Review: Jo Hansford Intensive Masque Thick Hair

What it says on the packaging: Jo Hansford Intensive Masque Thick Hair is a rich masque designed to intensively nourish thick or very dry, colour treated hair. Contains Castanha do Brasil with Vitamins A and E to protect colour, moisturise and repair leaving hair lustrous and shiny.

I'm very particular about what goes on my hair. My hair is chemically relaxed and naturally I use products that are geared towards afro hair.

I'm not a fan of the packaging. Well I am in the sense that it looks expensive and tres sleek but it comes in a glass tub which is disastrous for me. When I shower I have a habit of balancing my tubes and bottles on the top of the shower door frame so if I bump into it they usually fall either onto the bathroom floor or into the shower - anything made from glass engaging in an 8ft drop won't be pretty! The scent is somewhat citrus like and reminds me of grapefruit which takes a bit of getting used to as that's not high on my list of favourite smells.

This mask is for those with thick or dry colour treated hair. I have fine hair, unless we're talking week 8 of my relaxer when my regrowth takes on a life of its own! I had planned to use this before I got my hair retouched a fortnight ago so it would at least have an opportunity to work with some thickness but I didn't get a chance to and used it a week after my hair had been relaxed.

It contains sunflower extract and Castanha do Brasil - a natural protected ingredient from the Amazon! Infused with Keratin amino acids and vitamin A and E the mask promises to leave your hair glossy, manageable and healthy. Application was easy enough, I scooped out a largeish handful and that was enough to cover my hair. It didn't drip (which is a major gripe of mine) and I left it to do its magic as I got on with my shower. I left it on after I'd shampooed for approx 10 mins. When I rinsed it out I thought my hair felt soft but nothing out of the ordinary. If I'm brutally honest I then used one of my regular products which involves being left on my hair for 2 mins and the difference that made to my hair in terms of texture was damning in comparison.

I'm still umming and ahhing over when to colour my hair (the dye's been purchased) and I'll try this mask again to see if it helps combat any dryness that my occur as a result of the colour. I'll update the review accordingly to report on any change. Jo Hansford does the same mask for fine hair too, perhaps this would have been better suited to me.

Where can I buy it? Harvey Nichols, Nue Blue (Dublin)
How much is it? £25.00

3 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

IgboBaby said...

What was the 2 minute thing that you used? The 2 minute reconstructer by Aphogee?

VexInTheCity said...

@Igbobaby - Yep! I love that stuff! I use mainly Aphogee products on my hair.

IgboBaby said...

Yea...that stuff is so GREAT!! I have pretty much the whole line lol


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