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Whoa it's mid November and I've spotted 3 Christmas trees in peoples houses already! I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by. I swear it was NYE 3 wks ago!

Anyway, these are the products that have made a difference in my beauty loving life over the past month.

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner

I love this stuff. It rids my skin of any make up my cleanser didn't reach and keeps it cool and refreshed ready for my moisturiser. It's great for my combination skin and doesn't leave it feeling tight either. I'm on my 2nd bottle and have a third in the wings. This has firmly become a staple in my daily routine. I'd never have known about this product had it not been sent to me back in July.

Estee Lauder Sumptous mascara

Ok, move over L'oreal Voluminous. This mascara has been styling up my lashes hard over the past month! I love, love LOVE it. It's not waterproof yet holds up so much better than the waterproof version of Voluminous (go figure!) and is by far the best mascara I own that curls my lashes and maintains the curl. I've worn this almost daily for the past few weeks now and I don't even need to use my Shiseido base with this, it's that effective. It's pricey but I don't care, it does the job and will be repurchased over and over again!

Burts Bees Honey Lip Balm

This little gem keeps my lips soft and moisturised and is a godsend in this horrendous, cold, freezing weather. It's not greasy so my lipstick goes on smoothly and I love the honey taste too. There's not much I can say about this - except it works and I love using it. I like the 'matte' look it gives my lips too.

Stila Sun bronzing powder shade 3

Ok, this has been discontinued but I managed to get mine off a few mths ago. I have days where I look really washed out and 'dead' and it shoe seven more against the current grey skies! When I don't wanna use my MAC MSF natural I reach for this instead. It puts the warmth back on my face without making me look a different colour altogether and perks me up a treat. I put some blusher on top and I'm good to go.

Which products have you been reaching for lately and have you used any of my October faves?

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legseleven7 said...

Nice post hun. I've nearly finished my Body Shop toner. I'm gonna go back to the Liz Earle one after. I think its a bit better and smells AMAZING. I'll try and get round to doing a review of it.

Lollipop said...

I've been wanting to try that Body Shop range for a while, you've just reminded me! How much was that mascara honey? Sounds perfect! xx

VexInTheCity said...

@Legseleven7 - I'll try the LE one when I've used up my bottles.

@ Lollipop - It's £17 :-) Even my male friend noticed my lashes yesterday and that's saying sumthin' cos boy's don't notice shit!

Daisy said...

I am going to have to buy that mascara!!xx

Marley said...

Oh, I'm a huge fan of the Sumptuous mascara too! If you want a really dramatic look (like, fake lashes look), try it with the Estee Lauder primer underneath- it's amazing!

Dolly*Mixture said...

Great post hun. The body shop toner sounds amazing!


Computergirl said...

I love the BS seaweed range. The night serum has really made a difference to my skin. (The one I used before gave me spots so anything is better than that!!!!)
Emma :) x

FabDiva20 said...

The body shop toner sounds promising! I shall try it one day. Right now I'm using Olay's Refreshing toner and I love it! I'm almost out of my first bottle and just bought a second one.

Rollergirl said...

Hey lady! Lovely to meet you today. I'm down to my last Stila Lip Glaze. WHAT CAN I REPLACE IT WITH????! Help please... x

witoxicity said...

So, the Estee Lauder mascara works wonders in the curling department, eh? I gotta try this then!

I've been reaching for my Rituals hand cream called Gingko's Secret a lot lately....smells fantastic and keeps my hands nicely moisturised. :)

Dylana said...

Lovely blog!

K-HART said...

Yeah a friend of mine got me some Burts Bees Lip balm. It beats Vaseline anyday!

BeauMakeUp said...

Nominated you for a blog award! <3
Natalie XOXO


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