BaByliss Conicial Wand - first impressions.

After being inspired by Dannii Minogue's loose waves on X-Factor (UK version of American Idol) this year, I decided to order a BaByliss Conical Wand to see if I could achieve something similar with my own hair. Well I finally got round to taking it out of its box last night - I mean I've only had it for a week!

It comes with 25 heat settings and in the instruction booklet that accompanies it, Level 25 is recommended for afro hair which is certainly hot enough to curl my hair wi
th ease. Other accessories include a heat mat and a three fingered glove to protect them from the heat of the tong barrel when curling your hair. Unfortunately the glove proves to be more of a hindrance than a help. The logic behind it is great, it just doesn't work that well in practise.

The BaByliss Conical Wand - not a sexual aid as originally thought, by some of my Twitter buddies!

I found the Conical Wand a little fiddly to use as the last curling contraption I used were those old skool curling tongs which you'd clamp your hair between, making it a little easier to actually control the hair you were trying to style. I found my hair would often slip off the barrel of the Conical Wand stalling my progress. I'm also currently sporting two burnt fingers that are stinging ferociously for my efforts as I repeatedly burnt them - my thumb is quite sore and swollen. With plenty of practise I'm hoping the injuries with decrease!

I really should have googled a picture of Dannii's hair
before getting wand-happy as I ended up looking like a Shirley Temple reject as I curled my entire head when in fact all I needed to do were the ends. I didn't really have a plan when it came to using this, I just grabbed at random bits of hair and hoped for the best. It's not very neat, but then I didn't want 'perfect hair'. I also realise it looks like a birds nest as my ends are all over the place. That wasn't intentional but I kept burning my friggin' fingers so my ends are a bit kinky!

Still, I have the pics to use as a guide now so will try, try again to see if I can get my hair to look a bit more Dannii-esque!

The inspiration - Dannii Minogue

Hmmm not quite the look that I had in mind!!

Better luck next time? Let's hope so!

Burnt fingers, arm ache and tiredness eventually took their toll on me!

I don't regret my purchase as it certainly works. I just need a bit of practise and the right styling products to help hold my curls. My hair's quite fine so I wouldn't expect the curls to last all night - definitely not in a humid environment anyway. However after 3 hours they weren't looking too bad considering I'd done such a slapdash job in the first place.

I bought my Conical Wand from and opted for the 25mm-13mm size which was just right for my hair thickness. If you decide to make a purchase from them, be sure to check them out on Twitter or Facebook first as they're regularly posting discount codes.

18 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Mz. More said...

I like you in curls, very pretty. I may have to invest in one of these babies.

shakespeareandstilettos said...

your hair looks sooo gorgeous with the curls! :) what do you have on your lips?
LOL at 'not a sexual aid'. x x x

yummy411 said...

i like your loose waves.. cute!

slvrlips said...

Thanks for this review very helpful!!!!

♥lipgloss86 said...

mine was a disaster the first time, but now i have the hang of it, its so easy. plus, the curls look lovely on you x

Laura said...

Im glad you reviewed this as I'm determined to find something that gives me the perfect wave! Would it work with larger sections of hair so it doesn't give as tight a curl?

Ithink you look very cute with wavy hair!

The doll on fashion

Abimars said...

Wow I ordered mine yesterday, after seeing some tutorials on YouTube, got the 19-33mm though, I fixed a really long weave (my hair broke like crazy last winter so I though I'd try a weave this winter to see if it makes any difference) I'm going for Kim kardashian type waves, lol, hopefully it'll work, your hair looks good though

VexInTheCity said...

@Mz More - Aww thanks :-) I think it's a pretty nifty tool to have.

@Shakespeareandstilettos - Thank you. I'm just wearing MAC E-Z Baby Tendertone lipbalm on my lips ;-) It gives a nice baby pink glazed sheen. Suits everybody.

@Yummy411 - Thank you x

@Slverlips - Glad it helped :-)

@Lipgloss86 - Yeah I should get the hang of it after a few tries. Thanks hon.

@Laura - Yeah it def will work on larger chunks of hair. The larger sized one works best if you have long hair. Thanks x

@Abimars - Yeah it will. Post some pics when you try it out. Hope you like it x


Melissa said...

LOL you are funny :) this reminded me of my first experience with this wand when I bought it. Burnt fingers seem unavoidable because those glove things are so rubbish!! I think your hair looks cute though x

Nerdic.. said...

I would like to have that too.
I have a straightner and I'm wishing for a curliron too.
X, fashionnerdic.

Small Town Gal said...

You look great with the waves! I borrowed my friends curling thing and made a right mess of my hair, it was too slim and I have long hair so I looked like I had a perm gone wrong LOL. Not to mention my hair was so thick and I curled right up to the root so it looked like a Bon Jovi perm gone wrong ;)

Glad to see your attempts are much more successful than mine!

ArleneJohnston said...

This made me LOL. Looks well tho :) I agree, you need to curl less. I just really curl the top layer randomly and that seems to work well.
My Herstyler comes with a full glove, I've yet to burn myself, it's just like an actual glove glove tho (I know what I mean), so I'm guessing you could use one of those if they were cotton or summit.... or maybe not... don't want to be blamed for any spontaneous combustion episodes :S

VexInTheCity said...

@Melissa - Yeah, the gloves are too awkward to use properly. Thanks x

@Nerdic - Hey, you never know what Santa may bring you :-)

@Small Town Gal - LOL @ "a Bon Jovi Perm". The visual is too much!

@Arlene - Hahaha yeah I got a tad carried away! Hmm I'm gonna have a look on Ebay and see if I can find full sized gloves cos I just know I'll keep burning myself.

Emma (girlwiththearabstrap) said...

I think this looks great on you! For your first time seems like you did a pretty good job - i like it :). xo

Becky said...

Really like the sound of this, thanks for doing a review. I think you did a good job, particularly for a first attempt!

Olivia said...

I like it, thanks for the review. You look beautiful. I will so have to try this.

yorkieluvs said...

"birds nest"...I'm still laughing cuz that's my hair if I don't style it. Thanks for this post, I was wondering about this and was suspicious of the glove. Good to know. I don't think your hair looks bad! It's curly/messy which I love. <3

SoFrolushes said...

sounds like painful experience. but they do say no pain no gain. your pics truly tell a story with your pout. wen my hair was relaxed ised curling irons everyday, I have a box full. my hair is natural so not sure if this would work for me but I like the effect... your hair came out nice


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