Review: Benefit One Hot Minute

What it says on the packaging: This loose rose-gold finishing powder is the final touch for a "gaze at me" glow. All it takes hot minute!

I love products that give the skin a healthy glow. The shade rose-gold sounds lovely and lovely it is .. just not on me. Not this formulation anyway.

I love the little screw top tin it comes in, it looks so pretty. However, dispensing the finely milled powder can be a little awkward and the fan brush that accompanies it, isn't the best application tool. I use my MAC #136 blush brush to apply it lightly on my cheeks.

I find that attempting to wear this product alone on my skin makes me look ashy and I'm a MAC NC50. However when I teamed it with NARS Lovejoy blush it looked a little better but I ended up wearing more Lovejoy than One Hot Minute!

To be honest I'd love to be able to wear it on its own as that's the whole point of it. When photographed on my skin worn alone the effects were so unflattering that a hand swatch will have to suffice.

The claim that this product suits all skintones isn't entirely true as I shouldn't have to layer another product on top of it to make it wearable. It's not something I'd recommend at the top of my list for darker skintones. There are other products that will compliment you better. I won't be using this again, it doens't tick my boxes although the product idea is a good one.

For paler skinned chicks this product may be right up your street. It will easily give your skin a healthy glow without looking overdone and makes a nice alternative to bronzer.

How much is it? £23.50
Where can I get it from? Benefit online, counters nationwide

7 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Tali said...

It makes me look a bit too shiny..but i use it now onl on the corner of my cheeks (near the hair and it kindof works) but not the right color for me either!!

amber_j said...

I'm NC50 too and have never found anything suitable at Benefit. I've just had to accept that the pretty packaging won't feature on my dressing table.

Liparazzi said...

Yeah I did think it was a bold statement for Benefit to make that it suits all skintones because there's hardly any product that can live up to that!I think it's best worn high on the cheeks bones at the upper corners (as Tali said).

resham said...

hey, i was just thinking if buying this...but thanks to your review i will gve a second thought....I am NC 40 wth yellow undertones...

VexInTheCity said...

@ Amber - Yeah Benefit isn't a brand that springs to mind when I want to go and buy makeup. I was intrigued by their claim that it'd suit verybody and the packaging got me too.

@ Tali - I can't even be assed to use it there. My MSFs suit me much better and I'll stick to them. Thanks for the placement tip. I'll be trying that.

@ Liparazzi - Yeah, just a bit! LOL I think they got a bit ahead of themselves.

legseleven7 said...

Awww sorry you didnt like it hun. Maybe use it as an eye shadow? at least then it will have some purpose, lol

Lipstick Rules said...

Thanks for this review! I was just looking at this at the counter yesterday and was tempted but I wondered how it would show on me (NC35/37). I will pass!


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