lighter than Loverush in colour but just as nice.

MAC Loverush - One of my fave berry blushes. It's deeper than the previous without being overpowering and this is a blush all WOC should have in their collection. You can build this up nicely to achieve the depth of colour you want.

MAC blushcreme in Cheery - MAC have discontinued this (how dare they) so i don't use it as nonchalantly as I used to, for fear of running out. This is a rustic, orangey reddy colour which is extremely pigmented. You only need a teeny dot on it on your cheeks unless you want to resemble a clown. It blends out well and

MAC Notable - Released with the MAC Love That Look collection, this is my favourite go to neutral pink for everyday wear. When I want an understated natural look, this is usually the first blush I now reach for. It's a shame it's LE, this neutral pink is not to be underestimated.

MAC Raizin - When I bought this, it really did change the way I viewed blusher. I love the reddy brown gorgeousness of it. It's so vivid without being overpowering and will suit all WOC - whichever shade of brown you are. I reach for this when I want my cheeks to do the talking. I swear I used this daily for about 4 months when I bought this.

Do you own any of my fave blushers? If so, which ones? What are your faves?

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Rhamnousia said...

You're such an enabler, before I read your blog I would never have tried half the blush colours I currently have because I felt they would make me look like a clown but your swatches are so good that they gave me the confidence to try the lightest pinks to the darkest plum colours, so thanks :)

58 is a tonne of blushes to have, I think I have about 3? I love the fact that you have a beauty spreadsheet, I should really make one too.

Last point, I swear, I'm liking the new tweaks you've made to the blog :)


VexInTheCity said...

@Rhamnousia LOL Soweee! I'm glad my swatches have helped you to experiment more.We can get away with so much more colour on our skintones, we really should take advantage of that.

Yeah, I had to start a spreadsheet so I could keep tabs on what I own. It's really useful. I have no excuse for accidental repeat buying. I'm loving my new look layout too - thanks! xx

Shortiee31 said...

I think MAC's Sheertone Shimmer blushes have the best colours for darker skin tones! My favourite blush is MAC Breezy - Not a blush many people talk about. Will check out the ones you mentioned, I need to work on my blush collection this year! :)

Lady Gray said...

Conjure up is simply stunning. I'm wearing it daily.

Shirley said...

Thanks soo much for this!

I was actually looking for some blushers and this really helped as you're closer to my skin tone than many other bloggers!

Hope you had a great New year ma love!


*PS* Love the new blog look! :) x

Shangri-La said...

Wowzas, I am very impressed by your blush collection and ditto to the loving your new layout. My favourite blush at the moment is MAC Peachtwist, although I'm sure that will change tomorrow!

Rai said...

Yay! You finally post this. lol You have A LOT Of blushes girl.

Kelly said...

58 blusher :O that's impressive girl! My blusher collection is pathetic, defiantly something I need to improve in 2010.

My favourite blusher is a MSF, Smooth Merge. It give such a gorgeous glow to my check and a natural flush. I love it :)

Mouldy Fruit said...

gorgeous! I love nars lovejoy and gina so sexy! these colours are so pretty! I am always looking for some nice berry tones blushes and youve recomended a fair few! thanks doll x

FabDiva20 said...

Pretty! I'm sad that Conjure Up Mineralize Blush is sold out online. That was the blush that I've been wanting but I think Love Thing is closer to Conjure Up. I need to get more MAC powder blushes since I have more Beauty Powder Blushes. Having 58 blushes is impressive!!

KINHA said...


I wish you a fantastic 2010. You have a fantastic blog with nice photos. I'm waiting your visit and if yuo want to follow me, I'll follow you too.

Ellen Miguel said...

I have Raizin and Loverush, love, i want to now the fever, which I very much like this that has no name.
I loved this post.

VexInTheCity said...

@Shortie31 - I think I have a few sheertone shimmer ones. I don't have Breezy funnily enough!

@Lady Gray - It's gorgeous, isn't it?

@Shirley - Glad it helped. This post has been long overdue! Glad you like the new layout too x

@Shangri-La - Thanks hon. I don't have Peachtwist, but have a couple of other peachy shades from MAC

@Rai - I got there in the end! LOL

@Kelly - You don't need as many as me, I'm just extra! Gonna dig out Smooth Merge. I swear I haven't even used it yet!!

@Mouldy Fruit - Glad it helped. They're all fab shades to own.

@Fabdiva20 - Love thing is similar to Conjure up, but is a little darker and has more gold in it.

@Kinha - Happy New Yr to you too. I'd rather you follow my blog because you genuinely enjoy its content not because I have to follow you first!!

@Ellen Miguel - Raizin and Loverush are fan aren't they? Gad you enjoyed the post. I wish I knew what the missing shade name was too. l'll take it to a MAC store next time I go and find out :-)

Linda Phuong Tran said...

I love NARS blush in Gina. Illamasqua Sin looks amazing! It's on my wishlist now! =D.

I've just discovered your blog and I think it's great =D.


Em x said...

WOW 58 blushers!! I'm impressed. I love Mac Dollymix and also a Barbie one i got from the make up range they did in New Look, it was only about £4 and its a gorgeous bright pink and lasts forever.

Kelly said...

Hey. Just popping but to let you know I've tagged you on my blog if you wanted to do it :)

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

Wow! You'r stocked up on blushies!!!

Muhsine said...

wow, i have never counted my blushes *scared* I love nars gina! X

Kerri said...

I don't think your unknown shade is Plum Foolery because that is quite a shimmery shade. To me it looks like it may be Breath of Plum or maybe Breezy....although I'm not particularly well versed in MAC blushes. Very jealous of your 58 blusher collection:) Nars Torrid is probably my absolute fave, it instantly warms me up.

DILLIGAF said...

I think your ??? blush is Rhubarb.

rayqueenbee said...

That's a lot of blushes but I'm am so eager to try MAC Ambering Rose and been wanting MAC Raizin for so long. I know I'll get hooked to it when I purchase it.

Arianne said...

Wow! Every time I see blushes splayed out like this my heart always skips a beat. :)

I think I'll have to check out MAC Ambering Rose and NARS Lovejoy. They all look so lovely though!

BeautyJunkie said...

Loving your blog dudes! No.7 @ Boots do amazing blushes, i used to work for them so I have all. I really think 'damson' would look super hot on you, go try it out. Im also a London Blogger, only been on here a few days but really enjoying it, subscribed to you =D xxxx

VexInTheCity said...

@Linda Phuong Tran - Glad you like it :-) Sin ia wicked! Gina is universally gorgeous!

@Em - Ah I see that Barbie makeup when I was in NL a few days go, it's all on sale now.

@Kelly - Thanks, I try and get round to doing it!

@Ms Kendall - Yeah, just a bit LOL

@Muhsine - Go on, shock yoursef! Gina is the truth!

@Kerri - Nope it's not Breath of Plum, that's much lighter and has its label on. I don't own Breezy either. Nars Torrid is lovely :-)

@DILLIGAF - I don't worn Rhubarb. I'll have to take it to a MAC counter and try and identify it LOL

@rayqueenbee - They'll both look amazing on you.

@Arianne - Hahaha. Those blushes will look lovely on you.

@Beautyjunkie - I'll check out Damnson next time Boots do the £5 vouchers. Good to have another Londoner on board and glad you enjoy my blog xx

BeautyJunkie said...

my mistake, damson is one of the mineral blushers, soft apricot is the pressed cheek colour. Ive done a swatch, have a look xxx

{ Harlem Loves... } said...

Raizan was the second blush I ever bought and like you I wore it every day for... lets just say a very long time. I only just recently purchased loved rush and I totally agree with your comments about it

SilhouetteScreams said...

I LOL'd when I read 'how dare they' XD

Melva said...

I'm super late but I just started reading your fabulous blog.I believe your mystery blush is Fever. I just recently bought it and it looks the same.

sharon p said...

Great post, love ur picks think I need Nars Lovejoy in my collex


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