Review: Microplane XL Pro Foot File

What it says on the website:
The Microplane's Foot File's tiny files create a bidirectional exfoliating system that gently massages tired feet, removing cracked dry skin, leaving them silky soft. Rough skin disappears while healthy new skin emerges, making abused feet feel smooth and sexy.

I first came across the wonder that is the Microplane a couple of years ago when a group of us, on a forum I used to frequent placed a mass order as it was cheaper to buy in bulk as they were being shipped from Germany.

The Microplane transformed my footcare regime instantly.

Aching arms from repetititve saw-like actions with standard foot files were a thing of the past as any hard skin I had was removed in seconds leaving a silky smooth finish that rivalled results from the best pedicure treatments around.

At first glance the Microplane looks like a kitchen utensil, a cheese grater even! Microplane does actually have a range of kitchen products including a grater so it's not too far off. Dead, rough skin is removed similar to the way zest is grated off an orange. The process is gentle and you'll see the results immediately.

My original Microplane lasted over 2 years before the filing cartridge wore away and I had to accept defeat. I purchased a Ped Egg and immediately realised that it had nothing on the Microplane. I was so disappointed with it that I actually threw it away and resorted to forking out for pedicures at one of my local beauty salons to maintain presentable looking footsies.

I kept a watchful eye on Ebay for weeks on end looking for a replacement and finally a seller emerged selling a large number of the XL version. I purchased the Microplane XL on Ebay for £14.99 which I think is very reasonable considering how long it lasts. The XL excels its predecessor and features a longer handle, large filing area and comes with a spare filing cartridge meaning that this should last me at least 3.5 years if I care for it properly.

This is used on dry feet and takes a mere 2 minutes (if even that) to make your feet baby soft again. The dry skin shavings are caught in the top of the foot file which can be opened making disposal easy with no mess. This isn't suitable if you suffer from diabetes, poor blood circulation or have any open wounds or inflammation on your feet.

I've bought one for my Mum as I know she'll love it. Actually this would make a pretty cool Christmas present. It's an amazing product which I recommend wholeheartedly.

Where can I buy it from? Microplane U.S site, UK Ebay seller
How much is it? $24.95 or £14.99 from the Ebay seller I used (who I have no affiliation with).

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Sarah x said...

Sounds like a better product than the ped egg but I am loving Pedikur at the mo for soft lil tootsies x

witoxicity said...

It did indeed look like something belonging to the kitchen, before I got down to reading your post. This does seem like a very useful contraption, especially if you say it works great for you. I must keep this product in mind. Thanks for this! :)

Small Town Gal said...

I've been wondering what else was available other than the ped egg which takes me forever and never does the job properly, so thank you for this post - I'll be adding it to my Christmas wishlist :D

Laura said...

Sold! I've been after a foot file for a while and nearly bought the ped egg but your review convinced me to give this a try. Thanks, looking forward to getting it! x

star_violet said...

Nice! Looks way better than Ped Egg (which by the way, seems to have gone blunt in the year that I've had it).

VexInTheCity said...

@ Sarah - Yeah it's def better than the Ped Egg. *Goes off to google what Pedikur is*

@ Witoxicty - It'll work great for anybody who tries it - guaranteed.

@ Small Town Girl - Yeah the Ped Egg really didn't do it for me. Hope you get it for Crimbo :-)

@ Laura - You'll love it, I promise!

@ Star Violet - I swear my Ped Egg went blunt after like 3 uses and my feet aren't exactly like rhino either!


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